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Dec 01 2010
Sarah Palin Book Signing Protest

12/1 On Wednesday December 1st, Sarah Palin arrived in Houston to sign copies of her new book "America by Heart" at the Borders on Kirby. In addition to the Palin fans who lined up around the block since the night before, there was a lively protest with drums and signs. Coverage on Houston Indymedia, and Ch. 39.

In addition to a long history of idiotic and offensive comments, this week, we have Sarah Palin's crazy objections to childhood obesity programs, and most recently the following quote: "Assange is not a 'journalist,' any more than the 'editor' of al Qaeda’s new English-language magazine Inspire is a 'journalist.'" (source)

Dec 01 2010
Voices With Vision 2010-11-30 No2Nukes-A Hunger Strike

It's the lame duck session for USA's Congress, and according to Jay Marx of Proposition 1, it is time for the US Senate to ratify its nuclear weapons reduction treaty. This comes just after US President Barack Hussein Obama came back from the NATO meetings in Europe and convinced the European governments to increase their nuclear capabilities in a global drive to arm for deterrence!!

This 2010-11-30 edition of Voices With Vision radio show looked at citizens power, government responsibility and global safety stemming from nuclear armament reduction, short of dis-armement. Read More & Audio

Dec 02 2010
Struggle to Protect the Holy San Francsico Peaks Continues

District Court Rules For U.S. Forest Service in Save the Peaks Case; Plaintiffs will Appeal

The case known as The Save the Peaks Coalition, et al. v. U.S. Forest Service (USFS) was heard before Honorable Judge Mary H. Murguia and today (December 1, 2010) a decision was made.

The Court ruled against the plaintiffs claims that the final FEIS prepared by the USFS ignores thorough consideration of a number of critical health issues. The plaintiffs contend that a new and thorough FEIS should be filed by the USFS. If this reveals that the use of reclaimed sewage water is a public health risk then snowmaking should not be permitted for the Arizona Snowbowl on the San Francisco Peaks.

Howard Shanker, representing the Save the Peaks Coalition and additional plaintiffs, will file an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court...

Dec 02 2010
Goldman-Sachs seeks, gets injunction against HLS/Fortress protests

Not satisfied with the proposed legislative ban on protests at residences, Goldman-Sachs has secured court injunctions against DC area animal rights activsts. If these injunctions, granted on the grounds of "nuisance" are allowed to stand, injunctions against first fur protests, then IMF/World Bank protests, and finally against unions and social oerganizations protesting city budget cuts are sure to follow.

Dec 03 2010
"What Does 2009 Traffic Stop Data Tell Us About Police Behavior in Champaign-Urbana?"

The sixth annual state report on Illinois Traffic Stop Statistics was recently released by the Center for Research in Law and Justice of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The statistics provide a window into local traffic stop data that helps local communities answer a fundamental question:   “Are the number of traffic stops and searches involving motor vehicles operated by members of a racial minority disproportionate to the number of traffic stops involving motor vehicles operated by persons who are not members of a racial minority?”

What does the data tell us about traffic stop behavior of the Champaign, Urbana, and University of Illinois police departments?

Dec 03 2010
Asheville 11 Defense

Eleven people arrested in Asheville, NC on May 1 still face outrageous felony conspiracy and rioting charges simply for being in a neighborhood in which some windows were broken. Although support for the defendants has been growing steadily, the District Attorney is stubbornly clinging to this opportunity to defame and demonize anarchists.

Dec 03 2010
FBI Closes Investigation into Iowa A.L.F. Lab Raid

From Voice of the Voiceless

Investigation into the Animal Liberation Front raid of UI labs ends with no one caught

Six years, over 200 FBI interviews, and several house raids and jail terms later, the FBI has officially closed the investigation into the 2004 Animal Liberation Front raid of the University of Iowa ? without a conviction.

To put it another way: the A.L.F. pulled off one of the largest lab raids in U.S. history ? and got away with it.

One false arrest and several house raids later?

This news from the FBI comes less than three months after they dropped charges against Scott DeMuth, the only person charged for a role in the raid. DeMuth was charged just three days before the state of limitations was to expire, despite DeMuth being just 17 at the time of the raid.

During the investigation the FBI interviewed over 200 people, subpoenaed at least three to a grand jury (jailing Scott DeMuth and Carrie Feldman for refusing to testify), raided my home in Utah, and more.

Animal Liberation Front walks free

The announcement should bring to a close the investigation into the monumental lab raid, which saw the largest rescue of animals from a lab in over 15 years. The raid closed the Spence Labs research building for over a month. It also cost the university and researchers $500,000, [...]

Dec 03 2010
Wikileaks: A "Teachable Moment" for Anarchists

As anarchists, we often say that the freedoms in bourgeois society are a sham. Most of the time, non-anarchists can easily just laugh this off as the delusions of nutty radicals. Not so much right now. Not when "democracy" after "democracy" is chasing their site out of their borders, for doing nothing more than non-violently refusing to stay silent while the worlds' elites conspire to kill, torture, and oppress. Not when Julian Assange is being dragged into what is a quite obviously dragged into a politically-motivated trial. Not when Assange will probably end up being killed in the next year. Not when both "left" and "right" governments are cooperating in the effort to muzzle Wikileaks. It's the bourgeois concept of freedom: we'll let you have freedoms only so long as you agree not to use them for anything truly meaningful. Then we'll revoke them from you. Are these the hallmarks of the sort of system that can be changed peacefully and non-disruptively from within? It is, I think, an ideal time to make these points to our friends who are not currently radicals. Missing Wikileaks? [link] | WikiLeaks Mirrors => | ||| ||

Dec 04 2010
Budget Cuts Day of Action

The budget cuts that we are seeing are one of the many masks that hegemony wears. They are another form of the institutional racism that seeks to erase our historical memory so that we don't know our people's and other people's struggles, victories, and resistance. From the moment we enter schools, a white supremacist, patriarchal, hetero-normative, and hierarchical view of the world is normalized and reinforced. When students enroll in area studies courses or programs, it often represents the first time they have had the chance to see themselves reflected in the curriculum and to learn their stories. This knowledge gives us the strength to organize, unite, and resist, all of which endanger the hegemonic forces that seek to breed ignorance and apathy.

Budget cuts, increased fees, and increased tuition are decontextualized and separated from the legacy of discrimination that prevented poor people and people of color from having access to education. They are separated from the living, breathing human beings who will be affected and converted into dollar signs and percentages that indicate how much money the university will allegedly save. Cut back? Fuck that. We’re here to fight back. Read More | Photos | Past Coverage: Students Organize In Resistance Cuts to Peoples' Studies at UT

Dec 04 2010
Dark Side of Chocolate Showing in Medford

A nice sized group of more than 20 people turned out Thursday evening, Dec 2nd, in Medford for a showing by Medford Citizens for Peace and Justice of "The Dark Side of Chocolate", and the very informative discussion of the world chocolate trade that followed.

Dec 04 2010
Video: Forest Service is Privatizing Bagby Without Public Input

The United States Forest Service in the Mt. Hood National Forest has recently began remodeling the scenic and historic Bagby Hot Springs without seeking public comment. Further, they wish to Privatize this popular hot springs by handing it over to a for profit company."> COLOR="#6633cc">Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby ChangesSpeaking to this issue during the November Bark hike to the proposed crossing of the Palomar pipe line site, hike leader Amy Harwood provides background and contact information for viewers to both weigh in on this privatization and request a public comment period."> COLOR="#6633cc">Forest Service Ignores Public in Bagby Changes"> COLOR="#6633cc">Bark is calling for the Forest Service to hold a public meeting and comment period in the coming months before deconstruction of the remaining bathhouses occurs. Currently both group bathing areas have been rebuilt with the iconic log baths being removed and destroyed. The private baths remain, but with plans to replace those with baths rather than logs, as well. Remember that since Bagby Hot Springs is on public land, any citizen of this country can let their voice be heard on this issue.

Please contact the Forest Service and demand public input,  link to COLOR="#6633cc">using Bark's comment tool

Or contact Kathleen Walker at 503-622-3191, Ext. 641


Dec 04 2010
Is the FBI Out of Control?

The search warrants for the FBI’s coordinated raids of 14 anti-war activists on September 24th in Minneapolis and Chicago cited federal law which prohibits “providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.” Two of the seven homes the FBI targeted on Sept. 24th were Joe Iosbaker’s in Chicago and Anh Pham’s in Minneaopolis. After a long day lobbying congress members on the Hill, Joe and Anh sat down for an extended conversation. Anh said, “Literally, for hours… they searched through everything in my house. They went through my clothing, they went through… just about every sheet of paper, including pages and pages [of] my cookbooks, my knitting patterns, they looked through photographs, they took my computers, my cellphone, my husband’s computer and cellphone, which, he was not named in the subpoena, but they took that anyways and he’s a graphic designer, that happens to be his livelihood.” Audio of Joe Iosbaker and Anh Pham 12/5 5pm: Criminalizing Dissent: WikiLeaks, FBI Raids, Maryland Police Spies and YOU, Busboys & Poets 5th/K NW

Dec 04 2010
PayPal Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks Donations

After web host Amazon and DNS host Dyn Inc. terminated service to earlier this week, San Jose-based PayPal announced late last night that it has "permanently restricted" WikiLeaks' account. In a statement released on its blog, PayPal accused WikiLeaks of violating its acceptable use policy by "encourag[ing], promot[ing], facilitat[ing] or instruct[ing] others to engage in illegal activity." WikiLeaks has struggled to stay online after initiating the slow release of over 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables known as Cablegate, and is now available on several mirrors such as

Dec 04 2010
Rev. Troy A. Burks Elected as President of the Champaign County NAACP

According to the NAACP web site election results have come in for the President of the Champaign County Branch.

After a run-off vote, Rev. Troy A. Burks has been elected to take the President position on Jan. 1, 2011.

Congratulations to Rev. Burks!


