Community Forum on Obama's Second Term

Uhuru Solidarity Movement, 23.12.2012

Community forum: Obama’s second term - U.S. wars, economic crisis and resistance of oppressed peoples around the world

African Resistance, White Solidarity!
African Resistance, White Solidarity!

Location: Uhuru House, 1245 18th Ave S., St. Petersburg, FL
Time: 6:30pm
Date: January 7, 2013

This open community forum will feature presentations by Chairman Omali Yeshitela (founder of the Uhuru Movement), Penny Hess (author of "Overturning the Culture of Violence" and chair of African People's Solidarity Committee) and Jesse Nevel (member of APSC) on Barack Obama's second presidential term. Panelists will address the question, "What do four more years of Obama mean for the African and Mexican communities inside this country and oppressed peoples of the world?" Join this lively discussion on Obama's escalation of U.S. military operations, the deepening economic crisis, and political repression of the black and Latino communities.

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