5 Years Later, Official Reveals US Targeted Hotel Palestine in Baghdad Prior to Killing of Two Journalists

IMC-US, 02.06.2008

Last month marked the fifth anniversary of the US military shelling of the Hotel Palestine in Baghdad. The attack killed two journalists: Reuters cameraman Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso, a cameraman for the Spanish television network, Telecinco. The Pentagon has called the killings accidental, but in a broadcast exclusive aired a few weeks ago, Army Sgt. Adrienne Kinne (Ret.) revealed that she saw secret US military documents which listed the hotel as a possible target. Kinne also disclosed that she was personally ordered to eavesdrop on Americans working for news organizations and NGOs in Iraq. Originally, Kinne actually released this information last July, but her story was not picked up by any significant news outlets. After the airing of the interview on Democracy Now!, however, the International Federation of Journalists condemned the attacks and called for a full, independent investigation. Soon thereafter, Reuters followed suit by calling for a new investigation into the attack.

Image montage from the Committee to Protect Journalists

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