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Mar 04 2008
ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1- Demanding End to War in Iraq and Afghanistan

In a major step for the U.S. labor movement, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has announced that it will shut down West Coast ports on May 1, to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East. This is the first time in decades that an American union has decided to undertake industrial action against a U.S. war. The action announced by the powerful West Coast dock workers union, to stop work to stop the war, should be taken up by unions and labor organizations throughout the United States and internationally. And the purpose of such actions should be not to beg the bourgeois politicians whose hands are covered with blood, having voted for every war budget for six and a half years, but a show of strength of the working people who make this country run, and who can shut it down!

Mar 04 2008
Protests Around the World As Israel Attacks Gaza

In the past week, Israel has mounted a massive offensive against the Gaza Strip. The attacks have claiming the lives of over 112 Palestinians, including many civilians. The clashes reached a peak on March 1st, when Israel sent in a regiment of ground troops killing 77 Palestinians in two days. According to Gaza health ministry statistics, 22 children were killed and more than 350 people were wounded. On March 3rd, Students for Justice in Palestine staged a die-in in Berkeley to protest Israel's actions.

Mar 05 2008
STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, CA: On the 25th anniversary of the ICBM program at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, activists gathered to march and rally in support of nuclear disarmament in outer space. Organizer Bruce Gagnon, who was himself in the Air Force until protests outside of his base changed his mind towards peace activism, said, “America is addicted to war and militarism.”

Gagnon, who is the coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, warned that the testing and other operations at Vandenberg are “moving the arms race into space.” In 1983 the first nuclear-capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was tested at Vandenberg and since then the base’s mission has expanded to launching and monitoring orbiting satellites, and managing space surveillance operations, in addition to its work with missiles. The protests also began in 1983.
Full story: STAR WARS PROTEST: Vandenberg Air Force Base by df

Mar 08 2008
Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

Support Iraq Veterans Against the War
Two Winter Soldier Events in the Champaign-Urbana Area

"Winter Soldier"

WHERE: Wisegarver Lounge, Illinois Disciples Foundation, corner of Wright and Springfield Streets, Champaign.

WHEN: Monday, March 10, 2008. Film to begin at 7:00pm. Please plan to arrive early.

read more

Mar 09 2008
Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

From March 13-16th, U.S. veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan will testify to what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground in these occupations. The four-day event will bring together veterans from across the country to testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan - and present video and photographic evidence. In addition, there will be panels of scholars, veterans, journalists, and other specialists to give context to the testimony. These panels will cover everything from the history of the GI resistance movement to the fight for veterans' health benefits and support.

PUBLIC AIRING IN BOSTON: Harvard Square in Cambridge at the First Parish Church from 10:00 am through 6:00 p.m.

Mar 11 2008
March 13-16: Winter Soldier - Watch and Listen to Eyewitness Accounts

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan will be broadcast live. Here's how you can watch and listen:

Mar 12 2008

Saturday morning, March 8th, saw police barricades going up at and traffic diverted from Olympic & Broadway Streets as hundreds of women marched in the first International Women's Day mass action in Los Angeles since 1994. Scores of students from the University of Southern California, Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach Community College, University of California Los Angeles, East Los Angeles College, Cal State Los Angeles and from the Fremont, Jordan, Belmont high schools and El Sereno Middle School joined the march against the war. "We're here to let people know that we are with women all around the world who think that the war is unjust and a waste of our government's money," said USC Social Work student Kathryn Cronin. Led by the Mariposa Alliance/GABNet, the historic gathering created a buzz in the world of the U.S. women's movement, which had tended to take March 8th for granted. Ma-Al/GABNet called for the return of International Women's Day to its historic and political context, and to use 8th March as a statement against US-led imperialist wars, notably in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines.

Mar 12 2008
Chicago Peace Activists Win Key Legal Victory Over 2003 Protest

Efforts and struggles continue in court over the legendary 2003 Chicago peace protest on Lake Shore Drive and the subsequent repressive police response. On March 10, activists and National Lawyers Guild attorneys won another key victory when a Chicago federal judge rejected a class action request in a City of Chicago countersuit against hundreds of peace activists.

Quoting a newswire post: "In response to a class action suit brought by hundreds of anti-war protesters who were illegally arrested that night, the City of Chicago took the unusual step of counter-suing against the demonstrators."

An attempt to have the counterclaim dismissed was itself dismissed, but U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Kendall dismissed the class action request in the countersuit. The city claimed that activists were "liable for the expenses incurred by the city in responding to such alleged legal violations as failing to obtain a permit for the march, obstructing traffic and jaywalking.".

This setback marks the latest in a series of legal setbacks by the city and the police efforts in the wake of the 2003 protests. All charges against protesters were dismissed, and a lawsuit against the city by some 500 peace protesters itself won class-action status. Read more

Additional Resources: Chicago Free Speech Zone Coverage | National Lawyers Guild - Chicago chapter | The Emmy nominated film: "Where We Stood - Chicago's Resistance Against The War In Iraq", 2, 3

Mar 13 2008
Condi Says Congress Will Have No Say in Plans for Iraq: Liveblogging

10:20 a.m. I'm in an appropriations hearing where Condoleezza Rice is testifying on the need for more money to do more damage in Iraq. About 15 Code Pinkers are here. We all have red hands that we're holding in the air (when not typing), and signs: "KBR: No Laws? No Money!" "Condi Kills Kids" "War Criminal" "Thou Shalt Not Kill" "Sanctions Kill Kids" Etc. One of the Repubs asked for the "protesters" to be removed, but the chairwoman said that if we didn't stand up or say anything, we could stay and hold things up. Condi is running her mouth in response to friendly questioning so far.

Mar 13 2008
Political Repression at TESC: Administration and Police Move Against SDS

The Evergreen State College administration has specifically targeted Olympia Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) for political repression by canceling events and threatening to suspend its student group status. This is an attack on student activism and free speech generally and on SDS' political statements and affiliations specifically. After the events of February 14th, SDS discovered that the administration had encouraged the police to investigate the organization as well as prominent activists from the Port of Olympia demonstrations. SDS was the first group to come out publicly against the administration's cooperation with law enforcement and police racism, sexism, and violence. The fact that SDS has been singled out for scrutiny highlights the administration's focus on repressing dissent.