Dec 05 2010
Annual Fur-Free Friday Demo in Union Square

The annual Friday-after-Thanksgiving protest of the fur industry, led by In Defense of Animals and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, was held in San Francisco's Union Square on November 26th. Similar demonstrations were held in Portland and other cities across the U.S. and the world. From the event announcement: "Come and raise your voice for the voiceless 50 million fur bearing animals that are brutally slaughtered each year for their fur." Read More

Previous Fur-Free Friday Coverage on Indybay: 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2000

Related: International 'Fur-Free Friday' Portland protest | Bold Native Humanizes the "Nation's #1 Domestic Terrorist Threat" | Goldman-Sachs seeks, gets injunction against HLS/Fortress protests

Dec 06 2010
Censored Art Video Protest at National Portrait Gallery

Dec 5 Update: Protesters display censored art ("A Fire in My Belly" by David Wojnarowicz) inside the National Portrait Gallery; then get banned from the museum for life.

Documentation and Interviews with demonstrators organized by the Transformer Art Space in Washington, DC against the Smithsonian Institution decision to remove the video by David Wojnarowicz. The video imaged ants crawling over a reclining Jesus paired with homo-erotic images to represent the devastation of the AIDS epidemic on the body and on the Gay community. After a story appeared in the conservative Cybercast News (a project of the L. Brent Bozell III and the Media Research Center), the Catholic League complained that images were offensive to Catholics and other conservatives took up the crusade against the Video. In no time the National Portrait gallery removed the video.

The Transformer Gallery on P Street NW responded to the censorship with screening of "A Fire in My Belly". Video | | DC Marches against censorship of National Portrait Gallery exhibit | Culture Wars: Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) and CSN News on “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture” exhibit | Montana Woman Destroys Controversial Art by Enrique Chagoya | Chagoya defends his work

Dec 06 2010
Anarchist Potluck and Networking Session Tuesday

Come to the Lucy Parsons Center for a night of delicious food and anarchist discussion! 7 PM at 549 Columbus Ave in the South End. Feel free to bring a dish.

Dec 06 2010
WikiLeaks Mirrors!

Please add your mirror.

Dec 07 2010
Strong hearts to the front, weak hearts to the back: Decolonization debated in Winona

As the 150th anniversary of the War of 1862 approaches in 2012, the conversation around the genocide of the Dakota people at the hands of white Minnesotans is changing. Earlier this year, Dakota activists and allies disrupted an event of the Minnesota Historical Society (which continues to downplay the significance of the War) at the state capitol, and the Take Down the Fort campaign held the largest rally yet outside (and inside) the gates of Fort Snelling. But these protests are only a small portion of the much larger, less visible fight towards decolonization.

Much of that fight happens through personal conversations, discussion groups, teach-ins, and lectures. Such a lecture, delivered by activist and scholar Waziyatawin, was given in the 95% white college river town of Winona, Minnesota in early November--and has since ignited a firestorm of debate. There, Waziyatawin was accused of "terroristic threats" in a letter in the local newspaper; a follow-up article fanned the flames; and a public statement from out-of-state elected tribal government officials also condemned the lecture. But meanwhile, the Winona State University faculty member who organized the talk called it a "complete success".

Waziyatawin, too, has responded, saying, "I, for one, am not interested in propping up the government and society that exterminated our people and stole our lands." (Her full response--which the Winona Post refused to print--is below).read more

Dec 07 2010
Hydraulic Fracturing Threatens WNY

It’s the new gold rush; the stuff that dreams are made of. Get rich quick natural gas land-leases all across the Marcellus Shale. And there is money to be made. More than enough money to make that petroleum Prince of Darkness, Dick Cheney, smile. The U.S. geological survey estimates a cool trillion dollars to be taken. And it seems all too easy. Just sell the mineral and drilling rights to the smooth talking highest bidder then sit back and cash the checks. Jed Clampett’s dream come true.

Dec 08 2010
Coalition Rally to Save AdultBasic medical plan, PUP / CLS Philadelphia

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 rally outside of the offices of Independence Blue Cross located in the 1900 Market street. The Philadelphia Unemployment project, a Philadelphia based nonprofit and tireless warrior for the under-served, teamed up with the area Community Legal Service staff to make the public aware of pending cuts to the Independence Blue Cross contract.

Dec 08 2010
Building Bridges Radio: Unemployment Crisis NYC Demonstration

The National Jobs for all Coalition held a protest demonstration in NYC to call for extension of unemployment benefits being held up in Congress by a Republican filibuster and to raise public awareness of the need for bold and decisive federal action to create jobs. The action came on the very day when the newly released monthly statistics reported that the unemployment rate increased to 9.8% highlighting the need for decisive action now.

Dec 08 2010
Help Long Island Food Not Bombs collect toys for the Holidays

Do you have Toys that you’re not showing love anymore? Well if you get them to Long Island FNB from now until December 24th we’ll get them to someone who will.

Dec 08 2010
Governments and Corporations Attempt to Repress Wikileaks: Holding Up Mirrors

WikiLeaks has struggled to stay online after initiating the slow release of over 250,000 leaked US diplomatic cables on 28th November 2010. The releases, dubbed "Cablegate" have been carried in newspapers around the world. The four-year-old WikiLeaks organistaion has been under constant political attack, especially from the conservative side of politics, whilst it's website has been subjected to a series of sophisticated cyber attacks. Reporters Without Borders condemned this hounding of Wikileaks.

Spokesperson for Wikileaks, Julian Assange, was put on Interpol's most wanted list for detention and extradition to Sweden in relation to two allegations of sexual abuse against him which had previously been dropped. The Swedish prosecutor is described as “overzealous” in the mainstream German weekly, Die Zeit. Assange surrendered his passport to British police and offered sureties of £180,000, but a Westminster Court denied his bail application. (Court protest

Global resistance in support of Wikileaks and Assange is taking the form of over 1,200 websites mirroring Wikileaks and street protests such as in Australia. The Indymedia Network is hosting one of these Mirrors.... READ MORE from Global IMC

More Coverage from US-based IMCs: WikiLeaks: The First Cyber-War from Buffalo,NY | Women question the unusual zeal in pursuing Julian Assange for rape allegations (letter published in The Guardian) from Philadelphia, PA | Wikileaks: A "Teachable Moment" for Anarchists from Portland,OR | PayPal Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks Donations from San Francisco, CA | WikiLeaks Mirrors! from Washington, DC

From the Open Publishing Newswire: WikiLeaks Reveals Diplomatic Cables on Aafia Siddiqu by Stephen Lendman

Dec 08 2010
WikiLeaks: The First Cyber-War

By Grady Hawkins

The first shots have been fired in this new digital global war. WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has surrendered to authorities in London, to answer charges of sexual assault. Charges already clouded by accusations of American Intelligence involvement. A cold war resurrected honey trap engineered to ensnare and eliminate an embarrassment. But Mr. Assange is far more than a thorn in the side of empires. He very well could be the focal point in a global power struggle pitting ordinary people against those who rule them. As he fights extradition to Sweden, governments are closing ranks, determined to crush this dissent.

George Orwell‘s wildest dreams pale in comparison to what’s at stake. And what’s at stake could very well affect global interests.

The gauntlet was tossed when WikiLeaks and its reckless band of maniacs leaked a reported 250,000 classified U.S. State Department documents.
Thousands of pages guaranteed to once again fill with rage and righteous indignation the power elite who call the shots in this American empire.

read more

Dec 08 2010
Portland Anarchist Bookfair : December 11th and 12th!

The 2010 Portland Anarchist Bookfair!
December 11 and 12
Saturday : 11am - 6pm | Sunday : Noon - 5pm
The WaterHeater : 750 N Fremont St.

Featuring dozens of anarchist booksellers, publishers, zinesters, artists, organizations, and projects! Two full days of workshops, a variety of other activities, free child care, and more!

More info and a full workshops schedule at! And for more frequent updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Big thank you to KBOO Community Radio for co-sponsoring the bookfair, and to Radix Media for printing our fliers!


Dec 08 2010
Wal-Mart is no-show at "community input" hearing

On Dec 7, Pearl Harbor Day, over 100 residents listened as an invader threated to bring absolute devastation to Georgia Ave. Wal-Mart's rep didn't even show up as others trumpeted the "economic miracle" of Wal-Mart to a mostly outraged crowd. Video of the so-called public input hearing

Dec 09 2010
A Marriott 5-star Hotel in Adams Morgan? With a Tax Break??

In his rush to railroad through a 61 million dollar (now 46 million) tax break for a developer friend, Councilmember Jim Graham broke Council rules regarding proper notice of a markup hearing.

Dec 09 2010
World Bank President Zoellick and the Slippery Currency

On the day that gold hit $1385.50/ oz, the Twin Cities community packed the Humphrey Center auditorium to hear of "Challenges Facing Global Economic Development."

On Wednesday December 1, the President of the World Bank Group, Robert Zoellick, faced the Twin Cities community and addressed global development issues in the format of a guided conversation with his friend, Vin Weber.
Weber, the senior fellow at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs for many years, had pulled some strings to make this conversation free, public, and catered, promoting both the University of Minnesota and the World Bank. The public wanted to know-- among other things written on pre-screened question cards-- what effect the Wikileaks site would have on banking. He said that it would have no effect, but Zoellick criticized the new releases from Wikileaks, saying that they make it harder for the US to do business with other countries.


More: Upcoming Event: Striking Blows in Defense of the Earth @ U of M - Dec 11th - Ongoing: Indymedia live coverage of Cancun COP16 Climate Conference -

read more

Dec 09 2010
Justice for Derrick Jones Supporters Take Over Oakland City Council Meeting

During the December 7th, 2010 Oakland City Council meeting, outraged and grieving family members, friends and members of the public demanded to be allowed to speak during "Open Forum" at the beginning of the meeting. When the council refused, supporters chanted to the front and Derrick's father spoke along with several others. Later many more spoke. The council's response was to offer to agendize the topic for a future meeting.

