Community Groups "Leak" Police Review Board Documents

Atlanta, 17.03.2012

Community organizations Copwatch and BLOCS are taking action against a recent Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB) decision to hide the board's findings from the public. The findings have been procured and published at

The ACRB exists to investigate and publicly review complaints against police. Since its creation, it has been met with resistance and sabotage by local government. APD has routinely refused to cooperate with ACRB investigations, and both Chiefs Pennington and Turner have rejected every single board decision which found fault with an officer. City council repeatedly cut into the ACRB's already bare-bones budget, making it impossible to conduct effective investigations. After being stymied at every turn, former ACRB Executive Director Cristina Beamud resigned in protest. The new director promptly removed all complaints and ACRB findings from the more


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