Anti-war Protests Escalate as Israel Launches Ground War

IMC-US, 04.01.2009

Thousands of US residents were in the streets and at the doors of the politicians and ambassadors, imploring for intervention, as Israel was preparing to dispatch troops into Gaza. In Washington, DC, between one and two thousand people descended on the Israeli and Egyptian embassies to protest the atrocities. (Egypt, and other Arab leaders, are seen as complicit in the attacks due to their support of the blockade of goods.) In Portland, around 200 people called on Senator Ron Wyden to change his position from unquestioning support for Israel to a position that supports equal rights for the Palestinian people. And in Philadelphia, "Bubbies & Zaydes (Grandparents) for Peace in the Middle East" continued its 8-year weekly vigil outside the Israeli consulate.

Despite these actions, Israel launched a ground assault on Gaza on Saturday. Over 500 Palestinians have been killed and approximately 2,300 wounded, contrasted to four Israelis killed by rocket fire. President-elect Barak Obama remains silent on the issue, the US has blocked even a basic UN statement condemning civilian deaths, and US politicians like NY mayor Bloomberg and Democratic Congressman Gary Ackerman have flown to Israel to show their support for Israel's actions. A national demonstration has been called for Saturday, January 10.

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