Dec 09 2010
Israeli activist Gal Lugassi - Occupation, Resistance & the Struggle Against Apartheid

Gal Lugassi is an Israeli conscientious objector, a member of the Shiministim, an activist with the Anarchist Against the Wall action group, and the Boycott! from Within group. She also volunteers at the Coalition of Women for Peace and with the Who Profits project. Anarchists Against the Wall (AATW) is a direct action group that was established in 2003 in response to the construction of the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank. The group works in cooperation with Palestinians in a joint popular struggle against the occupation. read more | video

Dec 10 2010
Monument in the North End against intolerance, prejudice and hatred

The Metro Boston Edition of December 6, 2010 that on its front page includes the headlines: "North End memorial to murder? - Group trying to erect a plaque to two men convicted in the '20s. - Sacco and Venzetti (sp) case is infamous". Then on the full page of a small article the reporter, Justin Rice, continues the stereotypes via a sub-heading: "- Group of anarchists trying to memorialize convicted killers in the North End".

Dec 10 2010
Photos and a song from the 6th annual Activist Awards

The Washington Peace Center held the 6th annual Activist Awards at All-Souls Church on the evening of December 8. Over 100 people were present.

Dec 10 2010
Cops Who Beat Martin Cotton to Death in Humboldt Face Trial in Oakland

Martin Cotton II was living houseless and unarmed on August 9th, 2007, when he was severely abused by police, and brought to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. At the jail, he was further attacked by guards, and left to die on the floor of a cell. On Monday, January 10th, a federal civil rights trial, brought on behalf of Martin Cotton's baby daughter, Siehna Cotton, and by Martin's father, Marty Cotton, will begin in Oakland: Siehna Cotton et al. v. Eureka Police Dept. and Humboldt County Sheriff's Dept.

Dec 10 2010
Community Education Task Force (CETF) Responds to RCSD/Charter Compact and School Closings

Recently Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard announced that the Rochester City School District has entered into a new "partnership" with local charter schools. The Compact, funded by the wealthy Gates Foundation, was established without any public input from parents, students, teachers, RCSD commissioners, or the broader community. The Community Education Task Force (CETF) is troubled by this development at a time when Mr. Brizard is trying to close down our neighborhood schools. In fact, the superintendent was instrumental in creating the current climate in New York City, which pits charters against neighborhood public schools in a bitter battle for resources. While there are some “success” stories of children for whom charter schools are good, the market-based charter system as a whole operates to benefit a few while truly leaving the rest behind. Clear winners in New York City include “edupreneurs” who make millions “managing” education dollars, real estate moguls, hedge fund managers, and million dollar charter school “directors.”

Dec 10 2010
Women question the unusual zeal in pursuing Julian Assange for rape allegations (letter published in The Guardian)

Many women in both Sweden and Britain will wonder at the unusual zeal with which Julian Assange is being pursued for rape allegations. There is a long tradition of the use of rape and sexual assault for political agendas that have nothing to do with women's safety.

Dec 11 2010
Homeless March in Ashland, Oregon

Ashland, Oregon — SHOUTOUT posted 12/6/10 — Dear Concerned and Active Citizen Base: The recent uprising of Ashland's houseless population demands a just, safe, and sane rectification of a endemic social dysfunction, namely the criminalization of homelessness and the necessary acts that accompany that status. It is inevitable that this core social issue gets faced in a way that brings to light the full import of the crisis. Disabled, elderly, youth, family, temporary and chronic homelessness and poverty have reached a critical mass. Now is the time to deal with homelessness and poverty in a peaceable, orderly way so that violence can be ruled out as a viable alternative.


Thanks for being awake.

Dec 11 2010
December Issue of Public i out!

The December 2010 issue of the Public i is out now with articles on racial profiling, city court, and the deepening economic crisis.



Dec 12 2010
We appear to be on the road to imperial decline

Things are looking very, very bad for America's position in the world. The "American Age" won't last much longer. Alfred W. McCoy, author of the 1972 The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, has written a very depressing, but probably quite accurate view of the near-future collapse of the American empire (Probably by 2020 or 2025).

Dec 12 2010
South Dakota Jury Convicts John Graham: Land Defender Faces Life in Prison

by Free John Graham

Friday afternoon, a South Dakota jury found John Graham guilty of murder in the second degree. John Graham has been found guilty of felony murder in the kidnapping of Anna Mae Aquash, his friend and comrade in the American Indian Movement (AIM).

Anna Mae Aquash was murdered in the 1970's, in an execution style killing in South Dakota.

The jury acquitted Graham of premeditated murder, the first-degree charge. But even the lesser charge of second degree murder carries a sentence of life in prison.

read more

Dec 12 2010
Riot Police Seize the University of Puerto Rico

After midnight on Thursday, December 9, 2010 the Puerto Rican police force, including SWAT forces broke into the Rio Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), as well as other campuses. For more information, check out student-run news at, or for English language news,

Dec 12 2010
Unemployed Oregonians speak out against looming cuts

Organised by the Sunnyside Self-Help Employment Group, Oregonians held a press conference in Director Park to speak out against the looming cuts and the affect this will have on people in the Northwest. Portland, OR, USA, 29/11/2010.

The conference today focused on the issues surrounding the fact that just 4 days after Thanksgiving, Tuesday November 30th, Federal Unemployment Insurance Extension Benefits and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) will expire for millions of Americans. Countrywide over 20 million Americans are unemployed. If Congress does not act by the deadline over 2 million will be cut off from exiting employment benefits, with 7500 families affected in Oregon alone. Read More | homepage:

Dec 12 2010
Calling All Activists - Join Us on the Ground in Palestine!

Join the Palestine Solidarity Project in Beit Ommar, Palestine, and become part of the growing international movement to support Palestinian non-violent resistance. We are in need of volunteers to join us this winter and spring as we struggle to end the Israeli occupation in all its forms and to promote justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people. We have a wide range of programs lined up for the next few months, and are in need of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to help make our goals a reality.

This winter we will be planting 3,000 trees in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. The land in Saffa has been destroyed by settler attacks, and is now under threat of annexation by the neighboring Bat Ayn settlement. By planting on Palestinian land marked for annexation we hope to deter settlement expansion and support farmers as they remain steadfast on their land.

We will also continue to support the Beit Ommar National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in their weekly demonstrations against the Karmei Tsur settlement. In addition, we are supporting the Center for Freedom and Justice in a variety of programs, including English lessons, media classes, and workshops. Several new microeconomic development projects are also in the works, including several new greenhouses and a honey bee colony . And of course we are continuing to support the Beit Ommar women's embroidery cooperative, promoting women's economic self-sufficiency.

Prospective volunteers should visit our website to get a better sense for the work we do:
See you in Palestine,
The PSP Crew

Dec 12 2010
Criminales Todos

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee (PCASC) and the Launch Pad Gallery announce "CRIMINALES TODOS", a provocative group exhibition featuring work by emerging local talent. Launch Pad gallery will host the opening night reception on December 10th starting at 6pm. The evening will also include performances from local and national musicians, dancers, and spoken word artists as well as video testimonies from local residents describing their experiences with police.

Confronting the inflammatory politics targeting immigrants in recent years including increased police surveillance, tightened border control, and the heightened incidence of racial profiling across the country, organizers view the show as a platform from which to explore the impacts of discrimination as well as how communities are responding to stop the hate. The exhibit features artwork from dozens of local artists through various mediums, including a mural designed by El Grupo Juvenil that was featured in the groundbreaking documentary, Papers, produced in Portland, Oregon.

Launch Pad Gallery is located at 534 Southeast Oak Street, Portland, OR 97214. The exhibit runs from December 10th to December Jan 3rd. CRIMINALES TODOS (WE ARE ALL CRIMINALS) is a traveling community art exhibit aiming to inspire an ongoing dialogue and examination of the social, political and cultural issues related to the criminalization of communities of color. More information can be found at the blog:

Dec 12 2010
Trial of John Graham Native Land Defender Begins: Reports from Rapid City (Nov.29th)

Today, November 29th, jury selection begins for the trial of Tuchone native John Graham. As many who have been following this case know, John Graham has been charged with the 1970's murder of his friend and comrade in the American Indian Movement, Anna Mae Aquash.

We understand the real intentions of this so called "investigation" to be two-fold. The first is an attempt by the State to rewrite history in order to cover up the crimes they themselves committed. The second intent is to neutralize Native American struggle for survival in the face of colonial and economic domination.

No news is objective and we are not here to pretend.

Resources for Background: Jan 08 B.C. Anarchist declaration of solidarity with indigenous warrior John Graham | Our Freedom, A news site for John Graham and Leonard Peltier | Graham Defense Free John Graham: Booklet (pdf) | Leonard Peltier Defense Committee | The Tyee: Delivering a Framed John Graham | The Case of John Graham | Transcript of Arlo Looking Cloud Trial | both sides of the story & letters from Anna Mae

Dec 12 2010
Sleeping Bag Drive!

Help out a Portlander in need this holiday season!!
Freezing, rainy weather has hit, and over a thousand fellow Portlanders need your help! For those sleeping on the streets and without shelter, a sleeping bag can be the difference between life and death. So far, we've gone out on our bicycles and given out over 25 sleeping bags, along with some warm food and other supplies. While great thanks goes out to those who have helped out, WE NEED A LOT MORE DONATIONS!

This is your chance to help out someone in need this holiday season. Please donate online at or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, Microcosm Publishing, or Alberta Co-op Grocery. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!!

phone: (480) 363-5470

Dec 12 2010
Paxton Gate PDX protested by Santa!

A half-dozen santas let Paxton Gate PDX (at corner of Mississippi Avenue and Mason in North Portland) know that they will be receiving lumps of coal in their stockings this christmas because they buy fox tails from fur farms. An employee confirmed today that the fox tails for sale at Paxton Gate (4204 N Mississippi) come from fur farms. An hour or so later, about half a dozen Santas ho-ho-hoed their way into the store and let the owner and employees know that they did not make Santa's "nice" list this year, due to their support of fur farms, and would be receiving no gifts on christmas. Furthermore, they have been added to the "naughty" list and will be receiving lumps of coal in their stockings.