Mar 13 2008
Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, NY Closed by City for Controversial Art Installation

Troy, NY — An art installation closed by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute last Thursday (March 5) was shut down this morning (March 11), a day after it re-opened at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. The shutdown happened the day after a top Troy official organized a protest condemning the piece, by Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal, as pro-terrorist. The censorship has set into motion a struggle for free speech and against city corruption.

Bilal's "Virtual Jihadi" video-art is part of of a month-long celebration of art, freedom and democracy at The Sanctuary for Independent Media -- which features culture jammers The Yes Men, film maker Pam Yates and the Critical Art Ensemble's Professor Steve Kurtz -- and is itself designed to raise issues of government intimidation and censorship under the guise of counter-terrorism. Read More with Audio

UPDATE 3/15: Exhibit relocated to Christ Church UMC -- See below for details.

More Coverage: Video: From TroyisFree | From Sanctuary TV | | | Feature from Rochester IMC | | | Terrorism and Compliance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) | Censored Art Stirs the Pot in Troy, NY | Wafaa Bilal: Speech in a Democracy | | | Free Troy Letters Blog | | | Virtual Jihadi Wiki

Mar 13 2008
Opponents of Iraq War to Risk Arrest at Federal Building in Worcester

On Wednesday, March 19, 2008, the fifth anniversary of the most recent escalation of the 17-year long American war on Iraq, local residents will enter the US Federal Building on Main Street in Worcester to offer Catholic prayers for an immediate end to the war. Their prayer comes as the culmination of a 43-day Lenten prayer, fast, and vigil carried out in conjunction with people in 11 other US cities, including Des Moines, Iowa, Buffalo and Rochester, New York. Because they will be praying inside the federal building, it is possible they will be arrested. More about this event, more about the entire projectfast.jpg

Mar 14 2008
Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan

In 1971, Vietnam veterans held a conference that they called the Winter Soldier Investigation, to speak out about what was really going on in the Vietnam War. 37 years later, Iraq War vets are holding their own Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan, at which US veterans will testify about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. The conference is taking place from March 13th through 16th in Washington, D.C. A group of Vietnam vets from Portland stopped in Fresno on the way to Winter Soldier. KPFA will be suspending regular programming to broadcast Winter Soldier.

Mar 14 2008
Protests During 5th Anniversary of US Bombing and Invasion of Iraq

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 marks the five-year anniversary of the beginning of the US war and occupation of Iraq. Events will be held all over the United States to observe and protest the ongoing war and its environmental, societal, and financial tolls. The Iraq war is the second longest in U.S. history. It has killed more than one million Iraqis and 4,000 U.S. troops. The cost of the war is now running at more than $400 million per day, nearly $5,000 per second. In San Francisco, there will be direct actions throughout the day on the 19th, as well as an ANSWER march.

Mar 15 2008
GI RIGHTS RALLY On 5th Anniversary of the War

1) Info on GI Rights Rally at Ft. Lewis, WA
2) Other NW 5th Anniversary of the War events

Mar 15 2008
5 years too many: Houston events marking the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

As the 5th anniversary of the US lead invasion of Iraq approaches, people across the country as well as in Houston are mobilizing to show opposition and demand an end to the occupation. In Houston: March 15th Rally against the War in Iraq hosted by PWOC and others; A Rally against the War in Iraq will be held at Mason Park [map] in Houston on Saturday, March 15 at 2pm.

March 19th Iraq War Art Exhibit and Dinner hosted by Rice for Peace and others, takes place at the Rice Student Center Grand Hall [map] Join us for a day-long art exhibit and dinner program starting at 6:30pm on March 19 as we say FIVE YEARS IS ENOUGH!

March 20th Freeway Blogging to Mark the 5th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion and Occupation at the Montrose Bridge over 59 [map] from 4-6pm.

Across the nation there are more than 500 events taking place to oppose the US War and continued occupation on the people of Iraq. Major national events include Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan taking place from March 13th to 16th in Washington DC, and a national mobilization on DC and day of direct action on March 19th.

Syndication of anti-war activism from

Mar 16 2008
Photos from MPLS Antiwar Demos, 3-15-08

It all started with a rally organized by Youth Against War and Racism in front of the recruiting station at Lake and Lyndale. Speakers from YAWR, the IWW, and Socialist Alternative riled up the crowd... Then they joined the larger demo initiated by the Year 5 Committee to End the War, at Walker Library. In addition to the usual crowd of peace activists, an anticapitalist bloc formed up, and passed out flyers announcing such a bloc at the RNC on September 1st... Read More

Mar 16 2008
Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, Saturday, March 15, 2008 – Protests were held in Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach to mark the fifth year since the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. An estimated 2,000 protesters gathered at Hollywood & Vine and marched a short eight block route for rally at the CNN building on Sunset. Hundreds marched in Santa Barbara and formed a human peace sign in a local park. In Orange County a Silent Peace March of about 300 people was held in Huntington Beach. Latest From the Newswire:

Hollywood: Hollywood Peace March 3-15-2008, Part 1 & Part 2 by Don Hodges | | CFWP at the M15 March by Hugh Stegman | | Photos from the Anti War Protest in Hollywood 3/15/2008 by Organic Tofu Vegan Burger
Santa Barbara: Anti-War March in Santa Barbara by ForestDefender
Orange County: Orange County Peace Coalition: "How Many More? Resist, Resist the War!" Part 1 & Part 2 by df
VIDEO by df
Santa Monica: Silent Walk for Peace in Santa Monica by sgibson

More local protests are planned this week: This Wednesday, 4:00 pm - End the War Protest in Oldtown Pasadena | | Wednesday 5:30 pm - Candlelight Vigil in Orange County | | March 19th - Protest at Hollywood recruitment center | | March 20th - East LA, Boyle Heights: March & Rally: Stop ICE Raids, No War in Iraq

Mar 16 2008
March 15 World Without War: A Day of Resistance and Hope

Stop the War,
Bring the Troops Home Now!
South Park Blocks, Portland
March 15th, 2008

PDX Peace coalition is hosting an all-day event with an action camp, march and rally, and more opportunities for Portland to explore what we can do to end this war and prevent the next one. Can you help build a World Without War? Spread the word! New posters, flyers, handbills, stickers and buttons are now available! Download flyers or find pick-up location.

