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Galveston plans demolition of two public housing complexes

Houston03 Feb 2009
The Galveston Housing Authority plans to demolish two public housing developments, reports the Galveston Daily News. In the midst of these plans, public housing residents still struggle to find places to live.

In Galveston three-quarters of all homes were damaged in Hurricane Ike and many public housing units were deemed unlivable. Facing South reported in September 2008 that Galveston's public housing residents were ordered to leave their homes but were given no answers about where they were supposed to go.

Since then, housing has continued to be a major issue for Galveston's poor. And now more than five months after the hurricane, Galveston public housing residents continue to have trouble finding places to live. Galveston Daily News reports. [read full article]
Facing South's Gulf Watch

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Updates on Malik Rahim's campaign; election day Sat. Dec. 6

New Orleans05 Dec 2008

Blogging about Ike: a round up of blogs addressing social justice issues and Hurricane Ike

Houston25 Sep 2008
Numerous local Bloggers for media justice have weighed in the consequences and possible outcomes of Hurricane Ike and its aftermath. Here are some good ones: ¡Para Justicia Y Libertad! (don't worry its in english) | Grits for Breakfast | Brother Jesse (Final Call correspondent in Houston) [More Blog Links]

From Brother Jesse: IN-CERT, Inner City Emergency Response Team, is headed by Mr. Khallid Greene (pictured). IN-CERT is about readiness, people helping people, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number. For years, members of churches, groups, schools, and centers have been getting training led by IN-CERT to prepare them to be first responders in situation such as Hurricane Ike....and they did!
Brother Jesse: When did IN-CERT hit the streets?
Khallid Greene: We started assessing damage around 4:00am Saturday morning (Sept. 13) right after Hurricane Ike struck. There was a complex on North MacGregor that had four feet of flood water, so we got busy rescuing people... [read full interview]

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After Ike: Trying to Put Things Back Together

Houston16 Sep 2008
Hurricane Ike hit Galveston and Houston dead on. As power is being brought back to the city and people clear the streets of debris, people are starting to upload reports about the impacts of hurricane Ike on the greater Houston area. More than a million people in the greater Houston area are without power, Centerpoint Energy has released a timeline predicting when full power will be restored by zip code. According to this timeline, by Monday, hundreds of thousands will still be without power, mostly in center and eastern Houston. Centerpoint Continues to post updates to their website.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened PODs in a number of areas in Houston [list of locations | map], providing ice, water and Meals Ready to Eat to the public. FEMA is also encouraging people to apply for assistance online or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). If anyone can find a clear list of what benefits are being made available, please post it on the newswire, or email houston@indymedia.org.

Reports from the Open Publishing Newswire:

Articles Amy L. Dalton Ike Impact Notes | hmmmm Curfew Chat | Free Press Houston Fuck a curfew. What do you think? The Free Press chimes in | Dee Hurricane Ike and Texas Prisoners, Did the state prepare for an emergency? | lonestar in gotham Excutions Continue Despite Widespread Power Outages in Huntsville | Texas ACORN ACORN's Plans for Hurricane Ike Recovery | Jesse Muhammad Brother Jesse of Millions More Movement on the ground in Houston after Ike | KPFT Status Report - Still off the air

Photos Nick: Boy and Tree | Food Not Bombs post-Ike Erin: Neighborhood Photos RoB: During and right after the Storm in Bellaire | Day 2: Dawn of the Dead at Galleria, back to Montrose | Post Ike Photos part 3: from Sunday and Monday | Five days in and still a mess Montrose Patriot Photography & Promotions: Third Fiesta Out-takes from MPP&P | Nena Fotos del desastre por el Huracan Ike en el Suroeste de Houston

Audio Rachel Clarke: Pre-Ike Preparations | What Was Houston's Plan for the Homeless During Ike?

Hurricane Ike Info and Resources

Houston12 Sep 2008
Hurricane Ike is bearing down on the upper Texas Gulf Coast and looks like it might get dangerous. Stories from the open publishing newswire:
Some photos from the 'trose: getting psyched for Ike: Some photos from my hood while I was running errands. It took me from 4:05pm to 4:40pm to get gas from this Shell station at Richmond and Woodhead.
Photos from Houston as we settle in for the Storm Some photos from Friday morning in Houston Texas on Friday September 12th. The outer bands of Hurricane Ike should be reaching us in an hour or 2.
Ike Evacuations for Gulf Coast Prisoners the weather has become a bigger story than usual for the Texas justice system in 2008. Some private prisons - especially the tent city down in Raymondville created to house immigration detainees - haven't yet gotten over damage from Hurricane Dolly.

