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Mar 03 2008
Miami Edison Senior High: Students Protest and Police Riot

Miami and Miami-Dade School police are rioting against students of Edison Senior High School on the morning of Friday, February 29th. The story is all over local and national news, but is being skewed against the students. Here is the real deal... Read More

Mar 04 2008
World Can't Wait Arrestees Win!

On 5 October 2006, 10 responsible citizens were arrested in the World Can't Wait protest. That day they protested against the war and against Bush in a world that soon would no longer be dominated by republicans. In December '06, Ryan Dunn won his jury trial with Leah Greenwald providing the legal heroics. Civil disobedience protesters often win their jury trials in this county because the community does not support police behavior, and DA prosecution, of civil disobedience protesters.

Today was the first day of trial for most of the remaining group of 9 arrestees. The state told the court it had enough witnesses for this trial to last 3 WEEKS! But this morning, Spencer Hahn argued on behalf of all arrestees that the court and the State of Oregon had denied all defendants their Speedy Trial rights. Judge Philbrook heard all argument from the DA against the motion, heard arguments from other defense lawyers supporting it, and carefully considered all evidence relevant to the speedy trial motion. After carefully considering all the evidence, J. Philbrook ruled that the cases against the defendants should be dismissed!!!!

Mar 05 2008
Miami youth to RALLY for Restorative Justice at School Police Hdq re: Student arrests

On Wednesday March 5th, 4:00pm Power U youth and youth from Edison Senior High School will join together in front of the Miami Dade School Police Department at 6100 NW 2nd Avenue to protest the unfair arrests that happened Friday February 29th at Miami Edison, and to demand a completed feasibility study for Restorative Justice that was promised in January. This study and indecisive administration stand in the way of implementing Restorative Justice in schools.

Mar 05 2008
Black Riders Demand Release of the LA-3, Court Hearing this Thursday

LOS ANGELES, March 4, 2008 - Members of the BlackRiders Liberation Party and their supporters held a press conference today in Leimert Park. Only three media outlets attended: KPFK, LA Indymedia and a reporter for the Final Call. No other media was present.

The BlackRiders are calling for the immediate release of three of their members who are currently being held on charges of conspiring to acquire automatic weapons, a charge they claim has been fabricated by the police. The court has set bail at one million dollars.

The BlackRiders are asking that supporters come to the hearing this Thursday, March 6th at the downtown courthouse located at Temple & Broadway, 15th floor, Division 131 to show support. From the Newswire: Report back from the BlackRiders press conference | | Audio: BlackRiders’ Demands | | Interview with Attorney for the BlackRiders

- Past feature: Black Riders held on million dollars bail each

Mar 08 2008
MOVE 9 Parole Hearings Set For April

Almost 30 years after the Aug. 8, 1978 confrontation in Philadelphia, the eight remaining "MOVE 9" prisoners are now eligible for parole (see Philadelphia Inquirer and Metro articles). In early April, they will be interviewed by the Parole Board. With the hearings just weeks away, MOVE is asking for support by contacting the Parole Board and signing the online petition (already signed by Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky) . A new video series features interviews with MOVE members Ramona Africa (the sole adult survivor of the May 13, 1985 police bombing of MOVE headquarters) and Mike Africa Jr. (the son of MOVE 9 prisoners Debbie and Mike Sr.).

In a recent interview, veteran Philadelphia journalist Linn Washington Jr. cites his sources in the police department who told him that Officer James Ramp was actually shot by police gunfire, and not MOVE. Hear the short audio clips: Was Officer Ramp Killed By Police Gunfire?; The Illegal Destruction of MOVE's House; Manipulation of Evidence and Media Bias; Ed Rendell and Prison Guard Violence Against MOVE; Unfair Parole Stipulations; and May 13, 1985.

RELATED: Ona Move Newsletter II Ramona Africa in Harrisburg II MOVE documentary II MOVE 9 Parole Blog II MOVE's website

Mar 11 2008
Cincinnati "Green Scare" Arrest

At approximately 11:38 AM est. [3/10/08] long time environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was arrested by federal agents. At the same time at a separate location Agents from the FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and Cincinnati Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant on Marie's home, detaining Marie's 16 year old daughter for close to an hour before releasing her. Agents left with several boxes full of items from Marie's home as well as a computer. Roughly two months ago, Marie and her daughter were detained at gun point in their front lawn after discovering a plainclothes officer from Cincinnati's Police Dept. Intelligence Unit planting a GPS tracker on her car (See more). This represents the latest in a long and escalating line of harassment by the agents of the state. At the time of writing, she is being transported by Federal Agents to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is unknown at this time what charges Marie is facing. Read More>> | More on greenisthenewred.com | More Photos | midwestgreenscare.org

Mar 12 2008
Chicago Peace Activists Win Key Legal Victory Over 2003 Protest

Efforts and struggles continue in court over the legendary 2003 Chicago peace protest on Lake Shore Drive and the subsequent repressive police response. On March 10, activists and National Lawyers Guild attorneys won another key victory when a Chicago federal judge rejected a class action request in a City of Chicago countersuit against hundreds of peace activists.