Speakers at the 2:00 PM rally include:
*Zahra Sultan, Iraqi Social Worker, director of
* Sean Lewis, First Gulf War Veteran, member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace Chapter 72
* Bob Watada, father of Lt. Ehren Watada, the first Commissioned Officer to refuse deployment to Iraq
* Andrea Cano, Executive Director, Oregon Farm Worker Ministry
* Youth organizers Terell Wilson, freshman at Madison H.S. and Lizo Wallace, United Voices Youth Program
* Barbara Dudley, Professor in the Hatfield School of Government, former Executive Director of Greenpeace USA
* Tom Chamberlain, President of Oregon AFL-CIO

Mar 16 2008
Candlelight Vigil this Tuesday in Ashland

Candlelight vigil on the Plaza in Ashland for 7 pm Tuesday, March 18th to honor the US troops and Iraqis who have died because of the war.

Mar 17 2008
Denver Rally: Cost of War

Around 1:30 this afternoon a crowd of a little over a hundred people shared shivers in the chill of the March drizzle to call attention to the costs of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Several organizations set up tables, as such gatherings so smoothly facilitate the networking of people motivated to act against the imperialist plunders of the U.S. government, publicly utilizing the miniscule amount of space left to the public for just such events. read more

Mar 17 2008
Anti-War Youth and Student March Takes The Streets

On Saturday March 15th, five years after the start of the Iraq war, youth and students from across Worcester took the streets to the streets to protest the War and injustice perpetuated through out the world in the name of capitalism and the state. The group left from Clark University's Red Square and Marched down Main Street to City Hall where they met up with the Worcester PeaceWorks Rally. Worcester police we stumped by the groups unwavering commitment to take the street. No arrests were made. This was a very successful event. Anti-war small.jpg

Mar 17 2008
The Indypendent's Issue #117: 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War

As the occupation of Iraq enters its 6th year, and the bloodshed of Iraqis and Americans alike continues, the Indypendent devoted an expanded issue of the paper to coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This 24 page issue includes: Media illustrations and graphics that shed light on the wars, an article by longtime UN reporter Donald Paneth on the effect of war on children, an exclusive interview with an veteran of the Iraq War who is participating in the Winter Soldier hearings that started March 13, 2008, coverage of counter-recruitment efforts, reports from Iraq from Iraqis, a comprehensive overview of the Iraqi resistance, and much, much more. The Indypendent's been covering the Iraq debacle for the past 5 years, laying to waste the corporate media's cheerleading of the destruction of Iraq. Check out the new issue below for more of the Indy's excellent coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, don't forget to check the Indy Blog ( for blog reports from the Winter Soldier Hearings by Erin Thompson.

Students Ramp It Up || This Is Our War || By The Numbers || Women Face War || War Torn Playgrounds: Children Brave Conflicts Worldwide || Iraq's Wrecked Environment || The War All Around Us || Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Media Analysis on Iraq Coverage || Free Fire Fallout Vets Grapple With Atrocities: Interview With An Iraqi War Vet || Bushwick Teens Resist Recruiting || A Brief History Of The Iraq War || Anti-War Calendar: Take Action Now! || Taking On Movie Made Iraq || Beyond Countering Recruitment: Teaching Youth To Imagine A Different Future || 'Every Minute Of Iraq Is War' || How Bush Won Iraq And Lost The World || Indebted By Blood || Meeting The Resistance

Mar 17 2008
Bushwick Teens Resist Recruiting (Indypendent)

Military recruiters are a familiar site in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a predominately Black and Hispanic immigrant neighborhood where nearly 30 percent of residents live below the poverty line. The area is serviced by two recruiting stations, one on Myrtle Avenue and one in neighboring East New York. Recruiters approach students after school in major shopping thoroughfares like Knickerbocker Avenue, while high schools students receive visits from former students who have joined the military.

Mar 17 2008
Winter Soldier Eyewitness Accounts event in Silver Spring

Silver Spring - Amidst the repeated detailed graphic descriptions and confessions, with date/time/place, of random killing of civilians, torture, and war crimes, Iraq vets in IVAW, remind us that these incidents were done under an "Occupation" of Iraq and Afghanistan, not a war. They said over and over, that these were not isolated occurances, but normal daily abuse and killing of civilians, under constantly changing Rules of Engagement. They put the blame on the overt racism of their command, going all the way to the top of the chain of command, Gen Casey calling Iraqi people "Hajis". The soldiers consider their testimony the highest form of patriotism; and doing this took the most courage of anything they've done so far. In between the panels, there are also short video testimonies from Iraqis who were victims of US soldier violence. Video Edits of Testimony: Video Edits: Blog: Blog: Video of Testimony from Iraqi people:

Mar 17 2008
Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary - Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil March 19

Memorial Service and Candlelight Vigil at Arlington South Beach: Remember the Fallen on the fifth anniversary of the War. Arlington South Beach Memorial Service at 5:00 p.m. and Candlelight Vigil at 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 19th on the 5th Anniversary of the War Lummus Park in Miami Beach, 901 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. Honor the sacrifice. Change our priorities. Bring the troops home.

Mar 18 2008
Video: Report Back From Tacoma Mall Anti-War Protest

Tacoma anti-war activists shut down the military recruiting center at the Tacoma Mall for the day, March 15th 2008. Warning: humor ahead.

Mar 18 2008
IVAW Winter Soldier Local Support Actions

IVAW Winter Soldier hearings

On March 13-16 in Washington, DC, the Iraq Veterans Against The War conducted the "Winter Soldier" hearings on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war. Former US military who were in Iraq and Afghanistan testified about US war crimes in the 2 wars and dramatically condemned the Bush administration and Pentagon for starting the wars. The DC hearings were broadcast live on the internet and they were seen by the public at many locations organized by anti-war activists in multiple states. In Boston local media, including the Boston Globe, covered the event; however, the IVAW Winter Soldier was largely ignored by most corporate media. "Winter Soldier" hearings were first held in 1971 in DC by the Vietnam Veterans Against The War and were pivotal in bringing the Vietnam War to an end.