UPDATES: Hubris: Galveston Sheriff leaves inmates, deputies, in hurricane's path | From ZNet: Firsthand Account of Haiti's Hurricane Suffering: A Call for Help

Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe and Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Take Direct Hit From Gustav Eyewall

New Orleans06 Sep 2008
Despite the rosy media reports of light damage from Hurricane Gustav, several of southern Lousiana’s coastal Indigenous communities are reeling from a direct hit by Hurricane Gustav’s 115mph winds and large storm surge. Their communities lie in shambles.

The communities of lower Pointe-au-Chien, home of the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe (PACIT), and the Isle de Jean Charles (“The Island”) Band of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Confederation of Muskogees (BCCM) are still trying to assess the severe damage and what it will take to rebuild after Gustav’s devastating winds and storm-surge flooded homes, knocked buildings off their foundations, and decimated the primary source of income in the early season commercial shrimp harvest. The Island is still inaccessible due to prevailing flood waters. Read More: URGENT HELP NEEDED FOR HURRICANE GUSTAV SURVIVORS (the most recent update from community leaders follows this action alert)

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Understanding the developing Braithwaite situation

New Orleans01 Sep 2008
About two hundred residences in the Braithwaite subdivision along Highway 39 at the St. Bernard/Plaquemines Parish boundary southeast of New Orleans were threatened with flooding during the afternoon of Monday, September 1, 2008 as hurricane Gustav came ashore in southern Louisiana. The towns of Braithwaite and Port Nickel were ordered to evacuate. The status of this threat may have subsided somewhat tonight as the Army Corps of Engineers opened gates on the Caernarvon Mississippi River Diversion, thus lowering stress on the overtopped levee. Water in the Mississippi River is currently lower than the levels in the canals.

This article continues to clarify the Braithwaite situation and history... Read full report by ectopia | | | Related: One Day to Gustav | The New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice gains the assurances for safe passage | As Hurricane Gustav Approaches, Blackwater Seeks Personnel to Deploy to Gulf Coast | | | More info available at gustavsolidarity.org and commongroundrelief.org.

Katrina & Gustav : On Remembrances and Anniversaries: Tears for the Gulf Coast & Immediate Concerns

Houston01 Sep 2008
UPDATE: Radical Response to Hurricane Gustav and the RNC: From TC Indymedia and the Indymedia network

I am writing on this day of remembrance and tears, struggle and concerns of the disaster from Katrina in the Gulf Coast of three years ago in 2005. Some of you may be aware there is a hurricane named Gustav that is working its way into the Gulf Of Mexico as we speak. It has already left devastation in its wake upon small Caribbean countries whose people have suffered under Power and now natural disaster. It is predicted to become a category 3 by landfall in the u.s. It is also has indications of heading for the New Orleans area--at this point most likely Morgan City west of NOLA. Of course these are only predictions. But with predictions and memory come concerns.

We of Common Ground Relief are asking that you all remain aware. Aware that the potential for history to repeat in response to disaster or really to anything. Also not forget during this time of remembrances. New Orleans has still not been rebuilt, and the progress is slow. The levees are only 20% completed and millions of dollars over budget. The coastal areas which include First Nation and other small towns and Vietnamese and Cajun fishing villages; these people are still in disrepair and vulnerable due to major wetlands loss of human cause. Read full story | Related: Three Years After Katrina: While Republicans and Democrats Gather and Celebrate, A City Still Searches for Recovery | Prisoners of New Orleans need your help now (Hurricane Gustav)!!! | What is East of New Orleans? | Witness to Scrubbing of Oil-Soaked Birds | Gustav Approaches: Politics and consequences of the storm?

Photo: Katrina Remembered in front of FEMA as Gustav threatens New Orleans from DC's WSQT Guerrilla Radio

Indian shipyard workers accuse their employer of human trafficking and forced labor

New Orleans14 Mar 2008
A year after the Signal strike, Guest Worker organizing continues in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, hundreds of Indian welders and fitters were trafficked to the Gulf Coast. For a hefty fee of $20,000, the recruiters promised the workers good jobs, permanent residency, and a chance to bring their families to the US. Workers sold their homes, took high-interest loans, and plunged their families into debt to pay for the American Dream.

