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Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.11.2012

Twin Cities Indymedia was one of the earliest Independent Media Center chapters created. TC-IMC is an info clearinghouse and friendly partner with many orgs as well...

Local Media Partners: Catalyst with Lydia Howell on KFAI Radio, Our World in Depth TV (SPNN/MTN)
Midwest Indymedia: Arawak City/Columbus Indymedia, Cleveland Indymedia, Colorado Indymedia, Chicago Indymedia, Milwaukee Indymedia, Madison Indymedia, Michigan Indymedia, Urbana-Champaign Indymedia
TC-IMC Partner orgs around the RNC:
RNC8.orgColdsnapNLG-MNCUAPBCRASS - Community RNC Arrestee Support StructureArise! BookstoreRNC '08 Report - WTF Really Happened?Help Dave Mahoney
For lots more local orgs see our links >

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