Hope to see you all at Paxton Gate's "GRAND OPENING PARTY" on DECEMBER 15!!!

[RELATED:] [dec 1:] "New Store on Mississippi Avenue sells Fox Tails, Raccoon Tails, and other offensive shit" | [dec 7:] Paxton Gate removes fur-farm tails from store!

Dec 12 2010
School of the Americas-what the hell are they hiding???

The international community is blowing up over the arrests of foreign journalists sent to cover demonstrations at the "School of the Americas" which is a military training school that has been providing "counterrevolutionary" forces to Latin America for the past 60 years.
Most people in the U.S. are not aware of the presence of "School of the Americas", but citizens and governments of other countries ARE and keep tabs on what we're doing and who we're training to send as agents of revolutionary suppression into the various countries of Latin America.

Our government had these journalists arrested to keep U.S. citizens in the dark about "School of the Americas" so this post is meant to draw attention to it and to encourage everyone to learn about S.O.A and spread the word! They can't arrest the the truth!

link to "School of the Americas watch" organization:

Dec 12 2010
American Premiere of THE IDIOT CYCLE in Corvallis, Oregon

For the first time the award winning documentary The Idiot Cycle is being screened in America - December 7th, 2010 - at Dark Cinemas in Corvallis, Oregon and at the same time at California States University in Sacramento.

The film has been at the center of much discussion, since it was denied E&O insurance because of "subject matter" (which means it probably will not be shown on television in the USA or Canada) and recently the university of Montpeiller's screening of the film was almost cancelled by the school director when he heard the school's sponsor BASF was cited in the film. It is a serious film about cancer and how chemical companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer, but also profit from selling the drugs that treat cancer. These same companies are now developing genetically modified crops, which have never been tested for long term health impacts like cancer.

The film focuses on six major companies: Dow Chemical, Bayer, BASF, Monsanto, Dupont, and Astrazeneca. It was filmed in eight countries, including the U.S. The trailer can be seen here:

Dec 12 2010
Video: Toga Africa Solidarity - A protest in Washington DC on 3.25.10

I filmed this interview while in DC last March. I intended to post this much sooner to help spread their message and voice for justice.
It was an interview I did with a group standing on the park across from the White House.

These were folks, who traveled from all over the US in representing Toga Africa, and they were trying to get a meeting with Obama regarding the Human rights violations and injustice that is going on and has been for too long. I just happened to be walking by when I noticed they had signs a message to say. I asked a few sign holders what it was about and thus is this recording from that day:

What I understand and have read is that the country has been oppressed and violently ruled by one particular family / military for around 43 years.

There is not much information on Toga when I just searched the words "Toga Africa"... But when I added the search words "human rights violations" along with "Toga Afric" lots of links popped up.

Trying to share what Im learning - please learn and share what you know about Toga' struggle for justice with others.

In Solidarity
((( i )))


Dec 12 2010
Video: No Tax Breaks For The Rich - Protest at Congressman Wu's

This protest was filmed outside of Congressman David Wu's office in Portland on Thursday 12.2.10. A few speeches about "trickle up" and "tinkle down" economics

JWJ spokesperson commented and also a few citizen as well regarding the upcoming tax break continuing for the ultra wealthy.
The protest was to say "NO" to giving a tax break to the rich at the office of our congressman. One person was a wealthy tax payer ...and she spoke of "not wanting any break and she wanted to pay her fair tax"

Dec 12 2010
Anarchists set off smoke bomb in cop bar--Portland, OR

In the predawn hours of December, 6th 2010, to mark the two year anniversary of the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Exarchia, a smoke bomb was ignited inside the Portland Metro Police Club (618 SE Alder st.)--a private bar, ballrooom, and athletic facility operated by the Portland Police Association. We did this to articulate our utter contempt towards the police, and our hatred of the state and capitalism in general.

This act of sabotage was a gesture of revolutionary solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Greece, The Asheville 11, Christos Stratigopolous, the recently released Alfredo Bonanno and all those resisting state repression everywhere.

Dec 12 2010
Rochester Housing Rights Organizers Hold Truth Commission

On November 18th 2010, SWAA (Social Welfare Action Alliance), and Rochester SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) held a Truth Commission on Housing and Homelessness at the Dugan Center, St. Mary's Church in Downtown Rochester. Melissa Sydor- Kaufman of SWAA explains the purpose of the Truth Commission: "The Truth Commission is a model where we're hopeing to expose the truth about what's happening to people in our community and our society. The Poor and people who are struggling are made to be invisible. This evening is about giving folks voice, empowering folks, and hearing the truth."

Dec 13 2010
FBI Delivers Subpoenas to More Activists in Chicago, Pushback Continues

On Friday, December 3rd, the FBI delivered at least three subpoenas to Chicago activists to appear before a grand jury, as confirmed by National Lawyers Guild attorney Jim Fennerty. By Monday, December 6th, activists rallied in defense of those subpoenaed. Read statement by one of those subpoenaed.

The December delivery comes in the wake of an September sweep targeting fourteen activists in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling in February. But activists and allies have resisted what many have decried as harrasment of community activists engaged in no wrongful activity.

More from Chicago Indymedia: Chicago Independent Television: Activists Respond to FBI Raids | From The Trenches radio: Chicagoans hold press conference in response to FBI raids

Additional Coverage: Justice Department Prepares for Ominous Expansion of "Anti-Terrorism" Law Targeting Activists |

Dec 14 2010
Indybay Reporter Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against UC Police

Indybay reporter David Morse has filed suit against University of California, Berkeley Police for violations of the First, Fourth and Eighth Amendments and for violations of a federal law barring the use of search warrants for unpublished journalistic materials. The lawsuit follows Morse's successful motion to quash a search warrant issued for his unpublished news photographs. Morse was arrested without probable cause a year ago at a UC Berkeley protest he was covering and held on felony charges, which were later dropped.

Dec 14 2010
A Philadelphia Black Farmers Market in East Germantown

As Pres. Obama set to sign bill authorizing payment of $4.6 billion to settle claims for Black and Native American farmers, Philly starts new trend. It will mean a lot to me and other blacks concerned with how our ancestors were and descendants are still being treated. I’m here in Philly, but my heart, mind and soul is stuck in South Carolina on an old plantation. Read More by Bob Shipman Jr

Pictured: Dr. John Boyd, President, National Black Farmers Association

Dec 14 2010
Anti-Racists Ask: “Know these Nazis? Give Us Information.”

"Wanted" Posters Distributed in Oregon City and Milwaukie

Clackamas County, Oregon - On the night of Saturday, December 11, militant anti-racists distributed over a hundred "Wanted" posters in Oregon City and downtown Milwaukie. The posters, which were stapled and pasted in both locations, ask for community members to provide information on individuals associated with Volksfront International, a major white supremacist organization.

Volksfront members live and socialize in the areas where the posters were distributed. The neo-Nazis pictured in the "Wanted" poster are: Nicholas and Leah Cheshire, Richard and Crystal Arden, as well as key Volksfront leader Justin Ryan Martin. The poster is available at:

Dec 14 2010
Protests in Santa Cruz to Free WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange and Bradley Manning

Private First Class Bradley Manning is facing up to 60 years in prison for allegedly leaking information through WikiLeaks that expose U.S. war crimes. Among these is helicopter gunship video that shows U.S. troops nonchalantly mowing down two journalists, first aid respondents, and children with machine gun fire. The perpetrators of these crimes are not being punished, even with video proof of the cold blooded murders. Instead, the military brass are prosecuting Bradley Manning.

Dec 15 2010
National Fuel Buffalo Protest

Dozens of environmentalist and concerned citizens braved temperatures in the teens [last] Thursday afternoon to demonstrate against the controversial drilling technology known as Hydraulic fracturing. Lafayette square was the scene and national Fuel Gas Company was the focus of attention at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon as downtown commuters began heading home.

There is much at stake: thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars in desperately needed revenue for cash-strapped families and governments across the Empire State. Balanced against this is a price that may be too high to pay. The destruction of thousands of acres of forest and the pollution of pristine water sources and aquifers could be the result. The source of this bonanza is trillions of cubic feet of natural gas, trapped a mile below the surface inside the massive Marcellus Shale. This middle-Devonian formation covers most of Pennsylvania and western New York. read more by Grady Hawkins

Dec 15 2010
Committee in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador

An interview with Angela Sanbrano, los Angeles president of NALACC Executive Board, former CISPES Executive Director and David Grosser, Boston Northeast Development Coordinator for CISPES will talk about CISPES’ founding and historical work. Also an interview with Janette Linares ( Santa Cruz ), student organizer at UC Santa Cruz, participant in CISPES’ Radical Roots delegation for Salvadoran-American youth

Dec 15 2010
Primate Uprising: an OHSU 5 Solidarity Benefit

Benefit show for the OHSU 5 on December 17 at Laughing Horse Books! 8-10pm, $5-10 sliding scale.

On June 28, 2010, a group of 5 activists were arrested for defending the primates at the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro. Support them and their legal defense by coming to this show!

Great bands! Blossoming Lotus treats! Homemade cat toys! Whoa!

WHEN: Friday, December 17 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
WHERE: Laughing Horse Books 12 NE 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97232

BANDS: Fought Alone, Foot Clan, Fuck You, Dad!, Anne

Dec 15 2010
Tacoma Police Station Attacked

On December 14th in Tacoma, all of the windows were smashed out of the downtown police substation. This was done for all of the people currently locked up in the Pierce County Jail seven blocks up the street. We are supposed to be sad when the police lose and officer. But when the police kill the people around us we are supposed to be silent. We send our warmest greetings to the kids of London, Rome, and the inmates of Georgia prisons. Good luck on the 15th to the people of Athens.

Dec 15 2010
Baltimore Indymedia shutting down

From July, 2001 to February, 2009, Baltimore Independent Media Center published reports and analysis on grassroots activism in Baltimore. Baltimore IMC also covered national demonstrations in Miami, New York and Washington DC.

