US-NATO Supported Syria Rebels use Chemical Weapons against Government Forces

NYC, 24.12.2012

The long awaited gas campaign (war) has started using poison gas supplied by CIA/NATO.

The fact of the matter is that criminal imperialists have never been hesistant to use whatever weapons of mass destruction they have had available when it came to non European "inferior" populations. During the 1920 Mesopotamian revolt against the British, Winston Churchill said "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas... I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes...."

Militants fighting against the Syrian government have used chemical weapons against the army in Daraya near the capital, Damascus, military sources say.

According to a commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard, at least seven Syrian soldiers were killed on Saturday after they were attacked by a chemical weapon which produced a toxic yellow gas.

The soldiers were reportedly killed within an hour after inhaling the gas.

Foreign-backed militants have repeatedly threatened to use chemical weapons against the army and pro-government civilians in recent days.

They have also threatened to contaminate Syria’s drinking water supply in a bid to kill all Alawite Shias and the supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

The threat was made in a video posted on YouTube in which militants tested water contaminated with a lethal mixture on lab rabbits. The rabbits stopped breathing and their chests swelled shortly after drinking the poisoned water.

The militants had earlier released a footage in which lab rabbits were killed by inhaling poisonous gas.

The militants’ use of chemical weapons come as the US and its allies have alleged that the Syrian government possesses the deadly weapons and is prepared to use them against militants.


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