Nationwide Anti-War Protests Remember Two Anniversaries: 2003 and 1967

IMC-US, 18.03.2007

This weekend, communities all over the US mobilized to mark the four year anniversary of George W. Bush's illegal war on Iraq. On Saturday, tens of thousands traveled to Washington DC for a march on the Pentagon, while others are keeping it local with over 1000 events, according to United for Peace and Justice.

The DC protest highlighted another anniversary -- the 40th anniversary of the historic 1967 anti-war march to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. According to ANSWER, "the message of the 1967 march was 'From Protest to Resistance,' and marked a turning point in the development of a countrywide mass movement." Marchers followed the route of the 1967 gathering.

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Also on Saturday, thousands marched in Los Angeles, hundreds in Oklahoma City, and dozens of gatherings were held in the Philadelphia region. Protests will continue into the week with vigils and actions on Monday to mark the actual anniversary of agression, a direct action at the Chevron Headquarters on Tuesday, a mass convergence in Chicago on Wednesday, and a Veterans for Peace caravan from North Carolina to New Orleans all week.

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Context: These protests come amidst a sharp escalation of the anti-war movement in the US. Since Bush's New Year call for a "surge" in force and funding of the violence, "Project Occupation" has formed to coordinate the strategic occupation of the offices of congresspeople who are either tacitly or explicitly supporting the war on Iraq. Support continues to pour out for refuseniks like Lt. Ehren Watada (see Rise of the Anti-War Soldier by Labor Beat). And this month, direct actions at the Port of Tacoma, WA and the National Robotics Engineering Center in Pittsburgh, PA have sought to physically prevent the progression of the war industry. Amidst all this, the call for Impeachment of President Bush continues.


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