In 2006, members of Baltimore IMC joined with members of the campbaltimore artist collective to found the Indypendent Reader. The IndyReader was published as a print quarterly with a similar mission as IMC. Much energy shifted from Baltimore IMC to the IndyReader in the following years.

Recently, both Baltimore IMC and the IndyReader have experienced low-points in activity. While Baltimore IMC has died as a collective, IndyReader kept publishing and now is 're-founding' with new collective energy.

Baltimore IMC will now be shut down to publishing. However, we are pleased to announced that the website of the Indypendent Reader is being re-developed. Readers who have hoped to see IMC back to publishing should be happy to learn that they can turn to the IndyReader online.

Dec 15 2010
Afro-Americans for Black Liberation and the struggle for Civil Rights at UH

from the open publishing newswire: An article about the Afro-Americans for Black Liberation and their fight for Black Studies and full civil rights on the UH Campus. Previously published in the Houston History Magazine, Volume 8 Issue 1.

The University of Houston (UH) is celebrated today as one of the most diverse research institutions in the nation. It also has one of the oldest African American Studies programs in the country. Located at the edge of the predominantly African American Third Ward, the university’s student body today is 13% African American and more than 50% students of color. The transition the UH has made from being founded as an exclusively white university, to becoming a diverse school with ethnic studies programs owes a great deal of credit to the trailblazing work of the Afro-Americans for Black Liberation student organization. Know as AABL, this group of students created and organized around a list of grievances in the Spring of 1969 that lead to rapid and profound changes for students of color at UH.

UH was founded in the 1920s as a segregated institution exclusively for white students. The integration of UH was conducted quietly after the death of its founder and major funder Roy Cullen, who once declared, “No nigger will ever set foot on this campus.” [read full article]

Dec 15 2010
Video: What Every Portland Resident Needs To Know About Our Water System

Public Access program featuring a power point presentation by Friends of Safe Drinking Water concerning the plans by City authorities to cover Portland reservoirs and add toxic chemicals.

Scott Fernandez of Friends of Safe Drinking Water, appearing on the Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern." Some of the points covered by the discussion:

? Cryptosporidium, the supposed reason for this massive rebuilding of our water system, is a red herring. A catastrophic sewage event in Milwaukee, Wisc., the rationale for requiring Cryptosporidium treatment?was caused by raw sewage in the drinking water, not Cryptosporidium.

What I took away from this extremely educational Power Point presentation is that this effort to cover the reservoirs is a business decision, not a health or community service decision. The situation needs massive intervention by the public, contacting the City Commissioners, the Mayor and the Congressional delegation, particularly David Wu.

What every Portland resident needs to know about our water system

Dec 15 2010
Texans United for Families speak out against new for-profit immigrant detention center in Texas


 Texans United for Families (TUFF) and Grassroots Leadership, two civil rights organizations working to end immigrant detention, spoke yesterday in Karnes City, Texas to protest the newest private prison in Texas to be built there, one hour southeast of San Antonio.  The GEO Group, the private prison company that will build and operate the facility, has a track record of abuse, deaths in custody, and mismanagement at their Texas prisons and detention centers which have led to several lawsuits.  

read more

Dec 16 2010
Colton Immigrant Community Meets PD Chief, Demands Justice

Saturday, December 11, 2010 — COLTON, California: In a large public gathering the cafeteria of Alice Birney Elementary School, well over one hundred community members from Colton, a city whose residents include many low-income immigrants, met with their police chief to expose him to the injustices his officers have been committing and to petition redress of their grievances. While distrust between the community and police is historic, things have gotten worse since the city created its own towyard a few years back and began collecting impound fees on cars, mostly taken from immigrants ineligible for licenses. In order to impound more automobiles to bail the city out of its financial troubles, officers have resorted to profiling anyone who "looks undocumented," making pretextual stops in order to impound vehicles.

Full report: Colton Immigrant Community Meets PD Chief, Demands Justice by Rockero | En español: Comunidad Inmigrante de Colton Se Reunió con Jefe de Policía para Reclamar Abusos por Rockero

Dec 16 2010
Disciplinary Actions Taken Against Champaign Police Officers

Despite being public bodies serving a public good, most police departments operate as secret societies. The push for police accountability includes making their practices more transparent. I recently obtained all disciplinary actions taken against Champaign police officers since 2006. Contrary to what I expected, only a small percentage of the disciplinary actions were the result of citizen complaints. The most common reason was for damage to a squad car. Yet there were still several instances of misconduct that threatened both citizens and officers.

Dec 16 2010
Surgeon General Strikes Again

Surgeon General serves Big Chlorine, Big Pesticides, and, using the Pretend Enemy tactic, even the cigarette industry. The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, has come out with yet another condemnation of "smoking" (of what, exactly, who knows?) and "tobacco." Here's her "fact" sheet...

Dec 16 2010
WikiLeaks is Democracy

Take a moment to sign this petition calling for the release of Julian Assange. Bradley Manning, your neighbor

Dec 16 2010
Cathie Black, Steiner & Bloomberg Face Freedom Party Lawsuit

"Commissioner of Education David M. Steiner's grant of a waiver and a School District Certificate to Cathleen Black which allowed her to be appointed as Chancellor of the City School District of the City of New York was arbitrary and capricious, and/or an abuse of discretion."

Dec 16 2010
City Council Sends a Hearty Merry Christmas to the District's Low-Income Residents

On Tuesday, December 7, 2010, the DC Council voted on a last-minute measure to close a $188 million deficit in the fiscal year 2011 budget. On the chopping block were nearly $50 million in services for DC's low-income residents. Among these critical services were affordable housing programs, child care subsidies, interim disability assistance, HIV/AIDS screening, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits, and more. Thousands of residents demanded a simple solution of the DC council: a 1% tax increase on income over $200,000. This would have affected only 5% of DC's wealthiest residents, most of whom have not seen any of their city services cut and have not felt the crunch of this recession as low-income people have. This tax, as small as it is, would have raised more than enough revenue to allow the Council to make the better choice by restoring all the proposed cuts to safety net programs. Video

Dec 17 2010

On Thursday, December 9th, the call went out. The prisoners protest had begun, and it was time to spread the word. As a longtime freedom fighter in the global struggle for human rights, Sister Empress Chi of the Philadelphia-based Nu Day Resurrection & Liberation/International Million Woman Movement got the call. She immediately put a message together and attached a press release and started the ball rolling in the city of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

And now, the word is out... in a number of locations, including: The Defenestrator | Philly 1 blog | Facebook | Voice of Detroit. There has also been a radio interview with Elaine Brown by Davey D on KPFA in Oakland CA (lengthy; interview is about 10 minutes into the tape) and a video by Kenny Snodgrass, Activist, Author of From Victimization To Empowerment

A Press Conference for the Philadelphia/PA Coalition Contingent is being planned for the week of Dec. 20th, 2010. For additional information and updates from GA, tune in to LIVE on Sat. Dec. 18, 2010 starting at 10:30 PM.

Related: Texans United for Families speak out against new for-profit immigrant detention center in Texas

Dec 17 2010
MINNEAPOLIS: Trabajadores de Chipotle se unen para demandar un alto a los despidos injustificados

Martes 14 de diciembre-

Mas de 25 trabajadores de Chipotle llamaron a una conferencia de prensa en las Oficinas del Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL), en Iglesia Luterana Bethany, que esta ubicada en la calle Franklin y 25 avenida.

El objetivo de esta conferencia era para demandar un alto a los despidos injustificados que las tiendas de Chipotle estan llevando acabo en contra de trabajadores inmigrantes. Los trabajadores demandan una respuesta clara del porque de estos despidos sin previo aviso, como también una remuneracion por los anos trabajados en Chipotle. De acuerdo con Juan, uno de los trabajadores, "Estos despidos se están dando de la noche a la mañana, no nos están dando tiempo de conseguir otro trabajo, también no nos están diciendo la razón por la cual nos están despidiendo".

read more

Dec 17 2010
RIMC Stands in solidarity With Assange and Wikileaks

Rochester Indymedia stands in solidarity with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Our editorial collective believes in the importance of an independent press and the transparency of government—two principles adhered to by Wikileaks through its public release of hundreds of thousands of confidential state documents. It is one of the primary responsibilities of the press to report the truth; Wikileaks and Assange have done this and continue to do so much to the dismay of governments, public figures and multinational corporations.

Dec 17 2010
Photos/video: Local Boston Support Action For Anti-War Veterans DC Protest

Boston, Mass. Dec. 16, 2010: About 25 peace activists staged a picket and speakout in front of the JFK Federal Building in Boston to support anti-war veterans staging a mass civil disobedience in front of the White House in Wash. DC.

Dec 17 2010
Veterans For Peace White House action has Rogue Valley support

December 16, 2010 Veterans for Peace took Demands to the White House in Washington D.C.. At the same time there were local supportive actions around the country including in Grants Pass, Oregon. Below are the words from Emmet Band, President of Rogue Valley Veterans for Peace Chapter #156--reported by a rogue imc volunteer...

12/16/10--"Rogue Valley Veterans For Peace, Chapter 156, and other groups advocating an end to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan held a vigil today in front of the Josephine County Courthouse. The participants in the Grants Pass vigil included combat veterans from both the Korean and Vietnam wars and was a show of support for the Veterans for Peace march today in Washington D.C. The Washington march resulted in the arrest of 135 people for chaining themselves to the fence surround the White House in protest of our current war economy."

Keep reading for more from Emmet Band, and a link to view the video from Washington D.C....

Dec 18 2010
'Smart' Meter Protests Spread as PG&E Officials Implicated in Spy Scandal

On December 14th, hundreds of PG&E customers, outraged about the health damage caused by wireless 'smart' meters, ramped up protests by testifying at county government meetings and shutting down payment centers in both Santa Cruz and Marin Counties to demand an immediate halt to the program. Protesters are also angry about PG&E's attempts to cover up the growing health scandal and recently revealed espionage carried out against their customers concerned with increasing reports of nausea, headaches, and bouts of dizziness from the meters. The protesters, backed by 22 local governments and an increasing number of scientists and medical professionals, are demanding that PG&E halt any further installation of smart meters.