Quoting a newswire post: "In response to a class action suit brought by hundreds of anti-war protesters who were illegally arrested that night, the City of Chicago took the unusual step of counter-suing against the demonstrators."

An attempt to have the counterclaim dismissed was itself dismissed, but U.S. District Judge Virginia M. Kendall dismissed the class action request in the countersuit. The city claimed that activists were "liable for the expenses incurred by the city in responding to such alleged legal violations as failing to obtain a permit for the march, obstructing traffic and jaywalking.".

This setback marks the latest in a series of legal setbacks by the city and the police efforts in the wake of the 2003 protests. All charges against protesters were dismissed, and a lawsuit against the city by some 500 peace protesters itself won class-action status. Read more

Additional Resources: Chicago Free Speech Zone Coverage | National Lawyers Guild - Chicago chapter | The Emmy nominated film: "Where We Stood - Chicago's Resistance Against The War In Iraq", 2, 3

Mar 20 2008
Douglass Park Police Brutality Case set for March 25

From the IMC Newsroom

URBANA- Pre-trial motions were heard yesterday in the case against Brian Chesley, a Champaign teenager who was 17 last March 30, when 4 Champaign Police officers; patrol officers Shannon Bridges, Justus Clinton, Andre Davis, and Sgt. David Griffet, beat and pepper sprayed Chesley, sending the youth to the hospital after a police stop in Douglass Park. Circuit Court Judge John Kennedy ruled on six defense pre-trial motions and two pre-trial motions filed by the state and has set the jury trial for next Tuesday, March 25, at 9:00 a.m. in Courtroom E. read more

Mar 23 2008
Olympia SDSer Arrested!

Free Forrest Student!

On Tuesday, March 18, local activist Forrest Student and member of SDS at The Evergreen State College in Olympia was targeted by Officer Perez of the Evergreen Police. Perez has a history of harassing and abusing students and other people on campus. When Perez approached him and started questioning him, the person said he had the right to have an attorney present and because of that, Perez arrested him for obstruction. Forrest continued in his refusal, demanding an attorney while in jail and at his arraignment. In response his charges were increased to misdemeanor criminal mischief. The judge refused to set bail and Forrest is still sitting in jail. He will not be released until he appears before a judge, which at the earliest will be on Friday.

Mar 23 2008
Denver Activists Hunt and Map Out New Surveillance Cameras

On a brisk Saturday afternoon, activists from the Denver area gathered together on Easter weekend for a non-traditional hunt. Instead of seeking out eggs, the participants were in search of the surveillance cameras dotting downtown Denver. The activity was organized by local Democratic National Convention protest group Re-create '68 in response to the recent move by the Denver Police Department to install 20-something new high-tech surveillance cameras in the downtown area. read more

Mar 24 2008
NYPD caught on tv beating up Tibet protestors in NY

NYPD look just like viscious Chinese goon squad - busting up a free Tibet protest in New York.

Mar 25 2008

Sheriff's Office Employs Racial Profiling to Arrest Motorists; Protests Held Outside Maricopa County Jail

3/24/08—For the second evening in a row, the Sheriff's Office is saturating an area of Phoenix in order to pull over and arrest as many undocumented immigrants as they can. Last night and tonight, the MCSO set up a large area in the parking lot of Big Lots on Thomas with a command unit, stadium lights, and other large vehicles. Although they will say that they are only pulling over people committing crimes such as traffic violations, it can't be more blatant that they are going after specific people... Read More>> | Past Coverage: Maricopa County Sherrif's Office Conducts Good Friday Immigration Raids

Mar 25 2008

WHEN: Wednesday, March 26th – 8:30 am
WHERE: 210 W. Temple St. Downtown Los Angeles, Courtroom: Division 131


Mar 27 2008
New Trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal is Denied; Protests on Friday

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal. The court has called for a sentencing hearing that would result in either an execution or life in prison without parole; the hearing will be scheduled within 180 days. A San Francisco demonstration and press conference has been called for 5:00 pm at the federal courthouse at 7th and Mission on Friday, March 28th. In Oakland, protesters will gather at 14th and Broadway from 4:30-6:30 pm on Friday. National protests are scheduled for April 19th in San Francisco and in Philadelphia on April 26th.

Mar 28 2008
Police Detain, Question, and Photograph Bicyclist in Capitola

Bicicleta Bandito writes, "Felipe explains that the police had initially pulled him over for riding his bike incorrectly but then started asking him where he's going (home), where he's coming from (soccer practice), if he's in a gang (no), and then take his picture. He points out that his street is the next block over and that it makes little sense to cross 30-40 feet of pavement just to cross back in a couple of seconds. He also points out that he's seen little girls riding their bikes the way he has and asks me if I think the police would have pulled them over."