NY Indymedia report back from Silver Spring, MD:
Turner and other soldiers on the Rules of Engagement panel depicted their tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as horrifying events, in which civilians were indiscriminately killed, both accidentally and intentionally, soldiers wantonly destroyed property, including mosques, conducted house raids, planted weapons on civilians killed by the U.S. military in order to be able to classify their deaths as insurgents, and mutilated the dead. “I want to apologize to all the people in Iraq,” said Sergio Kochergin abruptly, breaking off the end of a story about a friend who had shot himself in the shower, four days after arriving in Iraq. “I’m sorry and I hope this war is going to be over as soon as possible.” >> Read More and Photos

WATCH/LISTEN TO ARCHIVES: Iraq Veterans Against the War | War Comes Home | Video of Testimony from Iraqi people

Local Actions: Boston Photos and Video | Washington D.C.: Winter Soldier Eyewitness Accounts event in Silver Spring | Indybay: Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan | Pittsburgh: Rustbelt Radio Winter Soldier coverage | Los Angeles: Iraq Soldiers to Testify about War Crimes at Winter Soldier | Urbana Champaign: Support Iraq Veterans Against the War

Related article: Iraq Winter Soldier Hearings: Victory for Independent Media by Jeff Cohen

Mar 18 2008
Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

Turner and other soldiers on the Rules of Engagement panel depicted their tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as horrifying events, in which civilians were indiscriminately killed, both accidentally and intentionally, soldiers wantonly destroyed property, including mosques, conducted house raids, planted weapons on civilians killed by the U.S. military in order to be able to classify their deaths as insurgents, and mutilated the dead. “I want to apologize to all the people in Iraq,” said Sergio Kochergin abruptly, breaking off the end of a story about a friend who had shot himself in the shower, four days after arriving in Iraq. “I’m sorry and I hope this war is going to be over as soon as possible.” >> Read More and Photos by Gabriella Spzunt

Mar 18 2008
March 17-19 Schedule of Protests on 5th Ann of Iraq War and Other Events

Add to list. Updated regularly.

Mar 18 2008
Funk The War is Almost Here!

It's almost time for Funk the War! Meet at 12:30 tomorrow at Terry-Shrunk Park (SW 3rd and Madison) to say no to war and disrupt business as usual for local war profiteers (the specific local war profiteer will be announced at the park). No more profiteering in Portland! No more funding of war in our community!

Mar 19 2008
Direct Action and Rally at Chevron Richmond Refinery

On Saturday March 15th, activists and community members protested the war in Iraq, environmental racism and global warming by blockading the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, CA. A coalition which includes health, environmental and anti-war organizers had called for people to shut down the Chevron refinery for the day in support of community efforts to stop Chevron from expanding its Richmond refinery. An expansion will increase pollution and cause asthma, cancer and rising death rates in surrounding communities.

Chevron was shut down all day in anticipation of the protest. Protesters marched to one of the main gates of the refinery and people laid out lock down tubes and barrels and up to 50 people locked themselves down.... Read More & Pics | Video Slideshow | Video Clips | Audio

Mar 19 2008
BREAKING NEWS: Anti-War Actions in SF, Berkeley

BREAKING NEWS: Anti-War Actions in SF, Berkeley, Bay Area

8:30 am: Bikes Not Bombs assembling at Justin Herman Plaza in SF
8:00 am: Two snake marches leave Sansome and Market, one north on Sansome in the street and one west on Market sidewalk
7:30 am: People meeting at Sansome and Market in SF

Mar 19 2008
Moratorium to commemorate Fifth year of Iraq War

We sadly observe the fifth anniversary of a war that was based on lies, has led to almost 4000 US deaths, roughly 30,000 wounded and has cost or will cost up to $3 trillion. Iraqis have suffered horribly, with over a million dead, millions displaced and a shredding of their whole society. We call for it to end!

Mar 19 2008
Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War

March 19th, 2008 5pm: A Freeze Demonstration at Union Station on the eve of the five year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Video

Mar 19 2008
March 19th in San Francisco: Reports from Direct Action to Stop the War

March 19th saw a revival of the direct action movement in the Bay Area. Independent media activists came together to broadcast a radio station and DASW had a webcam broadcasting video. Volunteers provided legal assistance. Affinity groups came back together for another day in the streets, putting their bodies on the line to remind the world that torture has been a way of life for the Bush administration. Bike contingents and snake marches wove in and out of crowds, providing assistance to protesters and facing an equal risk of arrest. The police responded by swiftly arresting approximately 150 people- including protesters and media-- at several sites. Four Codepink protesters were detained after allegedly hanging a banner from the Golden Gate Bridge, while paintballs were anonymously thrown at several corporate targets.

Police had amassed before 7:00am near some key intersections. At 7:09am, it was reported that the Federal Reserve building at 101 Market had been shut down by a lockdown. At UCSF Mission Bay, protesters set out to shut down the UC Regents' meeting with a lockdown and an Alternate Regents' meeting. Police busted the lockdown and started arresting participants by 7:30am. 345 California, home of Chevron Energy Solutions, was another site of a lockdown and some ten arrests. Chevron closed business for the day.

At 10am, a die-in at 3rd and Market street took up all lanes and Market street was completely blocked. Police moved in and 27 people were arrested. Around noon, 100 protesters engaged in a second die-in at Montgomery and Market Streets, stopping all traffic for about two hours. At 3pm, Codepink, Raging Grannies Action League, and some black blockers converged on the recruitment center on Davis.

By 5pm, approximately 165 people had been arrested in various direct actions across the city. ROUNDUP OF PICS AND VIDEO

Mar 19 2008
Park Avenue Protest of Fundraiser for the Israeli Military

A mixed group of approximately 200 activists chanted, waving signs and flags, outside the Waldorf-Astoria hotel on Tuesday evening, protesting the $1000-a-plate fundraiser which was being held.

free palestine writes: ...this demo was called by Al-Awda NY, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition ( and endorsed by many organizations, including Adalah and others and participants from many numerous Palestinian and Arab and community and solidarity organizations took part in the demo.

Mar 19 2008
Five Worcester Activists Arrested at Federal Building

Approximately 15 people were on-hand for a lenten protest, praying the rosary for an immediate end to the Iraq War at the Federal Building in Worcester today. Five people were arrested who entered the building, knelt to recite the rosary and refused to leave when asked to by federal marshals. All have been charged with trespass. DSCF6048.JPG

Mar 19 2008
March 20th Student Walkout against the war

Over the past 5 years, the student movement has been growing in Portland. The youth of America are the ones who will feel the true scorns of the war, as we are the ones expected to pay off this debt, our education is being cut, and we are the ones fighting this war. On March 20th, at 11 AM hundreds of students city wide, and thousands nation wide will be walking out of school, directly resisting our planned day to day events. By walking out, students not only take a stand against the war, but also assert our own power as a community determined to enact change. Students are willing to disrupt our education for one day to take a stand against five years of mounting death tolls.

