Homelessness in Sonoma County

Diana Loeza, 28.11.2012

This article is about the awareness of the homelessness that occurs in Sonoma County.

Homelessness has been a tremendous problem in Sonoma County. Most residents are not fully aware of how many people are living in the streets with no income. In 2011, the census did a count of about 7,500 people in Sonoma County who do not have a home. There is a central area in Santa Rosa where they have shelters and dining rooms for homeless people. The services available are not all valuable for the individuals that are without home. They are mostly segregated by male and female. There needs to be more services and housing in all cities in the county. The services and housing development needs to be improved. There are some services where homeless people are only allowed to stay for a maximum of two days with a valid identification. It is unfair to have someone be identified in order to stay at a shelter; everyone should have the right to stay at a shelter. Homeless people have fewer resources in the area and are not treated fair for various reasons such as their appearance. Residents should be aware of their community and give back to the people in need. Homeless people in Sonoma County are of all ages.

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