Dec 18 2010
Gaming Board Gives Philadlephia A Victory, Revokes Foxwoods’ License

On Thursday, December 16, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board voted 6-1 to revoke Foxwoods’ gaming license. After twice tabling a motion to revoke, the board granted the Office of Enforcement and Compliance motion filed in April.

“This is a victory for the people of Philadelphia,” said Lily Cavanagh, Director of Casino-Free Philadelphia. “Revoking the license is the first step in eliminating a second license for Philadelphia entirely.”

Dec 18 2010
California Cap and Trade Program May Incentivize Forest Clearcutting

Under rules adopted this week by the California Air Resources Board, timber firms could earn tens of millions of dollars through the sale of carbon credits. Despite opposition to a provision that would make clearcutting eligible to receive offset credits, the Board passed a plan that critics say was unduly influenced by logging industry lobbyists.

Dec 19 2010
Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War

More then 100 people arrested in a Civil Disobedience at the White House protesting the continuing wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Iraq. Chris Hedges extraordinarily anti-war soliloquy is inter-cut with interviews with Veterans from recent wars and with Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the top secret Pentagon Papers. Read More | Video from ebecker2000 | Luke's Video | David Swanson's Video

Local Coverage: Rogue Valley | Boston | Minnesota | Philadelphia

Dec 19 2010
Metro to begin bag searches today

Beginning today, December 16th, Metro will violate your 4th Amendment righs by searching your bags.

Dec 19 2010
Skewed & Screwed Revue Seeks Performers and Volunteers

A variety show on a mission! Skewed & Screwed exists to support the GLBT/Queer community, but it's an inclusive space for everyone. January's show is music-centric, but we strive for variety. We’ve featured comedy, spoken word, burlesque, live music, magic and more. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Transgender Emergency Fund.

Dec 20 2010
The Largest Food Not Bombs ever! Discussion & Thoughts

The 2010 Hempstead Food Share Bonanza was the largest Food Not Bombs ever and the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever! On that day over 30,000 pounds of food was shared with thousands of people, and Long Island Food Not Bombs followed this with nearly a dozen consecutive Thanksgiving events throughout the rest of the week, sharing a total of nearly 55,000 pounds of groceries in 5 days!

For the full story with pictures, video and more please go to

Dec 20 2010
Being Subpeonaed by the FBI for Visiting Israel and Palestine

Sarah Smith statement at December 6 Press Conference, Chicago:

Friday morning, December 3, I received a phone call from an FBI agent. He asked if I had about 30 minutes to sit down and speak with him so he could ask me some questions. I asked about what and he said he "was not at liberty to discuss it." I then asked if I needed a lawyer present and he said it was up to me but that I was not in any trouble and that they just had a few questions. He then said that it had to deal with the trip I took this summer. He then emphasized, "I think you know which one I'm talking about."

The trip I took last summer was to Israel and Palestine. I am Jewish and wanted to see first hand what life is like for Israelis and Palestinians.I went with 2 Palestinian-American friends. You would think Jews and Palestinians going together to visit Israel and Palestine is something the U.S. government would encourage. Instead, we are now being ordered by the FBI to go before a Grand Jury for going on that trip. Read More | |

Dec 20 2010
Portland Fruit Tree Project announces expanded Fruit Tree Stewardship programs

This is an announcement of Portland Fruit Tree Project's 2011 Fruit Tree Stewardship and includes opportunities for interested individuals to get involved. Portland Fruit Tree Project (PFTP) is a non-profit organization that increases equitable access to healthy food and strengthens communities by empowering neighbors to share in the bounty and care of city-grown food resources. We register fruit and nut trees throughout the city, bring people together to harvest and distribute thousands of pounds of fresh fruit each year, and teach tree care and food preservation in hands-on workshops.

In 2011, PFTP will continue to expand its year-round Fruit Tree Stewardship programs. The goals of this program are to increase the health and abundance of registered fruit trees through volunteer-powered tree care services, and to engage tree owners and interested community members in hands-on opportunities to build skills and knowledge in fruit tree care. To accomplish these goals, we will offer an expanded series of Tree Care Workshops, and our unique Tree Care Teams program, now in its second year! More details below...

Dec 20 2010
Beekeepers call for immediate ban on CCD-linked pesticide

On December 8, Pesticide Action Network and Beyond Pesticides joined beekeepers from around the country in calling on EPA to pull a neonicotinoid pesticide linked with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) off the market immediately. Our call is based on a leaked EPA memo that discloses a critically flawed scientific study, thus suggesting there may be imminent hazards to honeybees posed by continued use of clothianidin, the pesticide in question. Several issues are at play: poorly conducted science, a broken regulatory system that puts chemicals on the market before testing them, lack of transparency and, most critically, the survival of honeybees and commercial beekeepers.

CCD is the name given to the mysterious decline of honeybee populations across the world beginning around 2006. Each winter since, one-third of the U.S. honeybee population has died off or disappeared. CCD is likely caused by a combination of pathogens, the stresses of industrial beekeeping, loss of habitat and more. But many scientists believe that sublethal pesticide exposures are a critical co-factor potentiating this mix. In the U.S., agencies are focused on research, trying to quantify these risks. In Germany, Italy and France, they decided they knew enough to take action years ago, banning suspect neonicotinoid pesticides. Bee colonies there are recovering and beekeepers here are outraged.

Learn more >> Fact Sheet on Clothianidin & CCD

Dec 20 2010
Eric McDavid Update

Dear friends, On Wednesday, December 8, the 9th circuit court of appeals denied Eric's request for a rehearing en banc. This was, in effect, Eric's last available option in the appeals process (other than appealing to the extremely conservative supreme court). Hope has proven to be a fleeting, evasive creature throughout this whole process. Many of us knew better than to fall for its seductive overtures. But hearts are so often blind to what our minds know to be truth - even when we knew what the outcome would be, our hearts had trouble letting go. We wanted Eric out here, with us. Free to wander in ancient forests, to play in the swirling, roaring ocean. To live outside a cage. But now, whatever traces of hope may have remained have been scattered in the wind. And so, his struggle continues.

Eric would like to send his sincerest thanks to all of you. Your letters, your songs, your donations, your words of encouragement have kept Eric and his loved ones inspired and strong. Keep it coming! Eric has a long road ahead of him, but with your love and support he will press on. He remains strong in heart and mind. And he knows that dreams can never be caged.

Dec 20 2010
Veterans for Peace lead Civil Resistance at the White House - 132 Arrested including eight from Minnesota


On December 16th 2010, the day that Obama was to release an report on the Afghan war, seventeen people from Minnesota including the author of this article traveled to Washington D.C. to support an open act of civil resistance. While this event got a splattering of coverage from the media including a few local interviews with people in our group by AM950 and The Uptake, the action was organized nationally by the Veterans for Peace and endorsed by various groups wanting to stop the wars and occupations being fought and funded by the U.S. government.  

At a press conference the day before, a small number of media showed up to hear Daniel Ellsberg, whistle-blower of the Pentagon Papers, Ray McGovern, ex-CIA analyst, Leah Bolger of Veterans for Peace and others talk about the urgent need to stand up for peace at the next day’s action. With the urgency and increase of troops and resources directed in Afghanistan, political prisoner Bradley Manning's deteriorating health due to being held in solitary confinement for months, Ellsberg and others felt that this is the time to end the war now and that we must be willing to clog the machine as much as we can.

Our group from Minnesota headed towards Lafayette Park for a rally and solemn silent march in honor of all those who have died in our empire’s wars. Minnesotan participants included Steve McKeon, Jack Neis, Gerald Ganann, Barry Riesch, Coleen Rowley, Melissa Hill, Janice Ward, Camille Lenling, Molly Culligan, Bruce Berry, Bob Heberle, Bob Palmer, Charlie Bloss
Anne Bellamy, Kevin Ray Smith, Toni Radmann, Wayne Wittman of whom 15 are pictured in our group photo.

read more

Dec 21 2010
Patterson Vetoes Gas Bill

The hydraulic fracturing controversy reached its next but not final chapter late Saturday afternoon; at least for the administration of Governor David Patterson. After being besieged by armies of lobbyists, activists, farmers, scientists, and business people of every stripe, the governor deftly side-stepped the issue and passed the gas to Andrew Cuomo.

He vetoed legislation A11443-B which would have placed a moratorium on all natural gas exploration until May 15th of next year. He then issued an executive order that restricts horizontal drilling and fracking until July 2011. Vertical drilling is not affected. Nor the jobs or revenue connected with these operations. So the gas industry is somewhat placated. As noted, horizontal drilling is stopped until next July, therefore appeasing environmentalists opposed. read more by Grady Hawkins | Past Coverage: National Fuel Buffalo Protest

Photo from See also

Dec 21 2010
9th Circuit Mandates New Trial in Free Speech "Nazi Salute" Lawsuit Against City

Tim Hull, Courthouse News writes: The 9th Circuit on Wednesday [Dec. 15] revived the First Amendment claim of a man who was kicked out of a Santa Cruz City Council meeting for giving a Nazi salute. Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote that a councilman's ensuing "hissy fit" may have disrupted the meeting more than the silent gesture.

Dec 21 2010
Protesting the Westboro Baptist Church's Antisemitism and Homophobia

It was "Peace & Love" vs "Hate & Disgust" as counter-protesters from Philly Against War came out against the Westboro Baptist Church

Dec 21 2010
The Admo Hotel and ANC

My experience on the ANC – It was finished with a situation that a recent news outlet quoted me as describing "stressful" >>

Dec 22 2010
KPFT show "Voice of Peace" gives voice to Israeli Government

from the open publishing newswire: Starting on Dec. 14, KPFT 90.1fm began airing what will be a twice a month program called "Voice of Peace" which is produced by the Israeli Consulate of Houston.