When they arrived they discovered that all of the promises that had been made to them were false. They learned that in fact there were no green cards for them: they would not receive permanent status and they would remain separated from their families. Surely this was better than the way they had lived in India they were told, but many of the workers had worked in several countries and the accommodations here were the worst of all. Read More>>

Saint Bernard Parish to Demolish Hundreds of Homes

New Orleans01 Mar 2008
During the early afternoon of Saturday, February 16th, 2008 residents of Saint Bernard Parish discovered red “X’s” stuck on the doors of their homes. Posted on hundreds of neighborhood homes that by the Saint Bernard Parish Government, the red “X” or Notice and Order of Involuntary Demolition gives residents little hope of being able to reverse the condemnation status of their property. The Notice and Order of Involuntary Demolition states that tagged properties are not in current compliance with Minimum Housing Standards and gives homeowners 10 days (not business days) to appeal the condemnation status of their homes...

It is interesting to note the proposed Florida Expressway that runs the length of the Lower 9th Ward and St. Bernard Parish figures prominently on the 2006 Universal Map, commonly sold within the city of New Orleans. Remembering the drafts of the enlarged industrial canal, flanked by casinos and golf courses, it’s easy to imagine St. Bernard as a bedroom community for affluent urban professionals in the “new” New Orleans... Read More | St. Bernard resident comments on demolition | Notice of Condemnation | related: Defend 'Bork'

Listening to the Homeless

IMC-US01 Jan 2008
From New Orleans IMC -- Three interviews with homeless men beneath the Claiborne Avenue Bridge. Full Report: Homeless Men Talk About the Housing Crisis, Public Housing, and Post-Katrina New Orleans | Related: New Year’s Resolution For Nola: Homeless Unite With Public Housing Residents

From Colorado IMC: On December 16th, the Grand Valley Coalition for the Homeless held its annual ceremony for those who died on the streets during the last year. It was bitter-cold despite the bright sun shine, and three inches of snow blanketed the ground. Dozens of men and women gathered early to get into the soup line, The Red Pill was able to sit down with Wild Man a Grand Junction native who has been on the streets for that last year and half. Full Report: Death on the Streets: Homelessness in the Grand Valley

More coverage of Homeless Memorial Day, 2007: DC | Baltimore | Worcester: 1 | 2 (audio) | Reports from www.nationalhomeless.org | 2006 Roundup | | Related: Santa Cruz Sleeping Ban Struggle Persists as Ryan Coonerty Becomes Mayor | On Being Hawaiian and Homeless

Police Attack Protesters With Mace, Tazers to Keep Them Out of City Hall

New Orleans21 Dec 2007
First locked out of their homes for more than 2 years, and now locked out of the very City Council meeting in which the city’s politicians are set to vote for tearing down their homes, residents and activist today were attacked by police to keep them from entering the City Council chambers. Read More... (photo by fraugg)

Additional Coverage Tasers, Pepper Gas Greet Protesters At City Hall | | images from city council meeting | | Videos

Demolitons and Resistance Begin At B.W. Cooper

New Orleans14 Dec 2007

Public Housing Demolitions Set for December: Call for National Support & Action!

New Orleans19 Nov 2007
Many activists believe New Orleans is a test ground for the US Government to demolish public housing across the nation and replace it with "mixed-income" developments that would displace thousands of families. Pledge to come to New Orleans and resist this privatization of public housing! Read Call for National Support

Past Coverage of the Post-Katrina Public Housing Struggle: Nov14: Movement Unites in New Orleans to Re-Open Public Housing by Evan Casper-Futterman | Rally To Save Public Housing by Michael Steinberg | | | Sept26: HUD Demolitions Draw Noose Tighter Around New Orlean by Bill Quigley (reposted) | | | Sept2: Public Housing Residents Shut Down HUD Offices by various authors | | | June7: HR 1227 Demonstrators at Desire Reopening by Bobbi Walker | | | Feb14: C.J. Peete Public Housing Residents (Temporarily) Reclaim Homes by Common Ground Media | | | Jan21: St. Bernard Residents Cleaning Up Homes Despite HANO's hostility by Anna McRobbie and Logan Price | | | Jan15: Occupation of Public Housing: St. Bernard Update by Matt Olson | | | Aug26, 2006: 9 Arrested in Action to Reopen New Orleans Public Housing by Darwin BondGraham

