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solikreis/Smily, 23.12.2012

I'm the political prisoner "Smily" from Stuttgart-Stammheim. Maybe you remember that german prison people died because of protests and resistance against Vietnam War...
I' m imprisoned under the absurd accusation of mayhem. I had some trouble with about 8 right-wing guys who tried to attack me because I' m an active Anti-Fascist. I was protecting myself when I beat that guys but German court thinks that I was starting the trouble and the other 8 guys were only victims of me...

Stuttgart Stammheim Prison
Stuttgart Stammheim Prison

Now I'm imprisoned since over 10 months. Before, I was studying construction engineering at university in Stuttgart, had a flat and a girl-friend. When I get out here, I will have lost all of that. This is one of many cases like this when german courts act in political cases. On the other side the Nazis can injure people seriously and they can leave the court scotfree. That happened in Freiburg, 300 kilometres distant from Stuttgart. Those differences in political cases are not only a German problem, that' s the reason why I' m writing to you.
Mr. Obama, I ask you sincerely to make use of your presidential term to free all political prisoners in the US. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, free Leonard Peltier, free the Cuban 5 and free Bradley Manning!
Get those guys out of the torture of isolation in prison and send them home to their families!

Hopefully greets from Stammheim prison,


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