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Dec 02 2006
22 year-old CYCLIST KILLED on the greenway by drunk driver 12/1/06

Last night, an NYU graduate bicycling on the West Side Highway's bike path was killed by a drunk driver. Police say that 27 year old Eugenio Cidron turned onto the bike path after attending a party at Chelsea Piers after 9:30PM. According to the Daily News, Cidron's white BMW hit 22 year old Eric Ng so hard that his "bicycle and one of his black Converse All Stars flew onto the adjacent West Side Highway."

Dec 05 2006
Eric Ng Memorial Ride - Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 1pm

We are planning for a memorial ride this Saturday, December 9th, meeting at 1pm in Washington Square Park and then proceeding to the site of Eric’s death. Non-bikers can head straight to the site, on the West Side bike path near Clarkson St. Please bring flowers (especially sunflowers), sidewalk chalk, paint, whatever you want. There will be a memorial service after the ride with music and a slideshow, and a party later that night. Check back here for further details; we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

See also: Original Story on Eric's death | Tears and Rage: Reflections on Death

Dec 07 2006
Critical Mass Miami: Bike Ride Saturday Dec 9th

Fellow Cyclists- This Saturday we're gearing up for gorgeous weather and another delightful community bike ride! Meet us at 10:00 a.m. at the Dadeland North Metrorail Station on Saturday, December 9th. We'll ride to Tropical Park and back, all the while sharing ideas, getting fit and advocating alternative modes of transit.

Dec 08 2006
New York Gridlock

After last week's news about congestion pricing, I'm all fired up about Growth or Gridlock, an extensive report about New York's coming traffic disaster (and by extensive, I mean terrifying). The report has been making a lot of waves in metro sections this week, probably because it's not geared to lefty tree-huggers or health-conscious types, but to business people. (The report is by the Partnership of New York City, a nonprofit organization comprised of a select group of two hundred CEOs from New York City’s top corporate, investment and entrepreneurial firms.) The findings: traffic congestion in the city leads to...

Dec 21 2006
Bicyclist 1, Portland 0

Chalk one up for the nonlawyer bicyclist.

Joe Rowe, a Northeast Portland resident, got a ticket in September 2004, during a demonstration held by bicyclists.

According to the Oregon Court of Appeals, here's how it happened:
Rowe was standing next to his bicycle on a sidewalk. Portland Police Officer David R. Sessum told him to "move along, please, because we need to keep the sidewalk clear."

Rowe asked why.

Dec 27 2006
Bike Tour of Edible San Diego

"There wasn't a lot of conversation with people in the community until we were out there, digging in the dirt, pulling up the lawn and people would come by and were like ' What are you doing?' It will was this real connecting thing in the community that we are living in."

San Diego Food Not Lawns organized a Bike Tour of Edible San Diego on November 12. "The idea was to get folks out on bicycles to look at some of the school gardens and community gardens and front yard gardens that people have been putting in to get us excited about the possibilities of a greener San Diego and a San Diego where food is everywhere." read more<<

Edible San Diego Bike Tour Video: 15min/20mbytes

Links: San Diego Food Not Lawns | Cascadia Food Not Lawns | Grant Elementary | Central Elementary | Activist San Diego

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