Related from DN!: The Shock Doctrine: Naomi Klein on the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

New Orleans Public Housing Residents Stage Sit-in at Housing Offices

US-IMC03 Sep 2007
NEW ORLEANS, August 31, 2007 – Public housing residents staged a three hour sit-in this Friday at the New Orleans Public housing office in hopes of meeting with the regional HUD director. Residents displaced from their homes for two years by the Katrina/FEMA disaster are still being denied the right to return to their home. Local authorities responded to the sit-in as if it were a terrorist attack; evacuating the building and militarizing the surrounding two block area with a combined force of local police, SWAT and National Guard troops. When questioned by the residents the authorities gave no explanation for their overreaction. The residents left peacefully after three hours, there were no arrests. Despite this heavy-handed response the residents plan to continue in their struggle for the right to return to their homes. New Orleans IMC Feature

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Comment On the Draft "Policy Recommendations to Support Gulf Coast Housing Recovery"

This article is a critique of a draft proposal by five progressive non-profits providing policy recommendations to the U.S. Congress concerning the promotion of affordable housing in the storm devastated areas of the Gulf Coast. This analysis is the collective work of New Orleans housing activists who have been fighting for affordable housing in the city since Katrina and longer. The main criticism of this analysis is that the proposal of the five non-profits, in general, represents a continuation of the failed private sector driven approach to rebuilding the Gulf Coast begun in 2005 under the direction of the Bush Administration.

Protest at Lafitte Leading Up to DC Visit by Housing Residents

Residents of public housing and supporters gathered in the cold outside of the Lafitte development today rallying against evictions and demolition.

After the Storm: Why New Hampshire Should Dump Unitil

The December ice storm that took out power for millions of people across New England and Upstate New York was the worst ice storm to hit our region in a decade. The aftermath, however, was worse than anything we had to deal with following the last big ice storm back in 1998. Hundreds of thousands of people were without power days after the storm, and thousands of people went over a week without power.The absolute bungling of the response by Unitil management has prompted several towns throughout New England to consider getting rid of Unitil all together and forming their own municipal electric utilities.

Katrina's Hidden Race War

Repost from The Nation; an investigative report supported by the Nation Institute. In Algiers Point, white vigilantes shot African Americans with impunity in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

Turkey Bowl marks the first Thanksgiving on Galveston after Ike

29 Nov 2008
katrina | sports |
The Turkey Bowl is an annual flag football game played in Adoue Park in Galveston's East End every Thanksgiving since the 70's. This past Thursday brought around 50 people to the park, in the first Turkey Bowl since Hurricane Ike. By 10:15 at least 25 people had shown up, we gathered in a circle and shared how many turkey bowl's people had attended. This ranged from many people's first game to more than a couple people who have been to more than 20. Many also shared things they were grateful for, many addressed Hurricane Ike and its impact on their families and careers.

Despite the hardships of damage to property, what was a near universal perception of a slow and inadequate State and Federal response, and the cuts of 3,000 jobs at UTMB (described by some as worse than the hurricane), everyone I spoke too was optimistic about the future of the Island, and role that they would play in it. [Full Story, Photos, and Audio]

Three Years and Sixty Nine Days: Obama's Victory As Seen from New Orleans

New Orleans is ringing with the sounds of celebration. Having endured the brunt and brutality of the Bush administration's neoliberal economic agenda and neoconservative political agenda more heavily than any other community in the United States, the city has begun a party like only this town knows how to throw. The sounds of ship horns along the Mississippi River blasting in jubilation mix with cars honking along the main avenues. Cheers of hooray resonate across the town from victory parties at bars and crowded households.

