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May 01 2010
May Day Checkpoints / Retenes del Día de Trabajo (30/apr-1/may/2010)

Como siempre cuando hay mobilizaciones de obreros y obreras, las fuerzas represivas del estado salen a suprimirlas. Les urgimos mucha precaución en lo que salen manejando, y aunque es necesario manifestar nuestro descontento, lo hay que hacer con cautela, siempre echando un ojo a las agencias del llamado "orden público." As always when there are workers' mobilizations, the repressive forces of the state come out to supress them. We urge you caution as you drive, and although it is necessary to manifest our discontent, we must do it very carefully and always with an eye on so-called "law enforcement" agencias.

May 02 2010
photos/video May Day Boston Rally-March

Boston Common-May 1, 2010: Over a thousand people turned out for May Day in Boston.

May 05 2010
Mayday!!! 8,000 March in Tucson, 10,000 in Phoenix

Flagstaff City Council votes to sue state over SB1070, UofA students organize rally for tomorrow; resistance is growing across the state

On Saturday, May 1 more than 8,000 people marched in Tucson against SB1070 and a suite of racist, anti-immigrant and anti-worker laws in the state of Arizona (photos: 1, 2). In Phoenix, as many as 10,000 marched to the (recently privatized) State Capitol.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, May 4th the Flagstaff City Council voted unanimously to take legal action against the state over SB1070. Pima Couny Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has stated he will not enforce the law, and both the cities of Tucson and Phoenix are considering their own lawsuits.

May 06 2010
New Collaborations, Responses to SB1070 Mark 2010 May Day Demonstrations

From LA-IMC: May 1, 2010: The air was electrified by a presence not felt since the Gran Marcha of 2006. Tens of thousands marched through downtown Los Angeles in solidarity with Arizona's victims of a new law that effectively legalizes racial profiling. The new Arizona law has been denounced by President Obama, DHS Head Janet Nopalitano, the Mayor of Phoenix, the Sheriff of Pima County (Arizona), and even some Republicans who see it as draconian legislation. Demonstrations were held nationwide and cities throughout the nation are reporting sizable turnouts. Read more with photos

From Rochester IMC: "Today is the day the world celebrates the struggle of workers who won the 8 hour work day. Its a Holiday that started here in America and is celebrated all over the world, except for in America. They took it away from us years ago because it was too scary and too dangerous and we asked too many questions. The last few years in cities around the country workers have been fighting to bring it back, for Immigration Reform, for workers rights, for all the things that we fight for to make our lives better." Read more with video

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May 08 2010
May Day March for Dignity and Rights for all floods Southwest Houston

By SDS Media Team, published to the open publishing newswire: SDS at UH was able to mobilize a small number of students for UH to join the march for dignity and justice for all, where more than 6,000 people that took to the streets to celebrate mayday and demand immigrant rights, worker rights and comprehensive immigration reform. We participated and lead chants including "Education, Not Deportation", and "Helado Si! Migra No!" and On Thursday we screened Despierta Gigante! Giant Awake! as part of an effort to get UH students thinking about the immigrant rights movement.

The strong turn out this year is certainly influenced by the repressive and racist SB1070 legislation that was passed in Arizona, and reawakened immigrant rights activism across the country that has not been seen since the mass mobilizations in 2006 against HR4437. We are excited about the end of our semester and looking forward to pushing for immigrant rights over the summer and in the upcoming semester. [full article with photos]

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May 08 2010
The Santa Cruz May Day Riot

On the night of Saturday, May 1st, May Day, there was a dance party to mark International Workers' Day, which began at the clock tower in downtown Santa Cruz. During the event, around 250 people roved through the streets in a mixture of dancing, partying and protesting. A smaller number of people, some wearing masks or bandanas on their face, carried torches, spray painted graffiti, broke windows at an estimated 18 downtown businesses, and caused an estimated $100,000 in damage. In addition, a squad car of a cop who responded was reportedly pelted with rocks, surrounded, and paint was poured on the hood.

May 08 2010
May Day 2010 -- Photos from Southern Oregon

Southern Oregonians participated in a May Day Caravan for Immigration Reform which started in Ashland and traveled north to Medford...

Here are some photos taken from the Bi-Mart parking lot in Ashland where the caravan originated and there are a few photos after we hit the road...

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May 09 2010
FIght to Survive May Day Demonstration Video

A short video of May Day's Right to Survive action, including interviews explaining the event. Enjoy!

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May 09 2010
VIDEO: May Day 2010 - footage from Portland's protest

These are videos from the Portland protest march and speeches on May Day

Over 5,000 people attended this event Non Violent - Family Friendly - No Robo Cops

[Click the READ MORE Link below for a list of videos.]

May 21 2010
Chicago turns out in force for May Day protests

The annual Chicago May Day protests and marches, an annual tradition going back to 1886 with its connections to workers' struggles and immigrant rights, returned resoundingly in 2010. Participants this year highlighted, galvanized by a number of factors including frustration over inaction by the Obama Administration (despite campaign promises of solidarity) and fury over the controversial SB 1070 law in Arizona mandating racial profiling in that state.

Video coverage: May Day March Video | The Sights and Sounds of May Day 2010

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