Mar 28 2008
Third Circuit Court Rules Against a New Guilt-Phase Trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal!

While ruling against the three issues that could have led to a new guilt-phase trial, the court affirmed Judge Yohn's 2001 decision overturning the death sentence. If the District Attorney wants to re-instate the death sentence, the DA must call for a new penalty-phase jury trial that would be limited to the question of life in prison without a chance of parole or a death sentence. See lead attorney Robert R. Bryan's response, and articles by the Philadelphia Inquirer (w/ special archive page), David Lindorff, and The German Network Against the Death Penalty and to Free Mumia.

Protest actions are planned for Friday, March 28, in New York City, and San Francisco. In Philadelphia a press conference and emergency planning meeting are scheduled for Monday, March 31, as well as a mass demonstration on April 19, the Saturday before the Presidential Primary Election in Pennsylvania. For the latest updates, go to FreeMumia.com.

Abu-Jamal's friends, The MOVE 9, have parole interviews in early April. At a PA State Capitol press conference this week (WATCH VIDEOS), supporters publicized the campaign to contact the Parole Board and sign an online petition. Indybay Feature | DC-IMC Feature | Abu-Jamal-News.com

UPDATES: Statement from Pam Africa regarding Court Decision and April 19 Philly Demonstration | "This Is No Victory"—Analysis by Linn Washington, Jr. | Statement by lead attorney Robert R. Bryan | Statement by the National Lawyers Guild Statement by the Internationalist Group VIDEO: Mumia press conference at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia | AUDIO: George Cadman interviews Robert Bryan

Emergency Demo Reports: Worldwide Roundup New York | Oakland Los Angeles | San Francisco: Report, Audio | Seattle

Mar 29 2008
To Snitch or Not To Snitch: The View From The Other Side

I decided to write this article in response to the endless criticism that is being directed against the “Stop Snitching” movement by critics claiming that Hip Hop is responsible for the “Stop Snitching” movement and the “Us vs. Them” mentality youth of color have towards law enforcement agencies. As a former gang member and street combatant of the drug wars that dominated the streets of Philly in the late 80’s and a member of the generation that came of age listening to Hip Hop I believe I am qualified to offer a frontline perspective from the other side of the issue, especially as one who was sentenced to life without parole as a juvenile because of the testimony of a snitch co-defendant that was close to 10 years older than I.

Mar 30 2008
KBOO interviews Joe Anybody about camera taken by police

"Independent Media Under Attack" ... is the audio from KBOO 90.7 community radio and video from the event that caused police to take camera from me ... an Independent Videographer here in portland. This interview with KBOO 90.7fm is in my own words, the video is my own tape I share this with my community in hopes of raising awareness and in gaining support As I push for peace and justice and a free press that is not intimidated in our city.

[ Read More | Walk Out part 10 "The Roadblock" | Video Journalist Joe Anybody Has Camera Taken By Police | http://www.joe-anybody.com/id1.html ]

Mar 31 2008
Public Housing Protestors from City Council "Riot" Convicted

Six of the protestors arrested at the public housing demonstration outside of city council on December 20, 2007 were convicted of disturbing the peace on Wednesday morning in Orleans Parish Criminal Court. Judge Paul Sens sentenced each protestor to community service, though the conviction, if upheld after appeal, will appear as a misdemeanor on their record. Read More>>

Mar 31 2008
Voices of the Innocent: a documentary play from exonerated people

This is the story of four men who spent time on death row and who, after protesting their innocence and making legal injunctions and appeals to that end, were exonerated. All four discuss the process of being arrested, sentenced by a jury often not of their peers, the psychology of time in jail and on death row and having to adjust back to "the outside" for a crime they never committed.

Apr 01 2008
I Need Your Help

Elizabeth is an activist. She’s been organizing feedings for the homeless on weekends for years, but she did not participate at that or at any other time in any kind of robbery to get the food for the feedings. The action against Whole Foods occurred over the weekend activists from all over were in town for the World Bank IMF protests. The police were closely monitoring protest activity that weekend, as a police officer has testified. On the eve of the October 22nd No War No Warming actions, she was arrested off the street by undercover officers in an unmarked police vehicle. The unit of the MPD that monitors protest activity had mistaken her for a woman who drove a getaway from a group shoplifting excursion that occurred at a DC Whole Foods Market earlier that day. Fundraiser: April 8th - 7:00 p.m. Bobby Fisher Memorial Bldg, 1644 North Capitol St. NW

Apr 01 2008
Fry and Shafer Released on Bail Pending Appeal

On March 19th, Dr. Marion "Mollie" Fry and Dale Schafer walked out of a US Court in Sacramento free on bail pending appeal after being sentenced to a five-year mandatory minimum for conspiracy to cultivate and dispense medical cannabis. US District Judge Frank Damrell deplored the sentence as a "tragedy" that should "never have happened." Judge Damrell released the defendants on bail. Doctor Fry has stopped writing medical cannabis recommendations as a condition for release.

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