Protests across the US call for an end to Gaza siege

IMC-US, 28.01.2008

Over the weekend, protests were held in a number of US cities and towns calling on Israel to end the imprisonment of 1.5 million Palestinians inside Gaza without access to food, safe water, electricity or medical care. Some of the cities participating in the protest actions included Boston; Philadelphia; San Francisco; Seattle; St. Petersburg, Florida; Washington, DC; Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; Eugene, Oregon; Houston, Texas and a number of other cities. [Update: Hundreds Brave Chicago Blizzard To Protest For Palestine on Jan 29]

Protesters called for an end to Israel's six-month long siege on Gaza, during which the Israeli forces controlling Gaza's borders have severely curtailed imports and exports of both people and goods – and over the last two weeks have completely sealed the Gaza Strip. The protests took place at several different venues, including in front of the White House in Washington, DC, the Israeli consulates in New York, Los Angeles and Houston, and in a public square in Portland, Oregon and along a road in Eugene, Oregon. Among those who participated in the various rallies were Palestinian-Americans, human rights activists, Jewish supporters of Palestinian rights and many others.

Among the groups represented at the rallies were Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights, Jews for Justice, Jews for Peace, Women in Black, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, ANSWER Coalition, United for Peace and Justice and others.

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