KPFT is a listener supported radio station in Houston Texas with a mission to promote peace and social justice. Airing programing produced by the Israeli Government is a clear violation of the call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, an international non-violent movement to end the injustice of occupation and ensure human and civil rights of Palestinians and all people in Palestine/Israel.

We are committed to KPFT respecting the call for BDS and for a non-violent and just resolution to the conflict. We will organize to end any relationship or use of our airwaves by the Israeli government. Let KPFT know your opposition to programming by the Israeli Consulate: [full article with contact info for station management]

More from the newswire: KPFT Responds to Concerns about The Voice of Peace Program with Consulate of Israel | Video: Debate about Israel Government program on KPFT | More Information: End Israeli Government Programing on KPFT Radio for Peace Facebook Group | Mondoweiss: Progressive radio station in Houston airs Israeli Consulate programming so as to counter alleged anti-Semitism | New Human Rights Watch Report: Israel/West Bank: Separate and Unequal

Related: Being Subpeonaed by the FBI for Visiting Israel and Palestine

Dec 22 2010
Peace rally to condemn Pioneer Square bomb Plot

A Peace Solidarity rally was held in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square. Called for by the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center and the Muslim community of Corvallis, it condemned the 'heinous' Christmas tree lighting bomb plot. Portland, USA 19/12/2010.

Dec 22 2010
Fire Frashour campaign hold press conference for Darryel Ferguson

The Fire Frashour campaign in association with Rose City Copwatch held a press conference concerning Darryel Ferguson outside the Multnomah County Justice Center. Ferguson was shot and killed by Portland police last Friday. Portland, OR, 20/12/2010.

Darryel Dwayne Ferguson, 46, was shot and killed by 2 officers outside his apartment, number 201 of the Ventura Park Plaza on the corner of Southeast Burnside and 122nd Avenue. Reportedly he pulled a replica handgun on the officers who were called to the building following complaints of a threatening neighbour.

16 Shots were counted by neighbour Shawn Bartmess who said in a report, "I believe in law enforcement, that they are here to protect us, but 16 shots in such close quarters, with a child in the apartment, seems excessive."

The conference today addressed the question concerning the fact that according to early reports, Ferguson was seeking to protect his family from an aggressive neighbour, not realising police were at the door.

Dec 22 2010
Video: Responding to Violence With Unity

On Sunday afternoon, December 19, 2010, the local Portland community Rallied in Pioneer Square to condemn acts of violence and support the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center and the Muslim community of Corvallis, who have recent suffered acts of terrorism at their mosque.

Both Muslims and Non-Muslims were invited to attend and stand up next to each other, showing unity and solidarity against any form of violence against anyone, regardless of faith, race, nationality or gender.

Each spoke of the need for love and unity, and as emphasized by Hajji Mikal Hammad Shabazz, director of the Oregon Islamic Chaplains Organization, standing for Justice, rather than merely opposing injustice. Speakers on hand were from the Portland City government, the Jewish and Christian Communities, the Tigard Police Department and the Japanese-American Citizens League. Read More & Pics | Video | Related: Peace rally to condemn Pioneer Square bomb Plot

Dec 23 2010
Love Park 4 No More!

On December 9th, we returned to court yet again. We appeared in front of the judge and verbally agreed to the plea; all 8 misdemeanor charges were reduced to a single summary offense of disorderly conduct (the equivalent of a traffic summons).

Dec 24 2010
One More Hour for Political Caroling Season!

You still have one more opportunity to sing in the holiday season with socially conscious and politically astute carols! On Thursday, December 23rd, the Political Carolers will meet at 248 N. 2cd Street at 12:45 PM. After everyone congregates, the carolers will stroll the streets of downtown Ashland from 1-3 PM with not only holiday cheer but also livening up the discussion about the kind of community, country, and world we all want for the next generations.

Dec 24 2010
Celebrants Usher in Kwanzaa Holiday

Kwanzaa is celebrated annually from December 26th to January 1st. The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa are considered tools for addressing issues facing the African American community. In San Francisco, the cultural holiday will be held at nine different venues throughout the city. In Sacramento, the California Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association will honor the founder of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga, during the annual California State Capitol Kwanzaa Umoja Ceremony.

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Dec 25 2010
DREAM Act Dies in Senate on International Migrants' Day; Communities Respond

After a ten-year struggle for the rights of undocumented youth to regularize their status through higher education or military service, the DREAM Act was again shot down by anti-immigrant senators on December 18, International Migrants' Day. DREAM has gone through several changes since it was first introduced, each version weaker and more unpalatable than the last. Nonetheless, the youth-led activism surrounding the DREAM Act has been incomparable. An entire generation has learned the arts of activism, from lobbying and letter-writing to hunger strikes and civil disobedience, including a DREAM-focused shut-down of Wilshire Boulevard earlier this year. In Southern California, the immigrant rights community reacted to the tragic news of DREAM's non-passage.

From the newswire: International Migrants' Day Posada for Human Rights by Rockero | | DREAMERS WILL NOT GIVE UP by Dream Team LA | | DREAM Act Vote Will Not Be Forgotten by CHIRLA

Dec 26 2010
Bradley Manning and GI Resistance to US War Crimes -- An interview with Dahr Jamail

When someone becomes a soldier, they swear an oath to support and defend the US constitution by following “lawful” orders. Thus, they are legally obliged by their own oath to not follow unlawful orders. What Bradley Manning did by leaking this critical information has been to uphold his oath as a soldier in the most patriotic way. Now, compare that with how he has been raked over the coals by most of the mainstream media. Read More by Angola 3 News

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Dec 26 2010
Afghanistan: Another “Bright and Shining Lie”

By Grady Hawkins

As the United States military and its mercenary forces blunder into the ninth year of the war in Afghanistan, the ghosts of history continue to haunt them. The specter of billions of dollars lost and thousands of lives wasted in a misguided foreign policy tragedy looms large indeed. As much as policy experts refuse to admit, the failure in Viet Nam so far in the distant past has resurrected here in the present. The parallels are undeniable, and the results likely the same.

Before the Americans, both the British Lion and the Russian Bear were routed by a rag-tag guerilla army that saw them beaten and humiliated. The Russians had the tanks, helicopter gunships, artillery and troops. They installed their own puppet government in Kabul as well. After 15,000 of their men were killed and thousands wounded, they pulled out, the army bitter and betrayed. The Soviets learned that Afghanistan is where empires go to die.

The United States followed them, seeking vengeance and victory, confidant it could succeed where the Russians failed. They stage was set for new American actors in the Great Game.

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Dec 27 2010
A.L.F.-Raided Fur Farm Confirmed Closed by Anonymous Tipster

An anonymous tipster reports the Animal Liberation Front-raided Ide Fur Farm is now closed.

FromVoice of the Voiceless

An anonymous tipster reports the Animal Liberation Front-raided Ide Fur Farm is now closed.

Good news for Christmas: an anonymous Christmas tree shopper finds no animals and empty sheds at the Ide Christmas tree / mink farm in Illinois.

Earlier this month, Voice of the Voiceless reported on how to visit a fur farm legally (see: "How To Visit a Fur Farm ? Without Being the A.L.F."). The article covered several mink farms that also operate cut-your-own Christmas tree farms, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the property and (possibly) get a close look at a mink farm - without being the Animal Liberation Front.

One anonymous Christmas tree shopper read the Voice of the Voiceless article, visited the Ide Christmas Tree Farm (also the site of the Ide Fur Farm), and submitted an anonymous report.

Their findings: The Ide Fur Farm is closed.

Dec 27 2010
Melissa Crawley, Woman Who Overturned “False Reporting” Law, Reveals Racist Justice System

Melissa Hill & Jaime Hokanson for TC Indymedia

Beyond the headlines, many stories from communities across Minnesota tell a different tale of the criminal justice system than what we usually hear.  This September, Twin Cities Indymedia and other local media outlets reported that the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Minnesota’s “false reporting” of police misconduct law, deeming it a violation of First Amendment rights.

The law had been used to effectively intimidate survivors of police brutality into silence, even convicting a survivor of rapeby Minneapolis police officers.  But while the appellate court’s supporting opinionprovides a thorough legal argument citing First Amendment protections, a recent interview with the person at the center of the case shows there is more at stake than just civil liberties issues.

Twin Cities Indymedia sat down with Melissa Crawley, a former student at Winona State University and current North Minneapolis resident, whose dramatic tale reveals that it’s not just urban areas which suffer from a systemically racist justice system.  Her side of the story is ultimately an inspiring example of choosing to fight--and winning.

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Dec 27 2010
Sixth Annual Last Night DIY Santa Cruz

On New Year's Eve, as it has for the past six years, Santa Cruz will again host the DIY New Years Parade, what has become both a homespun, family-friendly alternative celebration and a controversial embarrassment for the city. The result of six years of do-it-yourself community organizing, the Last Night DIY Parade, a community-sponsored New Year's Eve celebration will again hit Santa Cruz streets.

Dec 28 2010
Video: Canadian Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul

Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," featuring information regarding the ongoing resistance to Tar Sands oil production in Alberta Canada and the transportation of large pieces of mining and refining equipment from the west coast to Alberta Canada.

[Video:]A Growing Concern: Tar Sands and the Heavy Haul

Michael O'Leary, Oregon Representative for the National Wildlife Federation discusses Tar Sands and why this is a bad deal for Oregonians, the country and the planet. Featured in the program are short videos on the subject taken from the internet from various website sources.

These websites include:

Northern Rockies Rising Tide

Indigenous Environmental Network

Two Websites opposing the Heavy Haul

Fighting Goliath

All Against the Haul

What are the Tar Sands?

"The 'Tar Sands' (or if you are a business executive, 'unconventional or heavy oil') are naturally occurring deposits of petroleum, sand and clay mixed up to make an asphalt-like substance technically known as bitumen. For much of the 20th century, these deposits were largely ignored by oil companies as a source of petroleum due to the comparably inefficient process used to turn bitumen-in-the-ground into gasoline-in-the-tank, if you will. Now, because of dwindling production of conventional petroleum sources since the cresting of Hubbert's predicted peak oil scenario, every major oil company in the world is now investing in tar sand extraction."

