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Mar 02 2007

February, 2007, has seen an escalation in tactics by peace activists in the United States. Grassroots citizen groups all over the country have organized strategically occupy the offices of Congressional politicians who are either tacitly or explicitly supporting the war on Iraq. Activists want their representatives and senators to agree to vote against George Bush's request of $93,000,000,000 to extend the war. Voices for Creative Nonviolence: The Occupation Project | Code Pink's Occupation Project Page | Report on Project Occupation Launch from Counterpunch

Local Action Reports:
» Feb5: Sen Gordon Smith's Portland Office
» Feb5: Senator John McCain's DC Office
» Feb6: Sen Patty Murray's Seattle Office
» Feb8: Rep Mike Honda's South Bay, CA, Office
» Feb9: Rep Russ Carnahan's St. Louis Office
» Feb16: Sen Barbara Mikulski DC Office
» Feb16: Rep Sam Farr's Santa Cruz Office
» Feb19: Sen Richard Durbin's Chicago Office
» Feb19-25: Austin Actions -- Rep Doggett, Rep McCaul, Rep Carter and Sen John Cornyn
» Feb28: Sen John Kerry's Boston Office

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local and national features

Jun 21 2009
Protesters in Tel Aviv Call for an end to 42 Years of Israeli Occupation

On, Saturday, June 6, hundreds came to the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, to protest 42 years of an ongoing occupation of the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and Gaza since the Six Days War in 1967. Organized by the Communist Party of Israel (Hadash), protesters held signs calling to end the clocked and bombardment of Gaza and for a just peace.

Dec 15 2007
VIDEO-Angry and Worried Constituents Converge on Congressman's Office

MoveOn members and others converged on the office of Congressman Norm Dicks to deliver thousands of petitions opposing a Bush-led war with Iran. The activists ask Dicks to end the war in Iraq and impeach Bush.

Aug 09 2007
Anti-war Protesters Occupy Rep. Sanchez's Office

GARDEN GROVE, August 8, 2007 - Six antiwar demonstrators were arrested at the Garden Grove office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Santa Ana) this morning, after camping out overnight and telling her they wouldn't leave unless she publicly promised not to approve more funding for the war in Iraq. Most of the protesters are members of the group Military Families Speak Out. They entered the office about 7 p.m. Tuesday during an open house. They sat on the floor in the lobby and refused to leave unless the congresswoman made the statement they wanted. Sanchez refused.
Full Story: Military Families Occupy Rep. Sanchez Office

Aug 08 2007
VIDEO: Raging Grannies Descend on U.S. Congressman's Office

The Raging Grannies of Port Townsend went to Norm Dicks' Office to demand that the Congressman get a spine and end the war. Of course, being the Raging Grannies, they sang their political message to the tunes of a few well-known songs.

Aug 07 2007
Three Detained While Six Occupy Kuhl's Office in Fairport

Fairport, NY—Today, August 6, at 11:30AM, six anti-war activists, associated with the Declaration of Peace Campaign and the Occupation Project, occupied the congressional office of Randy Kuhl (R-NY) demanding an immediate end to the war in Iraq. A simultaneous action occurred in Bath, NY at Kuhl’s Southern Tier office where demonstrators were arrested.

The staff assistant for Kuhl, Robert Quinn, seemed overwhelmed by the intrusion of anti-war demonstrators and news media—both independent and corporate. He said he wasn’t able to do any work as his office was completely filled with activists. When questioned about whether the police would be called, he responded by saying that there were “no current plans.”

Outside the office, 30 people assembled around noon with anti-war/”support the troops” signs and banners lining Main Street outside of Kuhl’s office located in Packett’s Landing. (photos: 1 | 2 | 3)

The situation became tense when an irate Mr. Welker of Welker Property Management Inc. called the police to remove demonstrators from his property. Within a few hours—at the property owner’s persistence—three activists on the outside were detained and charged with trespassing. One activist had her camera confiscated and another had his camera inspected and photos reviewed before it was returned to the owner. (photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

Around 7:00PM police entered the Kuhl office and told the six activists that they were under arrest and would be going to Monroe County Jail. Police started handcuffing one occupant when they asked the others if they didn’t mind just leaving in their escort without cuffs. Those inside agreed. Once everyone was outside, the police locked the door to Kuhl’s office and told them they were free and to have a good night—much to the chagrin of activists. (photo: activists released)

Audio: These interviews were played in Kuhl's office.

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Additional Information: Six Occupy Kuhl's Office in Fairport | 2 Anti-War Supporters Currently Detained | 9/11 activist arrested at anti-war action | BREAKING — Sit-in at Kuhl’s office | “They chose to do this” | Anti-War Activists Denied Access to Elected Representatives in Federal Building | Peace Activists Occupy Federal Building!

Jul 25 2007
Cindy Sheehan Occupies John Conyers' Office

Cindy Sheehan led 2-300 impeachment activists on a march from Arlington Cemetary to the Congressional office of Rep. John Conyers, whose job as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee puts him in charge of impeachment.

Jun 29 2007
CODEPINKer Fasting for Peace in Iran Passes Out in Senator Lieberman's Office

Leslie Angeline of CODEPINK, has been fasting for over 10 days in an effort to meet with Senator Joseph Lieberman. She wants to meet with him to ask him not to bomb Iran. Today she passed out in his Washington DC office and was hospitalized.