We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference. This protest (starting at 1 PM by the elephant in the North Park Blocks) has not been registered by the city of Portland, as we do not wish to host a parade. We wish to start a movement that is no longer about feeling good about yourself, but making a change in the world. Patting yourselves on the back after marching in a permitted area is not likely to directly affect war profiteers or anything for that matter. This is why we feel it necessary to make this stride.

Mar 20 2008
March 20th: Female and Fearless Against War: Blockaders of Military Shipments Speak Out

Thursday, March 20, Shizuno Wynkoop, Patty Imani and others from the Port Militarization Resistance (PMR) of Olympia will discuss the forefront role they and other women played in face-offs with police, the army and right-wingers to stop military transports through their streets. At 7:30pm, join the dialogue on the role of direct action and how women can revitalize the antiwar movement.

A delicious dinner, with vegetarian option, will be served at 6:30pm for a $6.50 donation. The meeting will be held at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle. (4 blocks south of S. Alaska St. at the Hudson stop of the #7 busline.

Mar 20 2008
5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19

On March 19, antiwar protesters hammered War profiteer's Row in the K st area in DC along with blockades at the IRS and paint bombs at a military recruiter. The morning started off a little slow, with 30+ arrested from traditional non-violent CD. Activists said there wasn't enough people at first, but as the day went on, way more people showed and succeeded in a couple serious blockades, roving tours visiting warmongers, a demonstration of waterboarding in front of the White House, and several mini stoppages of the daily business of downtown DC.

Re: 5 Years Too Many - DC - March 19, 2008 - 14th and K Street. Funk The War. | 3/19/08, Funk the War, 1 - Shutdown of the intersection of 14th & K. | 3/19/08, Funk the War, 2 - Armed Forces Recruiting Center, L St. | 3/19/08, Funk the War, 3 - Outside of Lockheed & Martin (?) | 3/19/08, Funk the War, 4 - Intersection of Connecticut, 17th, & K. - | 5 Years Too Many - DC - March 19, 2008 - Dancing Polar Bear | 5 Years Too Many - DC - March 19, 2008 - Marching Band | Anti-war protest in DC march 19 | This was the best protest I've ever been to. | Students Block K & 14 in DC March 19 2008 | Even More M19 Photos | Morning Picts from M19 | Connecticut and K blockaded-been holding an hour | Images: Street Blockcade @ 17th and K | Paint bombs hammer Bechtel, Recruiter | WSQT coverage of March 19 protests | Photos from March of the Dead, arrests by US Capitol | Photos from M19 —- Afternoon —- | Photo From Caterpillar Die-In Today at About 1pm (Palestine Action) | street arrest, March 2008 | Adam Kokesh Demands Impeachment

Mar 20 2008
Boston Residents Shut Down Tremont Military Recruiting Station

Boston, Mass -- This afternoon, a group of Boston-area residents shut down the Tremont Street Military Recruiting Station for one hour before being arrested by Boston Police. At 3:15 PM, five Boston-area residents re-enacted the scene of a massacre on the sidewalk in front of the Tremont Street Military Recruiting Station, across from Boston Common. Dressed as slain Iraqi civilians, an Iraqi mourner, a slain U.S. soldier and a U.S. mourner, the protesters laid in silence as red dye stained their clothing.

Mar 20 2008
The Warmongers Fear US: PR and 5 Years Too Many in Iraq

We are not just a candle in the darkness, we are the majority that oppose this war, that have serious concerns that this war is self-defeating at least if not also completely unjustified, illegal and amoral. This majority is overwhelming globally, but also exists nationally and locally. There is a pattern of absurd PR efforts even just in the local area, illustrating that that warmongers are afraid that we, the populist peace movement, might derail their war of terrorism.

Mar 20 2008
Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions

9:10 AM - The morning Emanuel action is effectively over with the blockade broken up and all participants apparently arrested.

9:02 AM - Update from Emanuel's office: Police have warned independent media and observers to stay at least 20 feet from the Emanuel blockade. 16 — now 17— squad cars are on site (!) for a protest of four people. Arrests are now being made.

8:57 AM - Video of the Malachi Action is already online here.

8:54 AM - Boeing actions near the downtown Boeing HQ are underway. About 50 people are participating in a drum circle and protest, outnumbered by police and private security.

8:52 AM - Debris was placed in the road in the LSD action, which may have led to a traffic crash. None of the participants have evidently been arrested. 12 people were involved according to corporate news accounts.

8:43 AM - Police have arrived at Irving Park Road at the morning's Emanuel Action. Four squads and three undercover cars have arrived. Things are about to "go down". Irving Park Road is completely blocked by police presence.

8:40 AM - The northbound lines Lake Shore Drive are being blockaded. A group of about 10 people are involved in the blockade. Police have arrived. Jail solidarity and legal support is underway.

8:34 AM - 4 people are locked arm-in-arm outside of Rahm Emanuel's office on Irving Park Road. CPT and VCNV are involved. Corporate and independent media are on the scene.

7:00 AM - A group of five people held a banner saying "We Heard You Malachi" at the Millennium Flame near the Kennedy Expressway, in homage of the peace martry Malachi Ritscher. The action was in place for about eight minutes, before traffic police intervened. A phone call to get to WBBM newsradio was also made.

Mar 20 2008
Boston Unites for Peace

On March 19, 2008, about 150 Bostonians gathered at Park Street, in the Common to “celebrate” (to quote John Kerry) a Birthday: March 19th marked the 5-year anniversary of the Iraq War -the one which mission we are supposed to have won over 4 years ago. Read More & Pics | WATCH VIDEO (by Michael Borkson)

Mar 20 2008
March 19th Protests

Three protests from around NYC: Community members across New York City denounced the continuing war in Iraq.

Mar 20 2008
Raging Grannies Knit-in

The NY Granny Peace Brigade organized a Knit In in response to the 5th anniversary of the war. Grannies were knitting stump socks, booties, sweaters and other items for wounded veterans and their families and for Iraqi Children. "Every stitch will be a symbol of our determination to end this war, restoring our nation's priorities to constructive action, responsibility and caring for all." (Source: Granny Peace Bridgade Flyer.) These pictures document some of the grannies and other protestors who joined them at their Knit-In.

