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Jun 05 2006
Rally Against the Klan

From the Open Publishing Newswire: The Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have announced they are holding a rally against illegal immigration on Saturday, June 17. ARA (Anti-Racist Action) is calling all concerned community members to attend a counter-rally in front of the downtown library, followed by a march to the courthouse. ARA encourages people to bring airhorns, instruments and other noise-making devices in order drown out the hate of the Klan.

The Klan has a long and violent history in America. From the lynchings and murders of Southern Blacks, to the bombings of churches to hate crimes that continue to this day, the Klan has more than demonstrated its ability to leave violence and hatred in its wake. If we allow the Klan to assemble in our streets without standing up to them, then we welcome the potential for this violence to spread into our own community.

Ignoring hate groups is ineffective, for if no one who is against the Klan shows up, then only the supporters will be there, making it that much easier for violent racists to organize in our town. We must all come together to stand up to the Klan.

Sponsored by Anti-Racist Action
For more information, email to permianbasinara@riseup.net.

Houston Anti-Racist Action will be sending a caravan to Midland for this event. Houstonians interested in accompanying us, contact houstonara@yahoo.com

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