May Day Actions Nationwide call for Peace, Dignity

IMC-US, 02.05.2008

Tens of thousands marched and held demonstrations across the US on Thursday, calling for an end to war and dignity for immigrants and workers. Dockworkers on the west coast defied their union bosses and staged a one day strike against the war, effectively shutting down all port activity (pics). High school and university students staged walkouts in Venice and San Francisco. Protests also called out unjust military recruiting and defended public housing. Photo from NYC.

There have been no reports of police violence on the scale such as that which occurred in Los Angeles last year. Most cities are reporting peaceful events, however there is one report from Olympia, WA of an incidence that resulted in arrests and injuries from police violence. And in New York City, an effort by Truckers and Citizens United to hold a convey protesting the unnecessarily rising cost of fuel was frustrated by city officials at the 11th hour.

Dispatches from selected regions: Boston (audio) | | Chicago | | Fort Collins, CO | | Houston | | Los Angeles | | Monterey Bay, CA | | New York: 1, 2 | | Olympia, WA: 1, 2 | | Rochester, NY | | San Diego | | San Francisco: 1, 2, 3, 4 | | Seattle: 1, 2, 3, VIDEO-No Peace No Work | | Tucson | | Washington, DC

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