Mar 21 2008
Students Demand a Democratic UC Board of Regents and No More Nuclear Weapons; 12 Lockdown

Outraged over the undemocratic nature of the University of California Board of Regents and the Regents' continued management of the national nuclear weapon labs, on March 19th, students from the Coalition to Free the UC took nonviolent direct action at the UC Regents meeting at UCSF Mission Bay campus in an attempt to obstruct their ability to meet. Over 100 students from five UC campuses participated in the day of action as part of March 19th Direct Action to Stop the War.

Mar 21 2008
Five Years Too Many!! the anti-war movement steps it up

On the 5th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, anti-war protesters across the United States stepped up actions of civil disobedience to make their voices heard. Across the country, hundreds of people blockaded streets; targeted federal building, corporate headquarters and military recruitment stations; staged walkouts; and kept vigil in resistance to the war. See below for roundup of Indymedia coverage.

These actions followed nationwide protests against the war on International Women's Day, as well as the Iraq Veterans Against The War's "Winter Soldier" hearings — probably the most important anti-war action since the onset of aggressions, but virtually ignored by the corporate media. According to the latest poll in March, 65% of Americans are opposed the war in Iraq, yet coverage of the anti-war movement in corporate media has declined in the past year. A statement released by students in Portland, OR, reads: "We as students also believe that anti-war efforts have been too moderate and passive to make a difference."

» Ashland, OR: Candlelight vigil on the Plaza
» Austin, TX: A Thousand Spirited Protesters Fill Streets of Austin
» Boston, MA: Boston Unites for Peace | Harvard/Boston Protests | Residents Shut Down Tremont Military Recruiting Station | Good Friday Anti-War Vigils
» Chicago, IL: Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many | Marches and Civil Disobedience Part of Week of National Resistance to U.S. War Policies in Iraq | Video by CIMC and Labor Beat | Dispatches from M20 day of creative actions | No! To Five Years of Illegal War - Protest and March in Chicago
» Concord, NH: Video Coverage
» Denver, CO: Cost of War Rally
» Houston, TX: Rice for Peace marks 5th anniversary of US invasion | Voices from the Bridge
» Lancaster, PA: The Awakening Left: Inside the M15 March | | Roundup Coverage with Video
» Los Angeles, CA: Protests Mark Five Years of US War on Iraq
» Miami, FL: Arlington South: Iraq War 5th Anniversary Memorial Service-Candlelight Vigil
» Minneapolis/St. Paul: Photos from MPLS Antiwar Demos, 3-15-08
» New York, NY: Raging Grannies Knit-in | Pics from 3 protests | Eight Activists Arrested in War Profiteer Blockade
» Philadelphia, PA: Moratorium to commemorate Fifth year of Iraq War
» Portland, OR: M19: Funk The War | M20 Student Walkout: 1 | 2 | Washington County Peace Vigil
» Rochester, NY: Arrests at Antiwar Demonstration
» San Francisco Bay Area, CA: Reports from Direct Action to Stop the War | Community Protests Chevron's Role in War, Warming, Toxics and Human Rights | Students Demand a Democratic UC Board of Regents and No More Nuclear Weapons; 12 Lockdown | Marine Recruitment Protests Continue in Berkeley
» Seattle, WA: Female and Fearless Against War: Blockaders of Military Shipments Speak Out | VIDEO-Recruitment Center Shut Down! | VIDEO: Big Media in Seattle Gets Dressed Down!
» Tacoma, WA: Video: Report Back From Recruiting Center Action
» Washington, DC: 5 Years of War and Occupation Brings Resistance in the Streets of DC, March 19 | Five Minutes of Stillness Remembering Five Years of War | One M19 Participant's Impressions
» Worcester, MA: Five Activists Arrested at Federal Building | Anti-War Youth and Student March Takes The Streets

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Mar 21 2008
March 19 Marine Recruitment Protest in Berkeley

The battle to shut down the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley continued on March 19th, the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Hundreds, including many Berkeley High school students, took part in actions during the day to shut down the recruiting station in Berkeley and to stop the war in Iraq. Several students spoke powerfully to why the marine recruiters should be considered "unwelcome intruders" in Berkeley.

Mar 21 2008
Houston Observes the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War and occupation

On March 19th Rice for Peace hosted an art show, free veggie dinner and speakers to observe the 5th anniversary of the US lead invasion of Iraq. The art of Marc Levine and 2 other artists went up around noon, and stayed up until the end of the evening. At 6:30 free Krishna food was set up and feed nearly a hundred people who came to look at literature, look at art and listen to speakers.

Its great to see folks organizing around ending this war, its sad that there is so little activity taking place on this important milestone in an illegal, immoral and disgusting war. Props to Rice for Peace for putting together this cool event and continuing to struggle for justice. [full story and photos]

60 people from houston tx turned out on 6 bridges over highway 59 to protest the 5th year of the war in Iraq, where those Killed In Action is fast approaching 4000. [see photo]
Nearly 100 Houstonians blogged on the bridges above Highway 59 on Thursday as the US enters its 6th year of war in Iraq. Some were veterans to the struggle, while others were new, but all were eager to reflect and share their views on the Bush Administration and its foreign policies. [listen to audio]

Mar 21 2008
One M19 Participant's Impressions

I attended the antiwar actions in DC on 3/19. This is an account of my experience.

Mar 21 2008
Reportback: Student Walk-out - March 20th

The student movement lives! Todays walkout/protest for students was the most high spirited and most energized protest I've ever been to. 1500/2000 students walked out of school today in Portland, to show Oregon and the world that the student movement does have a voice and a loud one as well.

As we arrived to the elephant at North Park Blocks, over a thousand high school students were already lining the sidewalks giving peace signs to cars passing by. As more and more students flooded in, we began doing speeches atop a trash can. Students talked about the costs of war, and I mentioned the corporate influence on the war as well as the growing student movement. We began the march shortly afterwards... Read More

Student Walkout- a brief report

By the time I made it downtown, the demonstration was already approaching City Hall. It was an impressive wave of (mostly) young people. The East side of City Hall was saturated with demonstrators, with several scaling the wall, up onto the balcony. The spirited crowd eventually moved on to the Wells Fargo Tower and beyond.