May 30 2007
Protest At Representative Susan Davis's Office

Protest against US occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, war funding, US threats to attack Iran, the US police state, etc. Speak out against US environmental policies.

The Impeachment Committee of San Diego is inviting all who are concerned to protest the Democratic Party's continued funding of these illegal, immoral wars of colonial occupation.

Susan Davis' Office
Fri June 1 4-6PM
University and Fairmount, City Heights

May 28 2007

About 40 peace activists from multiple groups in the San Fernando Valley gathered in front of Congressman Howard Berman's home in Valley Village on Sat, May 26,2007. Berman (D) did NOT VOTE on the supplemental Iraq appropriations bill HR2206 that funds the war without timelines for withdrawal. Organizer Marlene Jenson from Neighborhood Peace and Justice led the way with large banners that said "Diplomacy Not Warfare" on "Don't Attack Iran" and "Out of Iraq."

May 23 2007
Code Pink Confronts Pelosi About Iraqi Oil Law

Four Bay Area Code Pinkers -- Cynthia Papermaster, Nancy Mancias, Kathy Greene and Janet Weil -- crashed Congressman George Miller's birthday party/fundraiser at the Pleasant Hill Community Center. After Pelosi spoke, Code Pink members called out, "End the war in Iraq! You better do it soon!" and similar remarks in challenging tones.asked her. Later a Code Pink member asked Pelosi: "Why are you pushing for the Iraqi Oil Law? Isn't that what Bush has wanted from the first?"

May 11 2007
9 Arrested Far Past Closing At Sununu's Manchester Office

On Wednesday May 9th, nine New Hampshire residents committed civil disobedience at Senator John Sununu’s Manchester office in protest of the Senator’s continued support for the war in Iraq. About 30 other antiwar protesters from Seacoast Peace Response and other organizations throughout the state demonstrated outside in support. Read More & Photos | NH Making Waves Radio

Apr 29 2007
Report on Dobie Action and Arrests

REPORT on COUNTER RECRUITMENT ACTIONS and ARRESTS -- I wasn't able to make the actual action, but joined in later in solidarity at the jail to hear first hand accounts and monitor the legal situation. Spencer Crowl and Sylvia Benini were arrested yesterday in conjunction with a small, but impactful antiwar protest on campus. Following a lunchtime rally on the east mall, demonstrators marched to the Dobie to engage the army recruiters in dialogue. The Dobie is deemed "private property" despite the recruiting stations housed there being funded publically. The Army station was locked down upon arrival, with APD ordering protestors outside of the mall. Not content that their first amendment rights were being honored, that they couldn't adequately challenge the recruiters message, Crowl returned to ask why he wasn't allowed to engage the system in which he has no choice but to financially support. He was promptly arrested and following, Benini entered the building (after donning a pink apron in reference to CodePink who is well known to law enforcement as unafraid to seek justice via such risk) in an attempt to deliver a pamphlet; only to be arrested as well. The Austin People's Legal Collective provided legal support and maintained vigil out front of the jail, while activists came and went, a few lingering into the wee hours. Crowl was released at approximately 11:15 pm, but sheriff's held up Benini's final paperwork, despite having been processed at the same rate as Crowl, and was not released until 3:25 am.

Apr 28 2007
Vets, military families protest against war funding, 14 arrested

The same hour the revised war supplemental was passed by the senate a dramatic action took place in the atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday.

Apr 17 2007
Video File: Oregon Citizens Arrested for Attempting To Speak With Senator Smith

Following a brief rally in front of the Portland World Trade Center, where Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith has his offices, six of his constituency were stopped by building security at the foot of the escalator and arrested for trespassing. Their only "crime" was wishing to speak to their elected Senator, or one of his aides concerning the Iraq War. This is the ninth time since the first of the year that Oregon citizens have been denied access to their elected official, and there have been numerous arrests over this time period.

The group, Defund the War have made a commitment to pressure Sen. Smith to stand behind the speech he made early in this year, condemning the war and withdrawing his support for it. Quoting Sen, Smith, "I, for one, am at the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs day after day."

Should the fact of private ownership trump a citizens right of access to their elected officials? As Peter points out in the video, it is against the law to pass any law denying a citizen this access.

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Apr 12 2007
Arrested for trying to lobby your Senator

Over the weekend, I received an email from a colleague that advertised of a rally at Senator Gordon Smith's offices in several cities around Oregon on Tuesday. The topic was the War in Iraq. Interested in the topic and needing to get my political photography fill for the week, I decided to attend the one in Portland.

Upon arriving I saw a calm crowd of about twenty or so people. Many were older than I -- mostly in their 40's, 50's, and 60's -- maybe older. According to one gentleman, the majority of the faces I was seeing were those of parents and grandparents of soldiers fighting in Iraq.


6 Peacemakers Arrested - Videos from the Protest

Smiths Office On Private Property has 6 arrested for requesting "NO WAR FUNDING". 6 Brave Peacemakers are joined by 60 people outside Smith Office. After a few speeches they are peacefully arrested for trying to access Smiths Office on the 11th floor of the WTO building. They were walked un-cuffed to the Justice CXenter and booked.


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