Indigenous Peoples Day: Southern La. Tribes Hurting from Gustav and Ike

A panel of legal experts, social justice organizers and local indigenous leaders came together to reclaim what is normally "Columbus Day" just a month after another hurricane pummeled southern Louisiana tribes. Read More with Audio

Galveston's public housing residents ordered out with nowhere to go

Residents of Galveston's storm-devastated public housing projects were ordered to clear their belongings out by Friday September 27th -- but they're still waiting for answers about where they're supposed to go.Many of the residents never signed a lease, and there's concern they might not quality for federal assistance. In order to stay in a hotel paid for by FEMA, the agency requires a credit card -- but many residents don't have one.

Galveston Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas testified before Congress this week about her city's needs, but she did not discuss public housing in her prepared statement. Also this week, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Federal Emergency Management Agency announced an 18-month housing assistance plan for families displaced by Ike, but it's not slated to begin until November. [read full article]

From Comments: A friend who has family on Galveston Island contacted me this evening. She said the City of Galveston was threatening to bulldoze homes below a certain value REGARDLESS OF DAMAGE and had given poor residents until Friday (Oct 3rd) to remove their belongings. She stated that the poorest residents of Galveston were bused the farthest away and many have no way of returing to claim their belongings by the deadline.

More on Housing and development in the gulf:Texas Housers Blog sez A New Orleans obituary has lessons for Galveston and Lessons from Kartina and Rita about rebuilding permanent housing for low income hurricane survivors | Texas Observer on Development on Galveston

Street Medics Illegally Detained and Harassed by FEMA in Hurricane Relief Campaign

27 Sep 2008
health | katrina |
by Petros Evdokas, Portland Street Medics member

You might be aware of the situation that evolved on Sunday, September 21st during which a mission of volunteer Street Medics from Colorado arrived in Galveston, Texas, to provide free medical care to the communities struck by the hurricanes. The mission was oriented with a special interest to address the needs of indigenous, poor and undocumented people whose needs are in general ignored by "official" rescue operations. Also, these are communities of people who often have good have reasons to avoid or hide from such "rescue" operations, especially if they are occurring under martial law and in conjunction with immigration Police. read more

Galveston reopens for residents, Reports from the Island

25 Sep 2008
katrina |
Today, the City of Galveston began to allow residents of the East End behind the seawall to return to the island. There is still a 12 hour curfew from 6am to 6pm, violators are facing a 2,000 Dollar fine. On September 11th, Galveston mayor Lyda Ann Thomas issued a mandatory evacuation order for people to leave before the arrival of Hurricane Ike, and more than 40,000 people fled before the storm. The damage to Galveston was extensive and still not fully understood, Mayor Thomas has requested 2.3 billion dollars of emergency assistance from the US Senate.

Houston Indymedia Volunteers Katie and Rachel made it on to Galveston island on Saturday September 20th and did a number of interviews with people, listen up to their coverage: Galveston Residents Ride Ike Out | Katrina to Ike | Libertarian Prepares to Return Home | BOI (Born on the Island) of Galveston | Toxic Floodwaters From Ike

Other Galveston Content from the open publishing newswire: Matt Stanford of Galveston talks about the impact of Ike on working class black community | Street Medics Harassed by Police & FEMA during Hurricane Ike Relief [Update]
Pictured: Galveston resident Bob Wilkens, burned by toxic floodwaters

Street Medics Harassed by Police & FEMA during Hurricane Ike Relief

24 Sep 2008
health | katrina |
Sept. 22, 2008 — Yesterday on Galveston Island in Texas three street medics were harassed and threatened by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and local police agencies while working on hurricane Ike relief efforts. read more

Instead of a Radio Show.. An Indymedia Montage of Voices from Across Houston

Seven days since Ike struck many people in the area still struggle to get their lives back on track. This 20 minute montage contains voices from downtown Houston, Galveston, city and federal officials, local shop owners, and homeless just to name a few. Listen Up!.

This was produced for the Houston Indymedia Radio Show, every Friday on Pasifica station KPFT 90.1fm. KPFT went off the air Friday just before Ike reached Houston and is still down. General Manager Duane Bradley sent out this report: KPFT Status Report - Still off the air and Chief Engineer Steve Brightwell sent out this more technical report about the obstacles to getting Radio for Peace back on the air: Tech update from KPFT - trying to get back on air by hook or crook.