Police presence was heavy. I don't remember seeing any Robocops, but the bike, horse, motorcycle, squad-car, and foot officers were all there. There was even one Homeland Security vehicle that passed by a couple of times. Overall, they behaved even worse than they did yesterday, from what I saw. Read More

Video: 1

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Other Actions: All hopped up

Mar 21 2008
photos from Washington County Peace Vigil

Over 150 people attended the Washington County Peace Vigil last evening recognizing the 5 year mark of the most misguided foreign policy decision in my lifetime.New faces were everywhere as we gathered for an hour at 5th and Hall in Beaverton.This marks our 136th weekly vigil and I hope that we will not be here a year from now.It is time to leave Iraq and let the healing begin.

Mar 21 2008
Funk The War - March 19th

As the anti war march with horns playing and drums beating moved into the street in front of Wells Fargo Bank on 4th street & Columbia ( I think ) so did the cops. IMMEDIATELY they confronted the group in the street. Within minutes more police on motorcycles and then more in Riot gear

They started pushing the crowd ...ripping their signs from them and yelling get out of the street. The moved their big white van up to the line and were using the speakers to yell stuff. Cops with bikes pushed their bikes towards the peoples..pushing aggressively ...pushing ...pushing.... a few horses came in from the side ...right into the crowd...i didn't see them tromp on anyone but they were right butted up to the peoples from around the back side.

Soon the pepper-spray was flying... Read More

Funk The War Photos: 1 | 2

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Mar 22 2008
Chicago to warmongers: five years of war is five too many

Thousands of Chicagoans turned out on March 19 for a rally and march to mark — and oppose — five years of war and Iraq. The action, convened by a broad coalition of local groups, didn't quite wind down as local cops had hoped — instead, members of the radical feeder march kept the protest rolling into the night.

Activists set aside March 20 for a day of direct action and guerilla theater, with more than a dozen actions throughout the city. Locals kicked the day off with an early morning action at the Millenium Flame off the Kennedy Expressway to honor the memory of Malachi Ritscher, who burned himself to death in late 2006 in the tradition of Buddist monks a generation earlier to oppose the war.

Columbia students brought the reality of waterboarding home with street theater. Peace activists staged a lockdown at the office of congressman Rahm Emanuel, one of Congress's biggest boosters of war and occupation. The question of the day at this action? How many cops does it take to unchain a congressman's office.

Other actions included a penny poll — and sit-in — at the Federal Plaza, a banner drop and protest at the local headquarters for Boeing, a protest against a Ratheon-affiliated research lab at UIC, and a protest at a local recruiting center.

More photos | Labor Beat/CIMC joint video coverage Part 1 and Part 2 | One of many banner drops

Mar 22 2008
Good Friday Anti-War Vigils In Boston

On Good Friday yesterday , two religious vigils against war were held in downtown Boston. The first was the annual Quaker Witness For Peace, held every Good Friday since 1961, by the Beacon Hill Friends Meeting. About 40 peace activists stood in dignified silence on Boston Common from 11:30am-2pm to stand in solemn witness against war. Leaflets were handed out to passersby explaining the vigil's purpose.

Then, a block away in front of the State House, from 1pm-2pm,the Catholic peace group Pax Christi held a solemn reading of the 15 stations of the cross--each of the 15 stations had an anti-war and social justice theme. Participants held banners expressing religious opposition to war.

Mar 22 2008
Eight Activists Arrested in New York City War Profiteer Blockade

On Wednesday, March 19, at approximately 8:30 am, over 30 young activists from the Anti-Profiteering Spirit Squad staged a massive nonviolent blockade in New York City at the international headquarters of the sixth largest war profiteer and defense contractor in the United States, L-3 Communications Corporation, at 3rd Ave. and 40th St.

Mar 23 2008
VIDEO-Recruitment Center in Seattle-Shut Down!

In recognition of the 5th anniversary of the Iraqi occupation a recruitment center was shut down for business.

Mar 23 2008
Olympia SDSer Arrested!

Free Forrest Student!

On Tuesday, March 18, local activist Forrest Student and member of SDS at The Evergreen State College in Olympia was targeted by Officer Perez of the Evergreen Police. Perez has a history of harassing and abusing students and other people on campus. When Perez approached him and started questioning him, the person said he had the right to have an attorney present and because of that, Perez arrested him for obstruction. Forrest continued in his refusal, demanding an attorney while in jail and at his arraignment. In response his charges were increased to misdemeanor criminal mischief. The judge refused to set bail and Forrest is still sitting in jail. He will not be released until he appears before a judge, which at the earliest will be on Friday.

Mar 23 2008
Four arrested with "bloody hands" at Broadway Recruiting Center

Portland's seriously pissed off grannies were back at the Broadway Military Recruiting Center today, after having taken several months off from their Friday protests. Portland police arrested four people for putting red handprints on the windows of the Recruiting Center.

The Grannies say the handprints symbolize the blood of those who have died in the war.

Mar 23 2008
Protests Expected During McCain Visit to California

CALIFORNIA - Continued anti-war protests are anticipated next week as the pro-war presidential candidate John McCain tours California. Although there has been no formal announcement by any particular anti-war organization, independent local grassroots groups appear to be mobilizing for demonstrations. McCain will be in California from Monday to Wednesday of next week. McCain’s schedule includes stops in San Diego, Palm Desert, Orange County, Los Angeles, Carmel and San Francisco.
From the Newswire:

Mar 23 2008
Army Recruitment Website Remixed at

The Army recruitment site is one of the most heavily advertised web sites on the planet. It's a slick marketing effort to make enlisting look like the perfect job opportunity: a stable, safe way to make money and serve America. On March 19th, was launched to present the facts missing in the Army sales pitch and show potential recruits what they can really expect if they enlist.

Mar 23 2008
Peace Activists Stage Dramatic Easter 'Die-In’ at Holy Name Cathedral to Protest Anniversary of Iraq War

Update 4: All of the Holy Name 6 have been freed. (Past Updates: 1 | 2 | 3)

Donations still urgently needed

March 23 – Six members of the anti-war group “Catholic Schoolgirls Against The War” staged a dramatic die-in during the 11AM Easter mass at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago’s most prominent Catholic parish – and the home of one of the nation’s most conservative church leaders, Cardinal Francis George

The action was staged in the Gold Coast cathedral’s parish center, an auditorium where mass is being said while the main cathedral undergoes renovation. Easter services at Holy Name are traditionally one of the most heavily attended masses of the year, and this mass was no exception, with people packed wall to wall for today’s Easter morning holiday service.

