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Nov 18 2011
Tristan Anderson's Civil Trial Against Israeli Military Begins

On November 17th, a Jerusalem civil court convene[d] regarding the case of Tristan Anderson, an international solidarity activist from Oakland, California, wounded in March 2009 when he was shot in the head by Israeli border police in Ni'ilin, Palestine. [Anderson] survived the attack on his life, but has been left paralyzed on one side of his body and with significant damage to his brain. To date, no one has been charged with any crime whatsoever related to the shooting.

Supporters write: "We demand that the State answer for the unprovoked attack on our friend, and we maintain that Tristan's shooting was not an isolated incident but part of a pattern of deadly and illegal violence being used against protesters in Palestine."

Oct 24 2011
Boston Palestine Film Festival Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The Boston Palestine Film Festival (BPFF), co-presented with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. From October 21-30, BPFF will screen over 50 Palestine-related films by Palestinian, American, Israeli, and international filmmakers at the MFA and other venues across the city. The festival also features three live music shows as well as panel discussions with distinguished, invited guests. The festival opens this Friday, Oct. 21st at 6:30pm at the MFA with the screening of the highly acclaimed 2009 Cannes Selection,The Time That Remains (2009), by Elia Suleiman. The director will also be in attendance. Read More | bostonpalestinefilmfest.org

Oct 12 2011
“Tahrir is Here!” on Wall street Occupation, Arabs and more...

"For the first time in more than 20 years, I am hopeful", says a seasonned Arab journalist.

Whoever thought the Arab people today would inspire an American democratic movement?

Oct 10 2011
Jeff Halper Speaks on Israel and Palestine: Where Are We Headed?

On Friday, October 14th, Jeff Halper, director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD), will be speaking at UC Berkeley. Halper, who has been arrested many times for his nonviolent direct action against house demolition, is the author of three books and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Aug 21 2011
Dignity Delegation to Libya with Cynthia McKinney

On July 24th 2011, at The Shrine of the Black Madonna in Atlanta, GA, Cynthia McKinney's "Dignity Delegation" panel spoke out against the ongoing NATO led war against Libya and the Gaddafi regime. Read More & VIDEO CLIPS

Aug 16 2011
New York Times Opposition to Palestinian Self-Determination

In September, when the General Assembly meets (beginning 9/13), Palestinians will seek de jure UN membership. Unless current policy changes, it will ask for official recognition as an independent sovereign state. Currently, it has Observer State Status only, denying its right to vote.

Israel opposes recognition. So does Obama, both Houses of Congress, and The New York Times.

Aug 09 2011
Chicago Federal Court Rejects Rumsfeld’s Attempt to Dismiss Torture Suit

CHICAGO, August 8, 2011 ― A federal appeals court today rejected former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s attempt to dismiss an anti-torture suit against him. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Federal Judge Wayne R. Anderson’s March 2010 decision to allow the suit over Rumsfeld’s orders which allegedly led to the 2006 torture of two military contractors, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, U.S. citizens who were working in Iraq. The Appeals Court is now the highest court to have upheld the right of citizens to pursue an anti-torture claim against a federal Cabinet-level official.

Past Chicago Indymedia Coverage: Chicagoan Tortured and Imprisoned Without Charges by U.S. Forces in Baghdad | Court Allows Torture Suit Against Former Defense Sec't Rumsfeld

Other coverage: Interview on Current TV with Donald Vance | Part 2 of Vance Interview

Jul 23 2011
Protest over the role played by TIAA-CREF in the Israeli occupation of Palestine

Protesters discussed the role of investments in the Israeli occupation in Palestine in 100 degree heat.

A group of us gathered in front of the TIAA-CREF offices at lunchtime on Tuesday. TIAA-CREF enables Israel's occupation of Palestine by investing in companies that do business with Israel Various people from the building walked through our line, but many of the lunch-goers stopped. listened and took a flyer. Read more & pics

Related from NYC-IMC: New Yorkers demand retirement-fund TIAA-CREF divest from Israeli occupation

May 21 2011
Palestinians and Allies Mark the Nakba Across the Globe

Nakba Commemoration, San Francisco May 15th marked 63 years since the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe). In 1948, more than 750,000 Palestinians were permanently displaced, with more than 500 Palestinian villages depopulated and destroyed. In San Francisco, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and across the globe, Palestinians and solidarity activists commemorated the Nakba. In the West Bank and Gaza, thousands took to the streets to demand an end the occupation. Israel forces responded with live gunfire killing at least 16 protesters and injuring hundreds.