Galveston after Ike: The Real Story - A Libertarian take

Since Hurricane Ike made landfall, Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas, City Manager Steve LeBlanc, and County Judge Jim Yarbrough are ruling the Galveston area as if it were a totalitarian dictatorship. Citizens are not allowed to make decisions that are essential to their future because of the current level of paternalism. These politicians do not seem to believe that the citizens of Galveston County are able to make these decisions on their own, and are either refusing to allow people back on the island or are threatening to physically remove people from Bolivar Peninsula. To support their views, they have been providing the mainstream media with quite a bit of misinformation about Hurricane Ike and Galveston Island.

Those who are politically connected and their work crews are being all to access the island and to start repairs. The Stork Club, a bar owned by Guy Taylor Jr., and Buchanan Gallery, owned by Kathryn Buchanan, are examples of businesses that have crews cleaning and repairing them. Although I am a supporter of the arts, an art gallery is not an essential business. Those who are not politically connected are not allowed on the island. They are told that no one is allowed. [read the full article]

Update: A civil disobedience action is planned by Galveston residents who want access to their homes. We are planning to caravan to Galveston and disobey the police when they tell us that we cannot have access to our homes.
Where: Meet at the Walmart parking lot at El Dorado
When:Saturday, Sept. 20 at 10am
Why: There are numerous reasons. Here are a few
Update pt 2: Bailbondsmen not allowed in Galveston???

Food Not Bombs: Still Serving, Help Needed

Food Not Bombs was in effect Sunday September 14th, for the first meal after the storm. About 21 people ate beans, tomato sandwiches, watermelon, bagels, and fruit. They are calling for people to come help since fewer people have access to food or stoves, and there could potentially be an upsurge in hungry people arriving to eat. Come bring vegetarian food, help serve, help clean dishes, offer your stove.

Houston Food Not Bombs says on their website: "We share free food with the hungry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:PM and Sunday 7pm on the ledge on the corner of the sidewalk in front of the Library at Smith and McKinney." more photos

Martial Law? Curfew 9pm - 6am

The curfew will last from 9 PM to 6 AM till next Saturday throughout the City of Houston. Post your thoughts about it here

Some thoughts from the chat so far: kim pickens said "FEMA not keeping their word? Wow! Never seen that before." Ariel says: "i really wonder what harold hurtt plans on doing to those who decide to walk outside at 9:15." wallis parcell said: "And we are not any safer. Same person who headed the Katrina fiasco." violator said: "I violated the heck out of that curfew last night with no hassles..."

Rent Justice for Gustav Evacuees

As this hurricane fell at the end of August and the beginning of September, many returning evacuees are faced with mounting bills from landlords and utility companies after footing the cost of at least 4 days of evacuation. The financial hardship for many is unbearable. Attached is a drafted tenants agreement that tenants can present to their landlords to strike agreements to defer rent payment for a reasonable amount of time.

CALL TO ACT: Gustav Impact on Louisiana and Haiti

Hurricane Gustav killed 18 people in Louisiana and displaced 1.9 million. Over 800,000 homes are without electricity. In Haiti, Gustav killed 77 with another 8 missing and damaged nearly 15,000 homes. Tropical storm Hanna, which closely followed Gustav, killed at least another 60 people. Tens of thousands of people have sought safety on rooftops and temporary shelters.

Allegations police brutality and inhumane conditions in state shelters

Evacuees in Shreveport area state-run shelters are reporting inhumane conditions and at least one incident of police brutality. Allegations police b...

They aren't taking it lying down, but evacuees have more than their hands full with police oppression, brutality, and inhumane conditions.

Here is a video of an evacuee protest today in Shreveport (Thursday, September 4th, 2008), video by the Shreveport Times. Just look to the right of the article and the video is there.

INCITE Update on Needs for Evacuation

Your assistance is urgently needed to help the low-income women of color and their families evacuate safely if need be, stay safe for the duration of the evacuation, and return to the city as soon as possible so as not to fall prey to the pushout that has kept so many folks from being able to return to New Orleans since Katrina.

Bay Area Katrina Commemoration

On August 29th, more than two-hundred Bay Area residents demonstrated outside of developer Lennar Corp.'s Headquarters in San Francisco and then headed to Oakland to rally in front of the Oakland Police Department (OPD). The local chapter of the Right to the City Alliance, a national coalition of more than 35 social justice organizations, along with allies and supporters, aimed to bring attention to rouge developers, gentrification and criminalization of communities of color from the Bay Area to New Orleans.

Katrina archive >>>