The group of young men and women, dressed in their Easter best, sat through the 11AM mass until George reached the homily. A few seconds into the cardinal’s main holiday message, the protesters rose from their seats, turned to address the thousands of parishioners in the auditorium, and talked about the continuing death of both Iraqis and Americans in Iraq as the war enters its sixth year. The group also decried George's January 7 meeting with Mayor Daley and President Bush. Read More | | | Video | | | Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

Mar 24 2008
Protest at Military Recruiting Centers to Mark 4,000 Dead US Soldiers in Iraq

The 4,000th US soldier was killed in Iraq on March 23rd. Vigils and actions have been called at the Military Recruiting Centers in Capitola and Berkeley on Monday, March 24th to express grief over so many senseless deaths in Iraq.

Mar 24 2008
VIDEO: Big Media in Seattle Gets Dressed Down!

Going into the 6th year of the Iraqi occupation didn't go unheeded. Protesters held big media corporations accountable for lies that kill.

Mar 25 2008
Brief Reportback on SDS: A graphic History @ 2640

Brief report back on Paul Buhle's Graphic history of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), and discussion with current young generation of activists.

Mar 25 2008
Vigils Mark 4,000th US Military Death in Iraq War

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, March 23, 2008 – Peace Vigils are being held across the region to mark the 4,000th US military death in the Iraq war. From the Newswire: Orange County Candlelight Vigil for 4,000 Fallen | | 4000 death vigil Downtown LA Federal Building | | Easter Day Vigil in Highland Park -- More vigils are planned for the week: Vigil to Honor 4,000 U.S. Troops Killed

Mar 26 2008
“4,000 Too Many,” Boston Mourns U.S. Deaths in Iraq

Vigils across the United States yesterday and today marked the 4,001 death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq. Called by several peace groups and military members against the war, people in almost every single state mourned the loss of life in a war that for most Americans has become unjust and meaningless.

“By grieving in public, many families have found comfort,” said Carlos Arredondo, father of Lance Corporal Alexander Scott who died while serving in Najaf, Iraq at the young age of twenty—the 974th U.S. death of the Bush administration’s war. Indeed, many in Boston attended today’s vigil because it comforts them to stay alert, to show support, to represent the troops in a way that calls for their safe return home.

Mar 26 2008
The Awakening Left: Inside the Lancaster, PA M15 March

Lancaster, Pa., is more known for the Amish and politely staunch social conservatism than for a vibrant progressive community. But over the past years, as the Iraq war drags on. our sleepy little city’s left is waking up. One sign of our awakening is the 700-plus crowd that came out on March 15 to express their discontent with the war. Following are short profiles of people who attended the rally, and the reasons that brought them to Binn’s park that Saturday.

Mar 26 2008
PBS's "Bush's War" Review

Lots of Sound but no Fury

Tonight PBS offered part one of "Bush's War" in it's Frontlines series. Generally the program was ok in it's calm, matter-of-fact way. But it left a lot unsaid.

Mar 26 2008
IVAW protests war at Lafayette to remember 4000 dead

On March 24, George Bush refused to lower the White House flag to half mast in memory of the 4000 US soldiers who have died in Iraq. In the evening, Iraq Veterans Against the War protested both this, the refusal of Bush to attend GI funerals, and the war itself in Lafayette Park. Audio 3 min 43 sec

Mar 27 2008
What passes for journalism in Oklahoma

Slander against peace activists in state newspapers --
and what to do about it

On Tuesday, March 18, a front page story in the Daily Oklahoman by Anne Kelley, "Marine won't draw penalty for flag fight", contained an unbelievable slander against antiwar activists in Oklahoma and across the country.

Here's a passage... read more

Mar 27 2008
Anti-War Rally and Protest in Grand Junction

On Sunday March 30th, at 2PM, Mesa State College A Voice of Reason, The Red Pill, Grand Junction Underground Action Alliance, and Grand Valley Students For a Democratic Society will be holding a Peace Rally featuring local bands: Fast Food Kings, Righteous Vibrations, and Gangerus Cock, and featuring two Iraq war vets and peace activists Jeff Englehart and Garett Reppenhagen. Following the rally there will be a spirited march to the doorsteps of those who profit from the illegal war in Iraq. read more

Mar 28 2008
Macalester SDS Shuts Down Recruitment Center

At 9am Thursday morning 10 Macalester students locked themselves to the doors of an Army and Navy Recruiting center on Washington Avenue, shutting both down for an entire day.

The Mac SDS action was undertaken alongside a protest at the U by the Anti War Committee, UofM SDS, and Youth Against War & Racism. The slightly larger anti war march started at noon and met up in front of the Navy and Army recruitment center. Read More>>

Mar 28 2008
Union Square Vigil Marks 4000 US Dead

More than one hundred people came to Union Square in solidarity against the war

Lighting candles and holding sings displaying 4000, at least one hundred people gathered together at Union Square park at 6:30PM on Tuesday. They came to commemorate a morbid landmark in the war on Iraq. As of that day, 4,000 US soldier had been confirmed dead.

Mar 30 2008
U.S. Occupation Backs Shia Civil War

Fighting between Iraqi government forces and militias loyal to Moqtada Sadr erupted March 25th in Basra. A new civil war is breaking out in Iraq as American-backed Iraqi government forces, many of whom are members of SCIRI's Badr militia, fight rival Shia militiamen tied to Sadr's Mehdi army. Fighting quickly engulfed Baghdad's Sadr City and spread to other towns. On March 28th, US planes bombed alleged Mehdi Army positions both in Basra and in Baghdad. Despite the US intervention, government troops were unable to pierce Mehdi Army defenses or over-run their positions. The police force in Basra suffered numerous mutinies.

Apr 01 2008
Students and Protesters Confront War Criminal Karl Rove at GW

On Friday several members of CAN at GW and other antiwar students gained admission to a speech by Karl Rove, hosted by the campus chapter of the ultra-right Young America's Foundation at George Washington University. In the middle of Rove's speech -- during which he continued to defend long discredited claims about WMDs in Iraq, in addition to attacking the president of the NAACP and presidential candidate Obama -- the students inside unfurled a banner that read "War Criminal," and read Article 6 of the Nuremberg Trials defining war crimes. Audio from WSQT<.strong>

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