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Oct 09 2006
Black Panther Party 40th Reunion to Be Held in Oakland

October will be Black Panther History Month 2006 in Oakland. A number of events will be held, starting with the Black Panther Film Festival on Sunday, October 1st, and leading up to the Black Panther Party 40th Reunion, which will take place from Friday, October 13th through Sunday, October 15th. PDF of Registration Form
Friday's events at the Malonga Center for the Arts will include a press conference and workshop at 1:00pm on the Role of the Media in the Struggle, a screening of the film "Eldridge Cleaver," a Book Fair, a political prisoner panel at 4:00pm, and Opening Ceremonies, including history and tributes to fallen comrades. Workshops about youth and reparations will also be held.
On Saturday, events will be held at both the Malonga Center for the Arts and Laney College. Both are in the Lake Merritt area. At the Malonga Center, opening remarks will be held at 9:00am, with workshops ranging from chapter histories, to discussion about Hurricane Katrina and disaster preparedness, revolutionary art, community organizing, and more, to follow. Some of the workshops at Laney College will examine labor and the BPP legacy, Cointelpro, police brutality, and women in the BPP. That evening, a banquet will be held at the Jack London Inn ($50 per person).
On Sunday, October 15th, a group photo will be held at 11:00am at the Alameda County Courthouse. A picnic will be held in the afternoon at Bobby Hutton Park 18th and Adeline.
It's About Time Black Panther Party | Ten Point Platform and Program, written in October 1966 | KPFA will air the Black Panther Party Reunion

Oct 16 2006
Outnumbered anti-racists confront KKK in Harpers Ferry

About 45 activists from DC, Fredrick, and Baltimore travelled to Harpers Ferry and stood against about 70 KKK'ers. The Klan was there to defile the grave of John Brown,a heroic fighter who gave his life to stop slavery. Audio File from WSQT Guerrilla ERadio 1700 AM

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Oct 22 2006
White Liberals and Glass Houses

A critique of the white left media reform movement, and a reminder that black radical journalism is a tradition. From voxunion.com.

Oct 26 2006
Ad-Hoc Coalition Protests Racial Profiling on Staten Island Ferry

Passenger: Are you saying that an Arab wearing a shirt in Arabic is a terrorist?
USCG: I’m just saying you’d better not wear that shirt here anymore.

Oct 29 2006
They Say "Justifiable" - We Say "Murder!"

On Monday, October 23rd the Uhuru Movement and the family of Angleo Slaughter led a noontime protest rally and press conference at the Clothespin across from City Hall in Philadelphia to demand justice for the Oct. 11th police murder of Angelo Slaughter in West Philadelphia. Kamau Becktemba, Philadelphia President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) led chants, "They say 'justifiable', we say 'murder!'" with 25 protesters, including Angelo's young sons, his mother, sister and other family, friends, and supporters.

Oct 31 2006
Miami Community Activists Occupy Abandoned City Land

In response to a critical crisis of affordable housing for low-income and the homeless, particularly in the Black community, on October 23, 2006 at 3:00pm, a group of organizations and individuals in Miami took control of city and county owned land for the benefit of the people. The 'Take Back the Land' movement is appealing to all people of conscience for your direct support.

From the Newswire:
Miami "Take Back the Land" Appeal for Support by Max Rameau | Day 7- Miami Activists Take Back the Land by Max Rameau | Take Back the Land: Miami Residents Occupy Parking Lot by Baku Lost | Video Report

Nov 01 2006
Nationwide protests confront diamond industry

Last week demonstrations were held in front of retail diamond stores in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and St. Petersburg protesting the devastating impact that the diamond industry has on Africa and African people.

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