Across the West Bank and Gaza, thousands took to the street to commemorate al Nakba and demand an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Marches by Palestinian refugees to the Israeli border in Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria resulted in instances of protesters breaching the international borders. Israel forces responded with live gunfire resulting in at least 16 protesters being killed, as well as hundreds injured. Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have called for investigations into the Nakba killings.

Coverage of US Protests: San Francisco (Photos) | Boston | Philadelphia | | | See Also: This Week in Palestine, May 20th | Solidarity with Palestine | Commemorating Palestine's Nakba | This Week in Palestine, May 13th

May 20 2011
March and Rally in Solidarity With the Third Intifada

Nearly 100 protesters gathered [on Sunday] afternoon in front of 20 Park Plaza, home of Boston's Israeli consulate, to express solidarity with the third intifada against the occupation of Palestine. The protest was called by Palestinian activists and local anarchists. Protesters held a variety of signs, banners and Palestinian flags, including one so large that it required eight people to hold it off the ground.

Apr 08 2011
NYC Boycott Israel group posts silent video after YouTube removes original

After receiving over 30,000 views in just two days, a video of New York human rights activists commemorating Palestinian Land Day by calling on Americans to boycott Israel was taken down on the evening of April 1st by YouTube. Today, Adalah-NY posted a silent version of the video on YouTube. In the video, originally posted on March 30, more than 30 dancers accompanied by the Rude Mechanical Orchestra surprised crowds at New York's bustling Grand Central Terminal with an unannounced song and dance.

Reposted silent flash mob video | YouTube notification of removal of original video due to "copyright claim"

Feb 23 2011
Video: Libre Libya-Portland Solidarity Rally

Portland Rally supporting the people of Libyan in their efforts to establish a more democratic government. The present leader, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, also known simply as Colonel Gaddafi, has been the de facto leader of Libya since a coup in 1969. People gathered on the steps at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland chanting patriotic and anti Gadaffi slogans, periodically marching around the perimeter of Pioneer Square. The chants demonstrated the anger of the people against their dictator, whose reign has seen a decline in the economic fortunes of the country, despite being a major oil producer. "One, two, three, Libya will be free;" "No more fear, that's why we're here;" "Down, down, with the butcher."

Read More & Pics | Video by PhilosopherSeed | Video by Joe Anybody

Feb 12 2011
Celebrating People's Power in Egypt

They did it! They won! The people of Egypt showed the rest of the world what people can do when they use their power and don't give up. With incredible courage and solidarity, they succeeded in getting rid of a hated tyrant and a corrupt government, which had tried to crush them for the past 30 years. The triumph of the people of Egypt makes all of us who stand for freedom and justice happy! We share their joy and celebrate their tremendous victory. They have made history that will inspire millions around the world for a very long time. Read More & Pics | Related Video Post

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Past IMC-US Feature Solidarity Builds for Egyptian Struggle

Jan 19 2011
KPFT "Retools" of Voice of Pece - BDS Proposal emerges

From the open publishing newswire: A victory was won in getting the Israeli consulate off KPFT. The replacement that ran this week (listen) was hosted by Michael Duke, the associate editor of the Jewish Herald Voice. The show he produced wasn't about the local Jewish community, wasn't about Jewish culture, or events, it was again Israeli propaganda. It failed to talk about peace related issues, but instead co-opted the word "peace," describing as a "peace-initiative" the new cleaned up Jesus Trail which allows tourists to Israel to see bird routes and expansive vistas. Like the last show produced by the Israeli consulate, the purpose of the show was promoting Israel and tourism to Israel. [Read the full article]

The KPFT BDS Ad Hoc Committee is a group of KPFT listeners and activists united to push for KPFT to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. We are organizing for KPFT to pass our proposal supporting BDS. [Read Full article]

Statement of KPFT management on "re-tooling" of Voice of Peace | KPFT BDS Ad Hoc Committee | Illustration: Shelby/FPH

from the open publishing newswire...