Regional Coalitions Collaborate on Decentralized Mobilization To End the War in Iraq

IMC-US, 28.10.2007

On Saturday, October 27th, regional and local "Fall Out Against the War" demonstrations against the war in Iraq were held all over the country in commemoration the fifth anniversary of the U.S. Senate's vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq. The national anti-war coalition United for Peace & Justice called for gatherings in eleven cities, and some smaller local demonstrations were also planned for those who could not travel. Read on for advance local coverage & reportbacks. | IMC-US Anti-war Archive

Photo by Marcus -- Anti-War March in Los Angeles

Several independent filmmakers circulated videos in advance of October 27. Watch them here: "Peace Takes Courage" by Ava Lowery | "Take a Stand" by Robert Greenwald | NEW from Seattle IMC: VIDEO-Music to March by this Saturday

UPDATE -- Reportbacks: Gold Star Fathers Call for Peace at Oklahoma City Rally ||| October 27th Anti-War Rally in Chicago ||| Human Chain Demonstration in Philly ||| Boston: Anti-war Protest Draws New Audience | Peace Outlet | Iraq Veterans Against the War Speak Out | Worcester protests war in Boston | Report from NH-IMC ||| Seattle: Thousands March to End the War | VIDEO--Seattle Roars Part 1 and 2 | Photos, Black Bloc Report, Video | Photos from pdx-imc ||| Minneapolis: Don't Bomb Iran edition ||| Roundup from ANSWER

Advance Coverage:

Each gathering was the result of extensive, behind-the-scenes labor. In addition to on-the-ground logistics, elaborate transportation plans have been put in place to bring demonstrators from neighboring cities via bus, car, train and even foot. This labor is usually coordinated by a regional coalition, such as New England United and the ad hoc Oct. 27 Stop the War Coalition in Los Angeles. Participants include veterans rights groups, unions, religious institutions, political parties -- as well as thousands of unpaid community volunteers. Click on city name for the action page, and story title for independent coverage of the organizing.

Boston: National Day of Action Against the Iraq War | Reports from Worcester IMC: 1, 2 ||| Chicago: Local Congressmen to Announce 10/27 Mobilization ||| Jonesborough, TN ||| Los Angeles: Fund Human Needs Not Private Greed ||| New Orleans: Troops Home Now! ||| New York: Countdown to Oct. 27 Anti-War March in NYC | ALL OUT AGAINST THE WAR! ||| Orlando: Statewide Anti-war March ||| Philadelphia: "We the People must end this war!" ||| Salt Lake City ||| San Francisco: October 27 Coalition Organizes Regional March Against the War ||| Seattle: Pacific Northwest Regional "END THE WAR NOW" March & Rally | End the War ||| Other cities: Denver | Minneapolis | Ft. Lauderdale

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