Heavy Haul

"The KMT is a requested project by ExxonMobile to transport large pieces of mining and refining equipment from factories in South Korea to the tar sand operations in Alberta, Canada. The equipment will travel by sea to the Port of Portland, Oregon where it will be transferred onto barges. The barges will carry the loads up the Columbia and Snake rivers to the Port of Lewiston, Idaho. In Lewiston the "modules" (as the cargo is being called by Exxon) will be transferred to truck-trailers for their final journey overland. These trucks will move their loads across northern Idaho and western Montana on their way to Alberta."

Dec 28 2010
CISPES at 30

This winter, activists and supporters have gathered in four cities across the U.S. (Seattle, LA, NY and DC) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador). The organization shares the same birthday as the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front), which formed in response to growing U.S. backed violence in El Salvador. CISPES was created in order to build “a national movement to end U.S. support for the military regime in El Salvador and to stand in solidarity with the struggle for self determination in the Americas.” Today, it is not a U.S. backed military regime in power in El Salvador, but the FMLN. Read More | Audio |

Image from pdxjmorris' photostream

Dec 29 2010
BTL:W. Va. Activists Campaign for Better Regulation of Natural Gas Wells Drilled by Controversial "Fracking" Method

Activists have been battling mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia for many years, and some now have turned their attention to fighting the ravages of natural gas drilling. West Virginia ranks third among states, behind Texas and Pennsylvania, in the number of gas wells, now totaling 48,000. More recently, horizontal gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation has created even more severe scars on the land and the resulting pollution has threatened drinking water in several states. New York's Gov. David Paterson recently imposed a six-month moratorium on certain kinds of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, which extends mostly across parts of New York and Pennsylvania and almost all of West Virginia. Audio ||

Dec 29 2010
Resistance in Review: TC Indymedia Top 10 of 2010

10) Rainforest Action Network Targets General Mills, Cargill Over Palm Oil - Jan. 19 (5,843 views) (Read all stories about Environmental Justice & Sustainability)

9) Another World Is Possible; Is Another U.S. Necessary? Dispatch from the US Social Forum - June 23 (6,227 views) (Read all stories about US Social Forum)

8) Arise! Must Arise Anew: Community Forum & Potluck- Feb. 5 (7,253 views) (Read all stories about Arise Bookstore)

7) At least four houses in Minneapolis raided, other houses in Michigan, NC, Chicago targeted - Sept. 24 (9,345 views) (Read all stories about State Repression)

6) Secret 'Trigger' & blueprint for emergency domestic military crackdown plan revealed - Nov. 19 (12,087 views) (Read all stories about Military)

(Read on to find out the top 5 stories, as measured in page views, on TCIMC in 2010!)

The 2010 Resistance in Review – where to begin? TC Indymedia's feature archive alone contained well over 100 stories this year, from dealing with state repression to expanding resistance on our own terms. A true “year in review” would take quite a while – instead, here's a selected review of some significant local struggles of the past 12 months, including fights for decolonization, immigrant rights, economic justice, education, and the environment. Of everything that's happened in the past year, picking the “most important” would be impossible—but the following issues in particular lead us to think about the solidarity shown in 2010 as we aim to step it up in 2011.

(This article is based off of the TC Indymedia Resistance in Review at Waite House December 3. To view the accompanying presentation with videos and photo slideshows, download it here: Open Office | Powerpoint )

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Dec 29 2010
the Defenestrator Releases its 50th Issue

West Philly confronts police terror, community radio jumps through hoops, Mayor Nutter gives excuses, and boondockers descend on Walmart. Its all in the fiftieth issue of the Defenestrator newspaper.

The Defenestrator is Philly's quarterly newspaper for resistance, creative revolution and class struggle. With it's motto of "Throwing Power Out the Window," it has been a consistent feature of Philadelphia radical politics for over twelve year and is often found in coffee shops, bars, laundromats, book stores, community centers and other varied locations throughout the city.

Dec 29 2010
What will we do while our water is destroyed for future generations and all other life?

The other night I attended the Gas Land screening and talk with film maker Josh Fox, and Senator Antoine Thompson. The movie shows ecological devastation from the industrial process of hydro-fracking. Some highlights were: death by brain tumors, complete ecocide of streams, hair loss of animals (cats, horses) from the water, lighting tap water on fire, nose bleeds from methane leaks, unsafe levels of benzene, nitrogen oxides, and tourelene in the air and water, violent explosions in all aspects of the drilling and extraction process, vomiting, headaches, stomachaches, unexplainable serious illness, indiscriminate dumping into our limited water ways of a cocktail of 596+ chemicals, deregulation of the industry by the government, a Senate hearing in which industry representatives denied all adverse effects, skillful double talk by the Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania and finally the acknowledgement of the benefits for the few on top of the multi billion dollar gas industry. read more

Dec 29 2010
Why Indefinite Detention By Executive Order Should Scare the Hell Out of People!!

December 23, 2010

Why Indefinite Detention By Executive Order Should Scare the Hell Out of People

Obama's Liberty Problem

The right to liberty is one of the foundation rights of a free people [sic]. The idea that any US President can bypass Congress and bypass the Courts by issuing an Executive Order setting up a new legal system for indefinite detention of people should rightfully scare the hell out of the American people.

Advisors in the Obama administration have floated the idea of creating a special new legal system to indefinitely detain people by Executive Order.

Why? To do something with the people wrongfully imprisoned in Guantanamo. Why not follow the law and try them? The government knows it will not be able to win prosecutions against them because they were tortured by the US.

Guantanamo is coming up on its ninth anniversary – a horrifying stain on the character of the US commitment to justice. President Obama knows well that Guantanamo is the most powerful recruitment tool for those challenging the US. Unfortunately, this proposal for indefinite detention will prolong the corrosive effects of the illegal and immoral detentions at Guantanamo rightly condemned world-wide.

The practical, logical, constitutional and human rights problems with the proposal are uncountable.

Our system provides a simple answer developed over hundreds of years – try them or release them. Any other stop gap measure like the one proposed merely pushes the problem back down the road and back into the courts again. While it may appear to be a popular political response, the public will soon enough see this for what it is – an unconstitutional usurping of power by the Executive branch and a clear and present danger to all Americans.

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Dec 29 2010
Time to Keep Working

The IWW's campaign to reclaim stolen overtime pay at Flaum Appetizing

Dec 30 2010
Anarchist Organizing Potluck at Lucy Parsons Center Tuesday

Come to the Lucy Parsons Center for an evening of great food and radical networking! (Y'all supply the great food.) This is an awesome way to stay connected with anarchist organizing in Boston and meet new people. Tuesday January 4, 7 PM at 549 Columbus Ave.

Dec 31 2010
"I Wasn't Going to Submit to Israel": Palestine Solidarity Activists to Speak in Minneapolis

During the second anniversary of Israel's assault on Gaza that killed 1,400 Palestinians, three events featuring Palestine solidarity activists will be held in Minneapolis.  On January 6 and 9, Gal Lugassi of the Israeli direct action group Anarchists Against the Wall will speak at the U of M and at a benefit for the Minnesota Break the Bonds campaign, respectively.  Anarchists Against the Wall was in the news this week as activist Jonathan Pollack was sentenced to a three-month jail term for his participation in a Tel Aviv critical mass-style bicycle protest during the January 2008 siege of Gaza. Meanwhile, on January 2, Ryan Olander will speak at Walker Community Church.  Raised in Cottage Grove, Olander worked with the International Solidarity Movement fighting illegal home evictions in East Jerusalem before he was arrested and targeted for deportation late last year.  "I was arrested illegally, and I wasn't going to submit to what Israel wanted to do to me," he says. In the interview below, Olander gives a preview of his presentation about the joint struggle for Palestinian liberation and his efforts to end complicity with the occupation and apartheid wall.

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Dec 31 2010
Time to Abolish American Military Academies

By Grady Hawkins

It’s called a controversial topic, but it shouldn’t be. The fact is that the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, The Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs and the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis are luxuries our economy can no longer afford. The officer corps can easily be staffed without these ridiculously expensive private schools.

Of course, anyone who even suggests such an idea generates hostility on all fronts. And of course those people who object are primarily those who should be calling for their closure: the conservative right. After all, they are demanding an end to run away spending, ear marks, entitlements, and expanded government. All this sounds like an academy.

These academies do deliver a first class education to those who attend, and the cadets and midshipmen are first class students. It seems rather counter productive to expend all that time and trouble to get them commissioned, and then send them off to be killed. This is harsh but true. You can be a West Point, tops in your class, well trained and motivated second lieutenant when you rise up and yell “follow me!!” Then some 16 year old illiterate peasant drills you right between the eyes at 200 yards with his M-1 garand rifle left over from WWII.

Taxpayers are spending a lot of money on this front line cannon fodder.

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Dec 31 2010
VEYA Youth Documentary Video Released

A video documentary on issues facing African American youth has been released by VEYA (Visionaries Education Youth and Adults). It features interviews from 2005 with local black youth. On December 28, 2010, the video debuted on UPTV. More screenings on UPTV and in the community are being scheduled.

Youth Documentary Part 1

Youth Documentary Part 2

Youth Documentary Part 3



Dec 31 2010
Things to consider for New Year's Resolutions

The good news is that there was sustainable life on this planet before this meltdown and we have the opportunity to look at and commit to redefining who we are, what is important to us and how we can rebuild our Main Streets in America. A few things to consider in your new years resolutions are:

1) Where can I volunteer to make a difference to rebuild my community using my special talents and skills?
2) What new industries will be needed in our communities? What skills do I need to develop?
3) How can I change my buying habits to buy local, recylced and sustainable?
4) How can I assist others in rebuilding our comunities?
5) How can my voice be heard for a better place to live?
6) What are the core values that are really important to me and how do I stay focused on these?

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